From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Jenimage

    Motivating yourself is really hard, that's why I set myself the goal of sub 5h for this marathon it's made me have to push.

    Just been talking to a charity close to my heart and I'm applying for London 2014 in the ballot, but this charity myasthenia Gravis will put me in if I don't get in, gotta raise a lot but as I believe in the charity I will have to do it!

    So I'm going to do London 2014image
  • Had a flying session yesterday in the new Boost shoes - 2 x 800m at 7:00 and 7:20 min/mile pace and 5x400m at 5:45 min/miles - way faster than I've managed before but with no more perceived effort.  No intention of going that fast but I can't tell without looking at my watch (which I wasn't doing) what my pace yet so calculated it when I got home.  I do like these shoes - placebo effect or not image

  • Just won ??180 on the grand national must not buy new trainers...... Must not buy trainers....image
  • I'm not familiar with the currencyimage  but ??180 surely is enough for new trainers and something else as well...

  • Daeve, sounds like your flying in your new shoes and placebo or not your results sound great image

    Nice win Steph! Am sure you'll find a nice 'treat' to spend it onimage

  • Humm.... Feeling a big lazy, got to up my game.

    Knee is feeling quite good which is great news.

    Because I gave had problems with it I've not really been putting in the miles I should managed 16m last Sunday at marathon pace, but I should be going slower I believe, going to try and do a slower 18 tomorrow, then a 20 next Sunday, that will leave me three weeks until the MK marathon. So a decent oh's run the Sunday after and a gentle taper. Really if I can get these last two big runs in then I will be mentally ready to go for it.

    I really believe that my average times are pointing to a just over 5h time, but I am sure I can push myself and get below 5h on the day. Still unsure if I should stick to 5h pacer like glue or 4:45 and gang on to him as long as possible (you never know that might be to the finish).

    So two 500ml water bottles full and ready to go, last week I had two gels first time I ever tried them. This week I'm back to jelly babies (way cheaper ??1.50 for a bag).

    It's not just the running, it's hard as you have to be selfish, I'm taking 3.5h plus getting ready and shower after so another hour out of my Sunday with my oh, I find myself feeling quite guilty at times.

    My plan says my long runs should be around 7:20 per km lets see how I do. 6 months ago I was struggling to do 1km at that pace now I struggle to go that slow when fresh for first 12-15km. It's amazing how you do improve if you just keep on plodding around 3 times a weekimage
  • So if I do 7:20 per km that is 3h 25m the thing is if I managed to go quicker and say did the 28 k in 3h 18m am I better off stopping and not overworking or am I better off plodding along even if slower to up the time, is it fists ce or time on your feet that is better? I wonder, I guess there is a cut off point where time on your feet I'd better but the faster you get the more it's down to distance covered?
  • When I started dieting 54 and a bit weeks ago and I told myself I was going to run a marathon, little did I think I'd loose 6 stone in the year, run a marathon and be only a month away from running a second.

    Just had a look on where I've logged every run. I'm 32.2km away from running 1,000km in total and I've been running for 120 hours.

    I have until the 1st of may to do the last 32.2k if I do manage 28k tomorrow I'd be soo tempted to try to stretch it out, n maybe do a slightly shorter run next week, oh well we will see. But 32.2k away from 1,000 is a nice little milestone for me to hopefully pass in my first year of running.
  • Great news that your knee feels good again Steph image Yes, when training for a marathon you do need to be selfish however, maybe whilst your out your OH can cook a nice lunch and even offer a massage afterwards?

    Sounds like things are going well for you and would suggest following the 5 hour pacer for 20 miles then smoke him image I'd suggest going out to pace and picking it up if your still good but as I've never run a marathon I don't know what i'm talking about.

    I'd try to stick with the 7:20/k if that is what the plan says and understand what you mean about time on feet versus miles. The faster peeps have it much easier than us slower peeps don't they with time on feetimage

  • ;)

    Your right stick with 5h pacer, and hope at around 21-22m that I am still with him.

    Then decide if it is going to be a case of trying to cling onto him for dear life, or trying to stretch onwards to get closer to 4:45 pacer, as we were saying re 5km just don't go out to quick image keep my powder dry and if I've got some left in the tank brilliantimage
  • It's tough with OH's, I'm a bit quicker so my long runs don't reach 3h30min but I still feel bad about the time I take - but then I think, I'll be healthier which is better for them too!

