From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Hope you feel better soon, better ill now than in the 4 or 5 days before MK.

    At worst it'll be a "veryLSR" for your next marathon increasing your endurance ready for your next marathon, either way it won't be wasted.  They psychological advantage of having completed one will be worth loads, you won' thave lost that much fitness (if any) from your last one.

  • Hope everyone's well and that you feel better soon booktrunk.  I hope you get to enjoy MK.

    Have started to run home from work in the glorious sunshine - Tuesday did 3 miles and tonight I have to do 2 miles followed by some strenght training.  Last night it was 35 minutes on the cross trainer.  I finally got the letter from the physio and will be taking that to the GP on 9 May in the hope that I can persuade him to refer me for an ultrasound.

    Have been trying to enter the Lottery Olympic Park run this morning but it keeps on crashing!

    I didn't post for a couple of days as I was in awe of your talk of bikes - I can't ride to save my life I just don't have strong enough quads.  Maybe I should try a little harder but it's so hilly where I live that I wouldn't get very far before I had to get off and push - not a good look!

  • I think the Lottery Olympic Park run was full in half an hour - my cousin got a place luckily.

    Feeling destroyed... managed a 22:22 5K (PB) and also a 1 mile PB at 6:18 as the first mile of it, which was probably too fast.  3 minutes faster than last year, and I had a little bit in the tank left at the end running 4 minute mile pace (for 100m!).  Hurray for Adidas Boost...

    It shows how good the body is at getting better with practise - if you put in the miles and follow a sensible training plan almost anything is possible.  I'm thinking sub 20 is in sight next year if I lose the planned 10-13 Kg/1.5-2 st of excess weight I still have.  To think 18 months ago I could not manage a sub 31 minute 5K.

    I still class myself as a beginner as I've not run that many races really, not joined a running club and still bumble on with my own "training plans" - time to try to make it a bit more structured I think.

    (self-indulgent post I know - but pretty happy this evening). image

  • Daeve that is great.


    i'm one week out from MK Mara so at the getting bored not running much and driving myself mad stage.


    went for a 2.5h walk yesterday but then had KFC for the first time in over a year, it was my birthday indulgence, gulp!! 42 now image


    ran 5km on the mara route last Friday when in MK for work, bloody hated it. It's narrow. So with 3,000 runners on a track only wide enough for 3 or 4 people humm.. alstithe bit I ran on was never flat all short sharp ups n downs into underpasses etc... Hopefully when it's out of the Center of MK it's better.... But not confident about that, oh well, will try again as I'm in MK on Tuesday as well, so will have another run then as well (only did 5k).

    signed up for London just after midnight image

  • Morning booktrunk (and belated happy birthday).

    I managed to get a place on the Olympic Run after all and put my entry in for VLM just before I came to work this morning.

    Hope that all goes well for you booktrunk and that it's not as congested as you think.

    I managed a pb at a local cross country 5k on Saturday 29.07 5 seconds off my previous best for that course.  Got a way to go before I could even think of keeping up with you Daeve - well done!  I'm happy if I can keep sub 30 minutes - I'm 53 this year and starting to feel it!

  • Ohhhh more excitement.  Getting myself a bike on the cycle to work scheme, will of course be cycling to work at least twice a week on it. (not exactly far) and then using twice a week for personal use so 50/50 if not more work use image  But it's exciting ended up it's costing with bits n pieces £889 and I end up having to pay back around £440 plus around £130 at the end so around £570 which is less than the cost of the bike itself and i do this over interest free payments.  Cannot go wrong with that image


  • Daeve, well done you! You have to sing your own praises here else we'd never know how your doingimage

    Trigger, gret time and congrats on the PB image Don't fret about being 53 this year, your as old as you feel! (am 54 this year btw).

    Steph, another belated Happy Birthday image Your bike sounds like a super Birthday Presentimage

  • Well Daeve, I'd say those times are somewhat progressive for a "beginner!" I'm the same in that I don't have a specific programme and used to just go out and have a steady run for about 7 miles round an out and back route. However, I've learned a thing or two from this, and other, threads and started to introduce shorter faster runs and hills and have noticed times steadily improving. (Still slow mind!)

