From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Well done - fantastic news xx


  • I'd imagine 4:30 is a realistic target if you can get your 5K down to ~25-27 min and your 10K down to ~55/57 min, you've certainly got the endurance base and I think you said you've never done any "speed work".  You'll probbaly improve greatly by doing some more targeted work (for 5Ks, parkruns etc).

    Your heart rate seemed pretty low ave 143, high 157 - do you know your max?

    Enter some 5K races (Leicester summer series in Victoria park coming up, or Rothley 10K, evening races) and see what happens (training times don't really reflect what you can do).

  • No I don't really know my maximum heart rate i've guessed around 175 when I setup my garmin, but I need to do a proper test to chek it.

    I said i was going to give my knee some time off, to see how it does, mght be a couple of weeks but that would be a good thing to do sort out hammering myself so that I can work out what my max rate is and go from there.

    Yeah 29:34 is the quickest 5k but that was in the cold along a canal bank with a couple of gates i needed to swerve through so once i'm back i'm going to get my arse out of bed on Saturday mornings and do a park run or two to get timed.  Also if i do a park run in under 30m will get my run britain handicap under 28 hehe image

    Should I be looking at a 2:10 half marathon time for 4:30?

  • Probably nearer 2:00 if you were doing your first marathon, but 2:10 ish (leaning on the lower side) should be ok if you keep the endurance up.

    McMillan reckons 2:08:18 HM for a 4:30 full mara, and a 57:33 10K (though I imagine you'd want some leeway).

  • Oh yeah - I find after 2 or 3 miles warmup, running up to Old John in Bradgate from the top car park a couple of times as fast as you can gives a fairly good max HR the second time.

  • Steph, go for the sub 4.30. You know you want to!

    Daeve, If Old John is a regulator feature of your training then Rothley is going to be a piece of proverbial to you!

  • Daeve wrote (see)

    Oh yeah - I find after 2 or 3 miles warmup, running up to Old John in Bradgate from the top car park a couple of times as fast as you can gives a fairly good max HR the second time.

    Great thinking in two or three weeks you might spot me there on a Sunday Morning. image

  • Glad to see you planning the next assault Steph image how are the legs now?

  •  Bloody achy image

  • oops, silly question reallyimage and the hair? kept the pink off your face?

  • It ran quite a bit before the end especially as I was pouring water over it for all i was worth at each water station.  One or two runners had mini heart attacks thinking i was bleeding until they realised it was the hair dye running.

    Running a marathon with peope no wearing headphones is a really sociable event.  You strke up lots of 20 second conversations with people image

    Everyone just wants to help each other, it's not a race again each other it's a race with you all against the distance. I love the cameraderie when you are out there.

  • lol at the mini heart attacks though can see why peeps would be worried. Sounds like it was a great atmosphere and agree (unless your elite) your just running against your watch image

  • 4:29:00 doesn't sound much quicker, only 6:20 per km which is a lot of 31m 5km runs.. Sounds easy!!


    but then I looked at my marathon splits and I think I only had 2, or 3 km splits that were under 6:20 and I need them all down there. On Monday I had two 1km splits over 8 minutes. Oops!! 

  • You seem to be a determined Lass Steph so (a lot of) hard work might see you through? guess it depends on when you plan to run your next Marathon?

    And wouldn't worry about the 8 min k's as your still recovering and in fact a few more of them over the next couple of weeks might even be beneficial to recovery?

  • If you concentrate on speeding up for a couple of months I think you'll be surprised (some hard tempo/threshold runs though will be needed) how much you can improve.

  • Cheers everyone.