    I wish I could go out early and have the rest of the day but I'm not good first thing.

    Congratulations Steph on imminently breaking your first 1000Km!  I'm not far ahead - In the last 12 months I've managed 1052Km in 110 hours, it's nice to look back.

    The difference between the 5:00 hour pacer and 4:45 is from 6:46 to 7:07 min/Km.  Any concept of whether you could run at 6:46/Km or whether you should stick to the 5 h pacer (safer option, but only if you think you'll have enough to go past them at the end).

  • 7m I think I seem to struggle to keep up with 6:45 after about 15/20 so start out that big slower I'm thinking. Hoping pacer will make it easier compared to training as I'm always alone.
  • ARSE

    My bloody knee flared up again today just felt really sore from the beginning just couldn't keep going, gave up after 9km ;(

    Pooooo don't know how to exercise without keeping pressure on knee, exercise bike maybe!! Use that 5 days a week between 1 n 4 hours.

  • Booktrunk I discovered this thread 3 days ago and have read it from start to finish.  Many have said it before but you are truly an inspiration.  The support that you have in this thread is great too.

    I can empathise with the knee problems.  In about October last year I was told by a physio that I'd got a strained medial collateral ligament and it still twinges even now.  It was so bad that I will not be taking part in the Brighton Marathon this weekend as I had previously planned.  I think the problem was originally caused by running 2 HMs in about 3 weeks of each other - the GNR last year followed by the Royal Parks HM.  Although I'd trained for the runs I think it was just too much for me.  The GNR was also run in pretty much non-stop rain!  With regards to pacers for the Royal Parks I followed a slightly faster pacer than I wanted for my time and positioned myself in between them and the slower one behind (if that makes any sense).  I managed to get a PB!

    I hope that you find some help for your knee.  When the physio diagnosed the problem I then went to a personal trainer and had them design a plan to help strengthen "problem" areas which in my case are weak glutes, tight hamstrings and tight calves.  I don't always do my stretches but find that when I do they really help.  With regards to feeling guilty about long runs I'm quite lucky since my OH plays golf so is often out for 4 hours plus at a time.

    I've really enjoyed reading the posts and am now off to have a look at the asics and McMillan sites.

    Hope you're all enjoying the improved weather image

  • Hope your knee is recovering Steph, my bloody foot keeps playing up, looked through the foums for advice and seems to be classic symptoms of plantar, hey ho, at least plenty of advice to follow and still plenty of time to recover and get ready for Rothley 10k (mid June) speaking of, Daeve? Steph? You entering?

    Maybe Loughborough half along the way, still no update from the organisers as yet.

    How's your traing going Andi?

    Hello Trigger2! Sorry to hear Brighton is well, literally a non runner for you, but hope alls well soon.
  • Ooh Rothley 10K - Yes Jen,  I'll be up for that one, just a jog down the road image  I hope I'm not away on holiday as I have booked off the last 2 weeks... doh.  I'll have to check it out.....  EDIT:  11th June - a Tuesday, strange.  Hmm  might be able to get a few hours off work. EDIT2:  Evening race image  I'm in and place booked!

    On a roll today in the nice sunshine this evening - trying to do some threshold/tempo intervals I managed to get a new 5K PB by accident.  22:48, knocking 1 min 20 seconds off image.  I'm not really sure how I did it as I had a slow 750 metre jog start, and 2 walk breaks... oh well.  First 5K race in 12 months coming up, so good training (runNTU 2013 Fun Run on the 27th April Nottingham/Clifton - if anyone is interested in entering to raise money for my cancer research lab - open to all).

  • Thanks Jen - for a while I thought I'd killed the thread!  Had a session with the personal trainer today to put me through my stretching/strengthening exercises and she said that I need another session of physio to try and sort hamstrings and knee problem.

    Take it easy with the plantar - can take a devil of a time for it to get better.

    Good luck with the fun run on 27 April Daeve - I'm based in North London so a little far for me to join you image

    Hope booktrunk is well?

  • Does work well in that it's an evening run - right time of year for it too! OH and I in for it as well again this year, although he'll be having a bit of a wait for me at the end! Tip- park at pub on main drag (think its the Red Lion and short warm up jog down to start, otherwise village gets a bit rammed, and can enjoy a pint after. Would be rude not too after parking there!)

    Had a look at your NTU fun run, may well join in if I can, cause is one I support wholehartedly. Apparently new Loughborough date being announced tomorrow so will just wait to see when that's scheduled for.

