Raidlight backpack - water bottle-elbow collision

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After much deliberation, and several recommendations (despite misgivings about ordering without being able to try it on), I ordered a 10 L Raidlight backpack, for when I need to carry more than my present 5 L Mizuno pack will hold. However, now it's arrived, I discover the bottle on the side/belt pocket is right in line with my elbow, making it impossible to use because it's going to hit the back of my elbow at every arm swing. image Even if I don't have a bottle in there, (and I wanted the option of bladder & bottle) the bottle pocket is going to rub my arm/elbow at every stride. How do other people cope with this? Is there a solution? Or do I just send it back, chalk it up to experience and start looking (again!) at other options?

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  • Doubt theres a way round itt without altering running style.  Can you fit bottles to the straps ? Although thats going to bump up the cost.

    I love my OMM pack, but its impossible for me to get water bottles out of those side pockets without loosening the straps - so thats not ideal either. 

    Camelback inside maybe ? 

  • What, you mean never having my elbows at my sides, never mind going behind me - not going to happen! Can't understand how other people cope with it - or maybe on larger people the bottle sits further back, not right on their sides near the front?

    Oh well, I suppose it's only cost me time & return postage to discover it doesn't work. So, back to looking at the OMM packs and accepting I'll go for bladder only (bladder has worked for me so far).

  • If you really want water bottles, you might try and find the discontinued North Face Enduro 13. (Do watch out for scam sites selling TNF knockoff/fakes, though.)

  • Rennur: Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not so wedded to the idea of bottles. But I am disappointed at what seems like a really obvious design flaw. Think I'll go look at the OMM packs again.

  • Debra - Its probably not a design flaw - I think its to do with fit ? They do say to try packs for size. 

  • I'd love to be able to try a bunch of different packs for fit but none of the running shops anywhere near me stock the ones I want to try. I've bought a few and kept one that's only a reasonable fit just because I was despairing of ever finding The One that would be the perfect fit.

    Debra - if you're petite and thin you could try finding a North Face womens Enduro Boa. Discontinued but still available in a few places. It's small - the waist belt fits 30" max and it's a good design. Seems to fit very petite women great.

  • I have a raidlight and never had a problem but maybe i have the size up...I love mine. I suppose we all have different running styles.
  • OMM with raid light bottle holder on shoulder strap. 750ml bounces about a little when full but never falls out and accessible.
  • Think some of the Solomon packs have two front bottle pockets. I have a couple of OMM packs, and use them with the i-Gamy bottle pouch that fits on the front of the shoulder strap - could get one on each strap. I've used bladders, but they're just a bit fiddly for me...

  • I just got a Raidlight 10ltr today. Only problem is that if you attach a bladder in the back and try and feed it through the correct hole it is too small? The outside hole saying: h2o....has a elasticated eyelet but trying to get a regular mouthpiece through is no way!!!

    I think the only way would be to fee it out through the side of the zip and then over the shoulder.

    Can anyone let me know what you think about yours and in using the bladder.

    All the best.

  • Well, I had the opportunity to try a Salomon 10+3 vest and I loved it. Somewhat more expensive than I wanted but it fits so well and feels so comfortable - now to work out which bladder fits it. Must get the Raidlight sent back today.

  • I'd imagine it'll be well worth the extra money if it's a good fit. After all, backpacks and bumbags shouldn't really get worn out or need replacing the same way shoes and other kit does, so it should last you for years...

  • Just loaded my raidlight 10ltr with a raidlight bottle and holder.

    All seems fab but if any of you have attached this I have slid mine onto the shoulder and the chest strap and the strap comes out sideways from the middle inside support of the holder. Which means the chest stap actually seems to support the position of the holder. Any thoughts on this?
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