From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Ohhh I'm also going a bit wild on this fitness lark. I've signed up for swimming lessons at Loughborough uni.. 41 and I cannot swimimage first lesson 20th march. Wish me luckimage
  • well done BT! so, you going for a tri then?

  • Might do .... Depends on if I can actually swimimage bit of a coward....image
  • Oh... And bikes seem to cost a bloody fortune!
  • yup, my elder brother bikes and 'needs' a different one for road/trail/velodrome - thats about what my car is worth! And your not alone with the swimming, I could probably get to the shore if I fell in but not with any style!

  • So 11 months ago I was just under 16 stone. I love WeightWatchers and running.



  • WOW, that's excellent -well done Booktrunk! shall rename you booksatchel  ;)

  • WOOHOO!!!

    So it's been 10 days since my last run, as I have a sore knee and I decided to go out for what was meant to be a gentle jog.... 5 or so km.

    I did the first 2km in 12:30 then got carried away I finished 5km in 29:34 my first ever sub 30m time for 5km!!!

    I am really chuffed that I've got below 30m now I can stop messing about with shorter distances and concentrate on going furtherimage

    I'm so happy.
  • Congratulations Booktrunk! Resting your bad knee has obviously worked for you - pop in tomorrow and tell us how your knee is holding upimage

    So, is it this thread that is getting results or adding Chia seeds to my morning shake?

    Since starting back (hopefully) properly I'm concentrating on stamina prior to starting my marathon training in 9 weeks, 10 days ago I couldn't run a mile before a walk break and tonight I went out for a 5 mile jog knowing I wouldn't 'run' the whole way because there is a very steep hill 1/2 mile from home that I always walk up. The run was going well so rather than turn around at 2.5 miles I went on a little thinking my 5 miles would end at the foot of the hill by home.

    Guess what, I felt so good that I managed a full 5 miles without stopping in (just) under an hour and with an average HR of 67% AND I ran up the hill without stopping making it 5.45 miles.

    So, that completes my targets for the end of March - need to set some more rather than rest on my laurelsimage

  • Awesome, a combination of hard work, and talking about it does help. I sometimes wanted to stop but didn't because I wanted to say I did x. All these little things help when you are starting to get tired image

    When I did my marathon I had my iPhone in a pocket with garmin live tracking enabled and I had friends on Facebook etc... Following my progress. (Including working out where I had my poo break) but I really do believe talking ups the motivation.
  • lol at the poo breaks being monitoredimage and yes, having accountable targets helps me go just that little bit further image

    10k without a walk break in 72 minutes is my next goal (and of course under 70% of max hr).

  • Nice one both of you image

    Sub 30!  The times are really dropping, I remember when I hit my first sub 30 for 5K last year after a couple of months of thinking it was too hard work it really motivated me.  Only 7 seconds per kilometre faster to go sub 29!

  • I know and if you looked at the splits....

    1k 6:20

    2k 6.11

    3k 5:47

    4k 5:43

    5k 5:33

    35 seconds I needed to take off... Look at the first two km image

    If only..... Hehe... No I should short term settle for that and concentrate on longer runs... Would love to get it down thoughimage
  • Txs Daeve and booktrunk, am pretty sure if you move to longer runs now then do a parkrun/5k trial once a month your time will come down even more image I've not done it for a couple of months (so thanks for reminding me) but used to do a 1k,1 mile, 5k and 10k at the start of every month. My current 1, 5 & 10k's are slow but comparable on the macmillan site but my mile time is way too slow - shall test them again in March image

  • Great update Steph, seems your rest did you good. I'm with Andi on his Parkrun suggestion - it will come down more, just by virtue of regular comparison with how you're doing with the rest of the runners (and age group!) and  I found it useful just to be running with a big group as  found I tend to push myself a bit more.

    And chai seeds added to shopping list!

  • 10.5km in 68m image

    It really is hard work when you go out for a run straight after work, feels very good, but still it's hard work, should be great for burning fat as I'd only had 400 calories all day and the ran off 720 ish image


  • Well done booktrunk! Have had a couple of days off but set a target of 75 miles in March so best get out tomorrow image

  • How's everyone doing?