    Also Daeve, new pb/ new trainers??!!

    The hype is getting to me!
  • Hi Trig, cross threads this evening - glad to hear stretching etc going well. To my shame, I have all good intentions of following stretch/ warm up and down exercises but usually end up with feet propped up on foam roller. Or even worse, lolling about on the gym ball. But let's not go there..!
  • I'm the same - never stretch, but don't use use my roller (I've used it 3 times, it hurt...) image

    Ooh yeah - maybe it's the Boost?!  Can't be a coincidence surely - it's the bounce image. That would go down well in the gear forum - these shoes do seem to polarise people.

    Everyone is welcome to join in the runNTU - I work as a researcher in the centre we're raising the money for and for once there are no overheads so every penny comes in for us to use.

    Hopefully booktrunk is resting up and the knee is improving (fingers crossed).  trigger2 - hope your injury sorts itself out, it is frustrating when you can't enter an event - but "who turns and runs away, lives to fight..." and all that - hopfully another event will come up you can run.

  • Hiiii

    Yes resting up my knee I've been reading on lots of exercises I should be doing, and I've hardly done any ;( which is completely pathetic ;( I so need to get off my arse!
  • Do them... I speak from experience of not doing the ones I was supposed to, injuries last three times as long without intervention image

  • I'm starting today proper regime from this evening....

  • Good luck with that Booktrunk.  I'm waiting for physio appointment.  Am off shortly just for 2 miles (I'm following a schedule for BUPA 10K at the end of next month) and will be finishing off with stretches.  I made a promise to the trainer yesterday that I will stretch after EVERY run and do the strengthening/stretching exercises on the days that I'm cross training.  Am desperate to be able to run freely again.

    Had an e-mail yesterday to say that I can't defer this year's Brighton Marathon place as I deferred last years so am now considering entering the Bournemouth Marathon which is in October this year.  Will decide after the 10k on 27 May before entering.

    Have a great day - miserable out there after yesterday's fine weather image

  • Daeve, what a fantastic job! currently got Maverick/ Topgun/ Air Cadets commitments that weekend, but if I can, will attend runNTU.

    Trigger, sorry to hear you couldn't defer Brighton, but all best with 10k and (hopefully!) Bournemouth!

    Steph, I know its only day 2 but how's the new regime?

    Finally got new date for postponed Loughborough half - 9th June, so 2 days before Rothley 10k - which I've already entered. Think I'll put the effort in at Loughborough and then attempt a (very, very) steady 10k. 

  • Eveningimage

    Ran 7k tonight my knee ached half way around, but stopped hurting again so really good apart from an annoying 5m in the middle.

    7k I ran without looking at sat nav once, steady pace but relaxed and feeling quick in places turned out to be 44:46 which is 6:23 per km. I need 7m per km to be 4 minutes under a 5 hour marathon.

    So it was nice and rather relaxed, really enjoyed it, was raining as wellimage

    Ohhh I have 3 weeks to run 16.2 km to reach my 1,000km total within my first year.
  • Congrats on your knee not playing up - sounds like you can ease back into it and continue training - don't overdo it, but I bet it feels good to get out again!  I've got a week off on hols now, not sure how much I'll do before my 5K in 2 weeks time.

    I managed about 5 miles steady tonight just after the rain - not bad but feeling a few niggles in my feet and a sore heel, so not a bad idea to have a few days rest and maybe go out a couple of times while on holiday (Galloway Forest).

  • Glad to hear knee seems to be on the mend - I get the same, but put it down to being a niggle. (and old)

    I sometimes ditch the garmin as can find myself treating my run as something I have to do, versus just enjoying running. Appreciate though you can't do so whilst racking up the miles (or km's!) So whats the likelihood of you doing 1,000km  3 weeks ahead of a year? other than pretty good!

  • Pretty goodimage need a proper decent run sat or Sunday at least for my confidenceimage

    Have to do boring girly things including getting eyebrows tidied up Saturday afternoon.... Dull, dullimage
  • Well done to everybody for their training and injury recoveries image

    Steph, sounds like your on target for a sub 5 hour Marathonimage

    Ohh, a nice flat 5k run along the bank of the Rhone today, was just jogging along for 2.1 miles then realised I was close to a 2012 best time of 31:36. Realised too late though and ended up with 32:59 but an average HR of 64% so should be able to beet the time soon image

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