From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Nothing dull about doing girly stuff, got fab groupon deal for hair/ highlights in Loughborough recently! And let's not get started on shoes, although in the last year trainers have figured quite strongly!

    Shortish 5/6 k planned tomorrow and 13 for Sunday, thereafter, get my ass into proper schedule , well, some sort of half assed four week to half mara schedule!
  • Wow a run along the bank of the Rhone - wonderful - do you live there Andi?  Sorry if the question's been asked before but I'm a newbie here.

    Just back from parkrun.  Went to support a friend who was doing their 100th run today so was not my local course.  Got round in 28:18 but there were a couple of walk breaks in there - set off too fast and breathing was all over the place.  That's a particular weakness of mine.  On the upside the knee didn't niggle all the way round and only started to complain when I started to do my stretches.

    How's the new regime going booktrunk?  Enjoy the "maintenance" work this afternoon - I've got the hairdresser coming to hide up the grey and trim before I return to school on Monday.

    Have physio appointment booked for Tuesday at 5pm so will probably be in agony for the rest of the weekimage

    Looks like being a warm day for Brighton marathon tomorrow.

    Enjoy your weekends

  • Hi trigger and great time in the PR (even with walk breaks). No, I don't live in France - am on holiday image Home for me is the Isle of Mull - another place with beautiful views whilst running though nothing as flat as this so a bit of a shock to my legs.

  • Hi everyone.

    Well done trigger.

    Well I slogged through 15.2km @ 7min per km.

    Should have done teice that bit had a real life meeting to get to also been to see a nurse pulled ligaments in my hand, ouch!!

    3 weeks to go I did gave one good thing I passed my 1,000km I've done it in 49 and a bit weeks so not badimage

    So I'm just going to run twice a week go into MK marathon horribly underprepared, and just give it a go. I'll then take 4 weeks offimage

    Fingers crossed, lets see how it goes image
  • Seeing everyone all excited about Brighton Marathon has got me all fired up and looking forward to Milton Keynes marathon.  Toby3 did amazing hacing 23m off his pb down to 3:37 wow image 


    I'm now reasessing my plans and whilst i'll still try for sub 5 I just haven't put the hours of training in that are necessary so I still go for that but my targets are looser.


    Target A: Sub 5H doubt it!!

    Target B: Beat 5:15 hope so

    Target C: Beat 5:30:22 my only marathon time so far image

    Target D: Just get round.


    So realistically i'd be slightly disappointed if I didn't at least achieve C, but hey getting around is the point. Then I can take a month off recharge n heal, and then go for it for Leicester 2013, which will be a course i've run before and will feel better about knowing i've done it before image 

    I'm not being negative i think!! I think i'm being realistic.  But i'm going to go with the 5h pacer and hang on for all i'm worth.  lets just see how it goes image

    Also i'm rather happy to share the photo below from my site.



  • Sounds sensible to me booktrunk.  In any event, as someone once told me, there are no times on the medals they're all the same.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that we're lucky to be able to run at all.

    Back to work today after Easter hols image

  • Actually... They are wrong I paid 5 to have the time put on a tag that I can clip

    Into the medal hehe

    Might only put it in if I crack 5h nahh will be fun having the time on it.
  • LOL well you set yourself up then!

  • Not sure if right thread, but just wanted to share did my 1st marathon in Bonn yesterday and srcatched in at 3:59; however did my 1st half at 1:47 and got incredibly painful cramp (walk / run) for last 7 k's!

    Anyhow i think there is lots to learn from this experienceimage

  • Steph, I think based on your training programme that your option B really is achievable and then option A very much so for Leicester! Bear in mind you'll also have the benefit of training over the spring/ summer months with all the benefits of what you've learned over the past year.

    Congrats to Toby3, that's seriously impressive! What threads that discussion on?

    Good park run Trigger, hope return to work was ok, and that you are now suitably "maintained" !

    And hello Ali, I'd be very happy to scratch in at 3.59, so well done.