    It looks like i might need to get in a more serious frame of mind to start getting down to the sort of times that i really want.  A few runs up 'old john' will make a difference i hope image

    Ohhh... just sorted out an annoyance from my Marathon on Monday.  A toe was aching on my left foot just felt tingly and weird.  So i tried to chop the toe nail down and found out that there was a blood blister under the toe nail once i'd cut it back a bit and relieved the pressure it poured out some gunk, and now feels great image

  • ouch Steph! but one blood blister from an entire Marathon isn't too badimage

    Am gonna bore you now with a way you (may) be able to chop 20 mins of your Marathon time without trying!

    Firstly I just got a footpod to measure Cadence so may be boring you guys in the coming monthsimage

    'They'  say that 180 steps/minute is the ideal running number (so a cadence of 90) Using my initial cadence average of 83 and a (made up) stride length of 2' 6" we get the following...

    Improve Cadence from 83 to 90 with no change in stride length...
    That's 14 extra steps or 35 feet per minute
    2100 feet per hour or 9450 feet in 4:30
    Almost 1.8 of a mile so saving approx 20 mins

    Easier said than done of course but made me think image




  • I've read about the 180 step thingy... 


    So do I just buy the cadence sensor for my garmin and then just run and it will tell me how many steps I do per min and it's up to me to learn to increase them?


    i like scientific ish... Ideasimage


    EDIT: now... If that shaved off 20 minutes, and then I also do the hill / speed work you start looking at 4h.... How greedy am i!!

  • Nah - it's easy.  looking at your watch you can pace 1,2,3..1,2,3..1,2,3.. every second.  After a while you get used to it (it'll likely be faster than you were used to unless you happened naturally to have that cadence).

    You can buy the footpod if you want - I've seen them for around £33 on Amazon (though higher now).  I fancy it to see how my cadence drops off in longer runs - when I notice it I step it up and my pace goes back up to where I should be very easily.

  • Basically yes, mine didn't pair at first (until I removed and replaced) the battery and you can get all the cadence iinfo on your watch (current, ave, aveg lap etc) and a nice new column appears in garmin.connect and training centre - worth a go I think and have been trying to get 3 steps per inhale and 3 out at well - takes my mind off running lol

    Not cheap (£40-50) but saw in the gear thread someone just ordered on Ebay for £25. Now, if you want it on your Bikilas as well you may have to play with some velcro or did you get the laces version?

  • Velcro image

  • Well then, you'd probably need to put a bit of velcro on the bottom of the pod, stick it on the shoe then pull the velcro strap over it. If i like mine I may get another to save phaffing around each time I change shoeimage

  • nightmare.... i have expensive habits... my bike will be ready either friday or next monday / tuesday.  I want a cadence sensor for that, the foot pod... hehe image have to wait for payday... Mind you i'm doing a couple of days overtime this month...... which is extra money that is just for me, as i'm earning it the hardway it's just pure play money for me to blow however i want.... I think i might have a few ideas now image

  • oh yes, you need the bike sensor as wellimage I've got a cheap spinner and fitting it was a nightmare as I wanted the cadence on my watch not just on the bikeimage (that turned out to be an expensive clothes horse lol).

  • aha! scrap what I said about the bikilas the pod 'seems' to fit nicely as is image

  • Hehe cycle to work only going to pay £440 for £900 plus bits of bike kit from halfordsimage

    see you, I'm going to bed now amazed how I'm still tired. Took a  lot out of me but was worth it image feels so good saying to myself I'm a sub 5h marathon runner image

  • yup, am actually surprised how upbeat you have been this week - all that training must have helped your recovery image So, when will you be calling yourself a sub 4:30 Marathoner then?

  • 13th October is the next i'm signed up for...

  • Excellent, I've the GNR on the 15th and Berlin on the 29th Sept - come join the P&D autumn training thread (joke!)... unless you want to? image

  • Plenty of time for more serious training then Steph image  Day four of my Loch Ness training complete just 122 to goimage Strangely my target time is a second/mile more than your last time!

    sounds great Daeve image I stuck my head into the P&D autumn training thread, they seemed a jovial bunchimage Am sticking to my Hal Higdon/Hadd morph image

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