First Ultra :-s

Hi all,

After a bit of time out due to injury problems I completed the Black Death Run in a little over 2 hours. I'm a pretty good plodder image This was my first ever race.

However 20 minutes ago I signed up for the Salisbury 54321. I like the idea of a trail Ultra because my nerve injury was agrivated by running on roads. I believe its 50k. I have a little under 3 months to train. I have a really good engine and my base fitness is pretty good. I'm just going to look to finish and not set the world on fire.

Question is should I train for this as a marathon seeing as its only a few miles more?


  • Yes.


    Pick as appropriate.

    As a general rule of thumb train for a 50k like a marathon with a few miles added to your long run, as it's on trail train specifically on trail and maybe replace your mid week speed sessions with hill runs
  • Thats what I thought. Plus I prefer hill runs to speed sessions so that will be a welcome reliefimage

    How long should my back to back runs be? 15miles each or should I be aiming higher?

  • if you are doing it just to finish and not to win it......then i would suggest just doing all your runs off road and at a comfortable pace........

    to avoid injury i would avoid all speed sessions or reps.just get out there and run.putting in walk breaks whne you fancy them....

  • i liked 20 miles followed by 10 the next day......and then when the ultras get longer then i increse them both a little

    good luck

  • That sounds like heaven. I love plodding along. not the fastest person. Thats why ultras appeal to me. So really I just got to put the miles in and thats essentially it?

  • Pretty much. Personally I don't like back to backs when I'm training for anything less than a 50 miler but that's personal preference
  • Again glad to hear you say that. I try to run too far on consecutive days because of the problems i've had. I break my days up with Cycling alot too. I know nothing can replace running but I have found that my body copes better with alot of cross training. However I am slowly starting to run most days now. Would it be a good idea to drop perhaps a half marathon in before? Am I going to gain anything from this?

  • if you are doing longer ultras then cycling can really come in as useful training ........i find that if i do a slow run after my long run..the first few miles is really slow and my legs are tired but then they come back to life and I feel better and get a full recovery quicker......

    but build up them both slowly.don't go straight out and do long runs......image

    its finding what works best for you

  • A half marathon is 13 miles, so no different, and certainly no longer, than a day's training. It's how you'd approach it that would make a difference. At race pace it would be fine, if you belted around it there would be little to gain, and you would risk injury.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Yes train for it like a marathon (it'll hurt less) but, as mentioned, get some training in over similar terrain with ideal footwear

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  • time to get over those Purbeck hills, Vic!

  • Ive also signed up for this as my first ultra! I was wondering how long my long runs should be for this! I've got a trail marathon in june so will already have a base image
  • Cheers guys.

    I've got less than 3 months to get sorted. I've gone right back to the beginning and I done a short 3 miler this morning to get my legs back after Sundays race. Then popping out for a 10 mile cycle tonight again just to get the legs working. I've mapped out a real simple schedule and the most I will do is 15 miles on a Saturday and the same on the Sunday. I suppose its a mental barrier that I need to get through. IE knowing i've run the race albeit over 2 days. But I have to say I will be doing a lot of cycling image Main reasin being that I suffer from Sciatic nerve problems and if I do too much too often it can be a sod. I have some trail running shoes and because I live out in the country many routes to take. Plus I will get onto Exmoor now and again to mix it up

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