    I'm still plagued by bloody plantar, going to get out a lot more on the bike to maintain fitness. Usually just do one or two rides a week but find the cycling has far less impact on my feet and knees (god, I'm so old!) so will be looking to up that to four bike rides and two runs for the next couple of weeks. So my lovely little bike has been for a service today to bring her back to proper use.
  • In events / Brighton marathon and the weight loss thread here on beginnersimage
  • Tis weird it's my second, and yet I think I'm more nervous this time around I'm a bag of nerves and it is still nearly 3 weeks away.

    The knee doesn't help, but it's almost like I cannot have this go wrong as it will look

    like getting around the first time was a fluke. Hehe I wonder if that makes any sense or if you think I'm mad for saying it.

    Warned work not to expect any miracles when it comes to speed. Trying to talk it down myself but I really do want a sub 5h so of not this time then extra pressure on for Leicester in October.

    Mind you.... If I do sub 5h in may I dread to think what I will want for October! Hehe.

    Sub 4h in the London mara next April.... Is that to greedy!! Probably can barely do 4km at the necessary pace nowimage
  • Jen: good luck with the bike I'm thinking of getting a reasonable bike through cycle

    To work. Was tempted by a boardman hybrid.
  • Went to the physio yesterday and now have my knee taped up with pretty pink tape.  Have to keep it on for 3 days and it’s there to protect the medial collateral ligament.  Although she still thinks this is the problem there’s a lot of fluid and swelling around the knee and she thinks that I should have an ultrasound.  I’m now left with trying to persuade my GP/NHS to provide an ultrasound!  Wish me luck with that!  She also thought that there might be some patella tendonitis going on so even more fun to look forward too.  But the good news is I CAN STILL RUN!  The key is stretching/strengthening quads, glutes and hamstrings!

    Am getting really excited for those running London on Sunday!  Still don’t think I’m going to try and do too much until I get knee sorted out.  Have got a couple of 10ks scheduled but apart from that am just going to have to concentrate on not hurting myself!

     Do you know what the problem is with your knee booktrunk?  Hope it doesn't cause you any real grief.  Congratulations on the biking - I can't ride to save my life - my quads really don't like it.  How're you feeling today?image


  • Feeling good today, actually i'm getting a little excited by my knee... as i've been noticing that in day to day use it's hurting less all the time.

    I am not sure what it is I am to tight to spend money getting it looked at!! I should really, but now it's getting better fingers crossed.....

    Hummm, what is it.  I did think ITBand but i'm not so sure.... I do remember that I twisted my knee slightly in the snow when i was out running so just skipped running in the snow for a couple of weeks, then started off again ok, but then going through a muddy field I did similar my foot slid and twisted under me, and I think i did the same / irritated it from the first time, and it's just ever since been a bit hit and miss.  I have a horrible totally non running brace that is huge that wraps around about 8 inches above and below the knee and is a big velcro strap basically i can run fine in that, i tried running in a thin ITBand strap just above the knee and that didn't help it at all, i've since seen someone wear the same band just below the joint and as my pain is at the bottom outside corner i might try that next run.  I think I really just need to rest it longer than I do.  Which is why my plan is to get through my 6th May Mara (Milton Keynes) and then just not run at all until a charity run I have 8.5 miles (a slow jog) on 2nd of June.

    Then start again carefully after that as i'll then be starting to train for my October Marathon. Then I can have a two or four week rest and then begin getting ready for London 2014.

  • OMG booktrunk you're certainly packing it in!  I wish you well.  Could possilby be that slipping and sliding that have caused some strain/wear and it hasn't had a chance to heal properly.  All this in the pursuit of pleasure and keeping fit!  I've got one of those velcro knee supports but haven't used it yet as I didn't want to start depending on it. May do so as I work myself up to the 10k but we'll see.

  • 7km in 43m last night on a one way run, it was nearly all straight into the wind which was horrendous so very please with the time. 