    Just thought I'd pop in and say when I started my base training almost 3 weeks ago I could not run more than 1.5 miles before taking a walk break and todays run was 7.03 miles without a single walk break - am well chuffed with my progress and whilst slow at 12 min miles my pre training training plan says I should go even slower (so might try that lol).

    It's now beer o'clock so cheers image

  • That's fantasticimage

    My OH took our dog out for a walk and I met up with him after having a run.

    I did 14:4km (9 miles) in 1:35:41 around 10:40 per mile. then walked a couple of km back to the car with the oh and dog.
  • Txs booktrunk and, (whilst I don't have a dog) one day I may replicate your run time image

  • It is good when in the relatively early days of running properly (I managed ~3 months structured training last year June-Sept and then started again in Jan this year, and aiming to be even more structured with goals from after next weeks HM) you make decent improvements.

    Just for fun my two cousins and I are having a 1 mile challenge this week (they are over a decade younger and fitter) - it's been fun trying as it is a difficult distance when you're used to HM, and marathon training, I highly recommend it - it's then interesting to throw the result into to see what it predicts.

    My first mile attempt was slower than predicted from my 10K and HM times, I think it showed a lack of willpower to push though any pain/fatigue (all in the mind!), tried again yesterday and managed a little better than my predicted time with some to spare indicating my distance times had room for imporvement.  One more attempt then the rest of the week off tapering (resting!) for the Grantham HM on Sunday.

    Keep it up!

  • Gentle 7km cross country in 47m followed by a dog walk and then 115 arm (bicep) curls when I got home.

    Hehe I am so not the same person I was a year ago image
  • @Daeve, I put my 1k, 1 mile, 5k and 10k times into Macmillan a while ago and all but the 1 mile seemed about right (my mile was much slower than predicted). Will probably try to improve some/all of them later in the month. And good luck for next Sunday image

    Well done booktrunk and congratulations on your 'transormation' image

    No running for me today (ran 21 miles in total this week) but walked a short hill loop I might try out next week though it might take me a while to be able to run the .29 mile 14% incline (I may opt for short hill repeats until I can run it comfortablyimage

  • How's it going folks?

    No running for me for a few days - got a niggling calf pain but it seems better so may go out tomorrow in readiness for my attempt at 7.5 miles without a walk break at the weekend (we can all dream lol).

  • Struggling I cannot decide if my

    Knee is a bit shafted or If it's the IT Band.. bit nervous, I went out tonight was doing a nice gentle run feeling brilliant. 4.6k in knee just crumbled limped home took 35 minutes to plod 1 mile home, ouch, once I got back had a bath it's fine but if I put pressure in the knee walking downstairs it's bloody painful
  • Ouch, not good booktrunk image

    Sounds like a visit to the Doc or Physio is needed? and take things easy until you do.

  • Oh no, sounds like ITB booktrunk, either way (try to see a physio) take some time off running and anti-inflammatories as a start, I had it when I started running, it would hit me after a few miles, then a week off and try again - ok fr a bit then - bang... I just had a month off, did ITB stretching/strengthening excercises (try a foam roler?) with anti-inflammatories for several days at the beginning, then took it easy.

    HM for me Sunday, ankle a little dodgy but other than that feeling ok.. been carb loading mainly with beer tonight!

  • Thanks Daeve
  • Good luck for Sunday Daeve -think you mentioned Grantham so can't imagine you'll go too far before you hit some hills!

    Likewise good luck on your 7.5 this weekend Andi, you planning to incorporate the 14% into that?!

    Hope your knee isn't too bad Steph. As Daeve said, foam roller good idea so long as you like a fairly "robust" massage. (ie: it can bloody hurt!) You still doing Loughborough Half? 

    I'm starting to rethink my running, last few weeks I've had less oppurtunity to get out as often as I usually do (5 or 6 days a week) and been going 3 or 4. I'm putting a couple of miles exrtra on each run and times are (slowly!) improving. Saying that, proof will be next weekend at 20 miler. Did 3hrs 11 last year and think current form will be slower. Never mind, at least theres a cheese cob in the goody bag at the end!

  • Ah yes, Grantham has a couple of decent hills in it apparently - and also snow it seems from the forecast!

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