    Hi Trigger, congrats on pb! Like you, just want to keep my 5 k's sub 30 mins for now, but feel park runs may get a bit addictive this summer!

    Andi, how's training coming along? Was at Inverness for work a couple of times last year and can see the attraction of the Loch Ness mara, stunningly beautiful area.

    Good call on BTW Steph, and a belated happy birthday ! Which bike did you go for in the end? 


  • I thought I had replied to this but it appears not...


    Bike I was settling on a fast hybrid, then at the last minute changed my mind as my OH wanted to buy himself a mountain bike so I got one of them instead as it made sense so I can go proper off road if I want.  I ended up with the Chris Boardman Fi Comp Mountain Bike (great for a short arse like myself).

    It's really funny but the nerves are so kicking in for this my second mara.  I'm worried about the knee on it's day it's either going to be fine, or just crap and not want to go at all, I drove down to MK today and got in a 4 mile run on the course route before work and managed that in 39 minutes and it felt good. I had a pain in the knee but it's a constant level that didn't change at all through the 4 mile run.

    But maybe i'm finding the second harder on the nerves as i know now that it's hard work image and also well doing it once is cool... but if something goes wrong and I fail the second time round a few people could say it was just a fluke the first time... hehehe i'm just being totally paranoid!!

    Well stressed out, and ive still got virtually a week to go image 

    Will do another 4 / 5 mile run tomorrow then twiddle my thumbs maybe i'll do something saturday morning as well image

  • Another 5km this evening whilst my oh tried out his mountain bikeimage

    i'm going to try my new mountain bike tomorrow instead of running but will be out Friday evening or sat for a last run, also mustn't use my nee bike to much tired ire out other muscles until after the Mara.

  • I think I know what you men about the second marathon - I'm very nervous about mine and its almost 5 months away.  I guess not completing the first one would be disappointing but not the end of the world.. but now you know you can do it so there's more pressure to make sure you do.

  • That's it exactlyimage. It's a bit daft and completely self induced hehe, but I can feel it.


    by the way 22:22 for 5k awesomeimage

  • Most of my runs seem to imply I can do sub 4:40 but with the lack of long runs I'm really not expecting much as I'm worried that come 25+km I'm going to seriously struggle.

  • Cheers - it turns out to be 22:19 officially image so very happy, though I switched my training from the next HM in nearly 3 weeks time to the 5K which in hindsight was a bit daft.  Eyam has a 1200 foot ascent and I've done no hill training so far and not enough long runs image

    I've just joined the P&D Autumn thread in the Training forum - The P&D book is a great read even if you're not going to try tthe training plans which are fairly tough!

    Rothley 10K should be a good one (do you fancy it?  I think Jen did), and I think I'm going to try the Leicester 5K summer series of a few races over the next 2 or 3 months just to keep some speed work in (as I can never get up early enough for a park run on a Saturday morning).

  • Steph, don't fret, am sure the adrenalin will kick in and see you through to a good time, you have done it before so thats the biggest worry out of the way image Hope the bike ride went ok?

    Daeve, knocking another 3 seconds off your PB without even running is greatimage I'm following HADD (sort of) and is similar in lots of ways to P&D but the peeps in the Autumn thread seem wilder than the HADD crowdimage

    Jen, am sure the more 'seasoned' you become as a runner the slower the improvements? As for my training (thanks for asking) I took a couple of weeks off (lazyitus) and started again on Monday and was surprised how hard even 2 miles was! Was it you that suggested'the Art of Running Faster' to me? If so then thanks, last night I started the chapter about breathing - I've always been an 'in for 2 steps and out for 2 steps' breather but today tried in for 3 out for 3 and on the flat/decline was able to run for longer before panting and on inclines reverted to 2 and 2. I did try 4 & 4 but my cadence is a bit slow so was gasping for breath lol. 

    Got home and saw WHR avg was the same as normal but ran the easy 5k in 10:51 min miles not the anticipated 11:49. Might be a fluke but looking forward to trying it again tomorrow image

  • Steph, you'll be fine, all best for Monday!

    Daeve, yes to Rothley, have entered and then two days days later got email to say Loughborough half now rescheduled for Sunday before! Safe to say, it won't be my quickest 10k! know what you are saying about park run, it is a bit of a struggle when you're looking forward to your first lie in of the week, but think I'm going to try and get a bit more committed to them.