    My times for sub 12k times have started to really come down now, and predictions based on them at times are down to 4:40 for a marathon, but the issue is that because i've not done enough long stamia building runs due to the knee i know i cannot keep that up.  So will latch onto the 5h timers and just see how it goes.  2 and a bit weeks my OH has phoned and apparently my Milton Keynes pack is at home with my number etc... That is soooo exciting getting my number.

  • make a plan and stick to it booktrunk. so if running with the 5hour pacers feels easy for the first few miles, don't be tempted to speed up a bit. Not yet. If it's still ridiculously easy at half way, and not starting to get hard, then speed up ever so slightly and pull away from them gradually over the next few miles. Don't, whatever you do, throw in s hero mile at this stage. If you still feel good at mile 20, and feel like youre running well within yourself, then drop the hammer and go for it. At this stage it's basically a 10k race on tired legs with exhausted fuel supplies, so going for it means digging in and leaving everything on the road, but it doesn't mean sprinting off for 100m then dying in a corner.

    For now, you just need to hold it together for a couple of weeks, all the hard work is done. I'm in a taper-fever myself at the moment waiting for Manchester. Something tells me the germans probably have a word for that feeling of restlessness you feel during a taper.


  • Thanks AgentGinger.

    I've read few the stuff on here about plans a few times, and from what I remember and what I was planning on was don't be stupid and try to speed up until past 20 more like past 22 miles.  If at that stage you are feeling good go for it a bit, but if you go to soon you'll just blow up and make an even bigger arse of yourself image

    Yes i'm sure they do image

    It's daft how excited you can be when looking forward to something that you know is going to be bloody hard work.  If I was being paid and told how much effort i'd have to put in to earn the money i'd want a lot before I was paid to run one of these image 


  • Hi Trigger, good news from physio, glad it's all going well. Know what you mean about knee supports - I think I had a bit of a reliance on using one, maybe more pschological than anything!

    Hey Steph, times are coming on fabulously! I'm enjoying the bike again, used to be in to it a fair bit ( Forces days - many years ago!) and can't complain as nice flat north Warwickshirel countryside beckons!

    I had a Boardman hybrid a couple of years ago ( the female specific version) and have to say, it was a great bike to get me back into it, but if you get into any interest in covering distance, a road bike will be better. I found the Boardman a little heavy once I started to put some miles in, but again, if you want to do a little gentle off roading, the hybrid should be good.

    Btw, any thoughts on the ladybower series, I've only just realised they are doing a 20 miler on the same day as the 35 and 50 ultras (22 sept) and am rather tempted I have to say! Build up to the plan of an ultra next year!

    Glad to hear you have had good response from charity re VLM 2014, I shall go down the ballot application again - 29th marked in the diary.

    Hello AG, some good advice! Sounds like this is of some experience! And glad to see you are recovering well from your coma, sub 2.15 on Sunday then? And in your hospital gown? (Inserts appropriate emoticons at this stage, thanks for your help iPad)
  • Thanks for the comment re the boardman bike.

    That doesn't help image now i'm really stuck but to be honest I don't think i'm ever going to be seting any time trial records and chances are that i'm going to be off road with oh and dog as much as on road work is only 400m away but hey should make cycling to work easy image I was thinking i could get something like that with two sets of wheels one with slick tread and the other knobbly.  I should be able to get the bike n helmet on cycle to work so that would help a lot with the costs.

  • You can get some great deals with CTW! But don't need to be tied to Hafords- that said, I found the customer service excellent. If all you want is to get into it, in a decent bike, I'd for the hybrid and enjoy! If you get into it, you can always make the decision to go for a road bike if you feel you want to start doing a bit of distance. And to this, I'd add you can get some good buys off eBay (I got my CF Orbea frame on a badly listed item for a steal!)

    Once I started to do more than 25 miles on a ride, I found the hybrid a bit too heavy, but seeing as you already do a fair few miles on your feet, that just might not appeal as you'll probably just want to make the bike supplementary to your training rather than a significant part if it.
  • Just back from hols and catching up in the thread. Steph, your enthusiasm is spreading and am sure you'll do the right plan on the day and that sub 5 hours is waiting for you image

    AG, good luck for tomorrowimage I saw Mo on TV last night and even though he is just running a half (I'm in the not cricket group with this) he said he'd probably still be behind you when he dropped out. If this years VLM is the same as last for me I'll probably do 3 hours (then turn over and watch the Snooker).