    Andi, glad you found the book useful, my OH has been experimenting with splitting the daily session in to two- but works well for him as he can run to and from work (4 miles each way)  rather than a steady 8. He's definitely seen the benefits of this, but the proof will out at Rothley next month, needs to beat 44 mins! 

  • Thanks everyone you've helped calm me down. 7.2km in 48:10 tonight.


    going to do a very very slow jog Saturday and that is it.


    slight chaos over the bike... Ended up having to post the cheque to Halfords head office and wait for it to clear before I can pick it up. So end of next week I guess maybe early the week after, tedious but I'll get there in the end.

  • Hope the OH manages that Jen image I may try 'doublers' sometime and am going to sort of do them whilst I increase distance in the Vibrams so I can (eventually) do my recovery runs in them. Currently up to 1.25 miles.

  • I seriously want to do more with vibrams soon image just have to be patient. 


  • Steph, maybe? try and work them into your recovery runs after the Marathon? I wore them back from France the other week and by the time I was on the Ferry home (12 hours into the journey) I felt I should be apologising to the other travellers - the word rancid springs to mind image Customs had fun with them though image

  • 3 and a half days to go.....


    driving myself mad already. Might just go and buy some hair dye and go bright pink again! Hehe

  • Hope it's not too warm for you booktrunk.  Rest well!

  • Yeah, typical looks like it might actually be boiling!! Got some high5 salt/electrolyte tablets, get a 330ml bottle of water each 3m, so will try to remember to stick a tablet in before drinking if it's hot.




  • Boiling? I rang my Mum up tonight and it's cracking the flags on the Wirral and apparently England is having a mini heatwave? 3 degrees C here, storms, high winds and (again) the Ferries are cancelled image

    High five for the High Fives Stephimage I use them when I get back from runs over 6 miles, not sure if it's wise to take one every 3 miles mind??

    Sometimes I hate living on an Island, my shiny new Garmin FR910XT has been 'out for delivery' with the courier for 3 days now image

  • Good thinking I'll actually read how often I should take themimage I know that I get nice n sweaty as my dog loves licking the salt off me when I come back from a decent run! 

    Behave!!! Only from the bits not covered by my clothes!! image


    Ohhh 910 nice!!! Now my 610 is feeling jealous image seriously I love my garmin, just wish I was a bit better at sticking to the speeds I tell it to tell me I should be running at image


    Really looking forward to running with a pacer at MK on Monday I've never done that. 

  • lol Steph but, surely you 'glow' rather thn sweat?

    Yup, the 610 was #1 on my list for a while, reviews show it as a great watch but a (very) good friend bought it for me as an early birthday present and I've learnt not to argue with a womenimage Don't think the 610 has vibrate on it like the 910? (ooeeerr missus).

    As for the pacer, will he keep telling you "you are ahead by 15 seconds" like the 610 does?

  • Hehe he will probably be saying get your lazy arse into gear or we are dumping you image this is at about 12k knowing me! 


    Yawn, night xxx


    oh got my brekkie sorted for sat / sun and day of mara. Bagel with salmon and philly.

    tea Saturday and Sunday is homemade pasta image  Oh and fish and chips Friday night, sod healthy eating. 

  • Good luck Steph!  Had a hilly 4 miler tonight and thought - glad I'm not doing a marathon this weekend, then I remembered you were on Monday image as it felt tough (not done enough miles recently).

    I'm sure you're ready and will enjoy it.

  • lol Steph but am sure you'll be fine! still going with the 5hr pacer? Love the sound of your pre race meals!

    Daeve, silly Q but what do you (and other peeps) consider hilly? I think all my runs are hilly and a 4 mile run is usually around an 800ft incline but get the bonus of the same decline (mainly) on the way home image Just looked at Garmin connect and it tells me my 500 miles this past 11 months had a vertical ascent of 7.2 miles.

  • 4 miles 282 m elevation gain/925 feet deliberately up and down a few times.  Generally I consider it hilly with more than 50m ascent per 3 miles. I realise you live somewhere very hilly, but Leicestershire is not so much except the bit where I live!  Trying to train on a few hills for Eyam in 2 weeks:



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