    Had a planned 13.1 miles for today but suffering from jet lag (and only flew from France) so going to chill this weekend then start afresh next week.

  • Also back from Hols and catching up (nice week north of the border in Galloway Forest).

    Sounds like things are getting better Steph - congrats on passing the 1000K!

    Re - bikes, I thought I'd mention I bought a cyclocross bike (Kona Jake the Snake) a couple of years ago - almost as light as a roadbike,105 chainset, but can handle all the off road/mountain bike stuff I throw at it (off road brakes, solid frame, swap wheels to knobblies) - certainly an option worth a thought?

    5K race for me next weekend - not been doing much on holiday though, a couple of 6 milers and some hiking to keep fresh.  Incredibly hilly HM (Eyam) mid May as my next target.

  • Cheers re bikeimage

    14km in 91m last night. Don't think I could keep that up, for a 4:35 mara, but hope to be down to 4:30/4:40 for London next year.

    Anyway... 2 weeks tomorrow, so according to my an I have a total of only 22k next week and that's what I will try to do. Leg is getting better which is great, not perfect but I know that it's healing which is great image

    Sat in bed being a lazy cow and going to watch the VLM. Next year.... Myasthenia Gravis I'll be running for. (My mum had it, lots live nearly normal lives but she had complications)
  • Hello Daeve and Andi, sounds like you both had great holidays! Same as you in that I've not done much, actually, in my case no running, for past couple of weeks as am trying to rest foot cos of plantar. I've been cycling instead and really getting back into that, but going to try a few gentle runs this week as Loughborough half and Rothley 10k are not too far away now.

    Steph, glad to hear your knee is well on the mend, like you, watching the VLM and feeling just a little bit envious! Will go for the ballot again, but found the fund raising for last year was really difficult as didn't get my entry until February, but glad it gave me the chance to take part. Sounds like you are doing the right thing by planning your entry with the charity which should give you a great opportunity to raise some funds - a worthy cause - I had a search for Myasthenia Gravis as wasn't aware of it.

    Good luck with the last phase of training for MK - just think, by the time VLM 2014 comes around, it'll be your fourth!


  • I know that is crazy isn't it. Well hope injury doesn't mess anything upimage
  • First run in over two weeks for me today, just a couple of laps of local reservoir (about 7.5 km) Did't bother to pace it but just under 50 mins so very steady!but at least no niggles at the end. And enjoyed it, makes you realise how much you miss it!

    Hows training going all?

  • Jen Hart wrote (see)

    Hows training going all?


    Very frustratingly image  Signed up for a Sports Science trial at work to help a colleague out, but had to do no excercise 3 days before and 3 after, so yesterday morning ran for 2 hours at 11.1 kph (5:24 min/km) on a treadmill - 13.8 miles... SOooo mindnumbingly difficult with a 12 hour fast before and 2 hour fast after.  I could have run 15 or 16 miles outdoors with less issues, but the monotony of gait and the excessive heat (even with 2 fans) made it harder than I've found it before.

    Aching like mad today with dodgy knee and I've a 5K race on Saturday, not really the best "taper" for it image

    Realised after being weighed/measured for it I'm almost an inch shorter than I've thought I was for years - coming in at 181 rather than just over 183cm, and I've put on a couple of Kg since my initial weigh in nearly a month ago.

    New Plan for 2013 - lose ~10kg/1.5st before the Berlin Marathon in September, starting after the 5K on Saturday so I may have lost some before my next HM May 19th. image

  • I'm a but fedup been ill since Sunday, BahhHumbug.

    Can keep food down but feel like poooo and whenever I have a drink water, diet coke.. Anything I feel dizzy and faint! Oh well slowly getting better I hope.

    At least I'm tapering so not missing out on much. Soooo underprepared for this mara, oh well just gave to see how it goes.
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