From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Go andi... Go andi.image

    So your target time is around 4:56:39 ?image cool

    i read that the McMillan training calculator is way out on predicting marathon times, but interestingly afterwards I put in the actual time I went through half way. Around 2:20:30 and it predicted a finish time within a minute of my actual time. 

    I think my overall endurance isn't bad as in the heat a lot of people aiming for around or even below sub 4h seemed to take 4:30ish so my vague below 5h target was exactly what I wanted.

    with my.asics Plans the first predicted 5:36 and I did 5:30 second 5:09 and I got 4:56 so playing with it now it reckons I could do 4:36 next time ... I might just go with that as it's worked the last two times and just try to quite often throw in a Saturday morning park run as some speed work. 




  • txs Stephimage I actually used Macmillan backwards - picked a sub 5 hour time and now trying to match the shorter distances to that. 1k & 1m times are actually faster than he says but still slow on the 5, 10ks and never run 13.1 miles (even in training). 

    So unike you my endurance needs building up a lot over the next 20 weeks but plenty of time to be able to run 11:16 (I think).

    Yup, would be cool to get down to 4:30 so quickly and think these big reductions may become smaller ones as you near your natural peak?

  • I thought i was past my natural peak... image been fun finding out where it actually is.

    My fastest 5k in training according to garmin was 29.34 all on tarmac, and that was Feb / March, after that I tried to stop doing speed work concentrating on endurance. I'm going to try doing some Park Runs in late may / june to see what time i can actually do.


  • Am pretty sure all your endurance work will naturally improve your speed though am equally sure you'll need to do a fair bit of it to hit 4:30image Running a fast PR once a month will help am sure.

    My best 5k was my first race (only did 2) and that was about 3 years ago in 28:52. I've only been under 30 mins twice in training since but it's on my todo list image

  • Ok.... My long rest didn't quite go to plan.


    100 hours after the marathon I just did 5 miles / 8km in 51:25. That wasn't to bad, a bit sweaty but could have gone quicker if I had to image

    looking into P&D don't think I have the dedication for that mileage... Want to but think I might stick with the bones of a plan from and just add some extra DIY speed work. ... We shall see. got to work the next two weekends, so will do some random runs in the next week and sort out a plan to maybe begin the week after next.



  • That seems pretty quick for someone in recovery Steph! Does P&D start around 55m/w? And yes my.asics seems to have worked well for you so makes sense to stick with what you know image

  • 6:21 per km should just about be a 4:30 mara if I could keep it up.  I know I can do 10k in less, now so i guess it's endurance that i need.  So bring it on. After a lazy two weeks off image

  • Am routing for you Steph! and will think of your commitment during my 5 miler at race pace tomorrow (11:16 min/miles sounds soo slow though) and will probs do a hilly route if the weather is still dreich tomorrow.

  • Apparently i've misunderstood and it's only got a couple of weeks at the maximum distance of the plan which in this case is 55m (I think that's their wimps plan) image So might give it a go... don't know... going to get the book and at least read it.

  • All this even pace stuff is weird because the reality is nothing like that, well not for my races image  I mean I did 2:20:30 for the first half and 2:35.43 so it's not even but in the hot weather it's better to get a little ahead image

    I think you are going to have a wonderful first marathon image What one is it again? Is it the loch ness one?

  • Yup, Loch Ness and a net decline though being in the Highlands it's not flat! I read that there are 3 'hard' hills, the third being 2 miles long at about mile 19 so that will be a killer. Searched Garmin Connect but not found a course with details. 

    I know what you mean about the getting ahead however, although I've never run that far I do wonder if an even split would get you round in the same time? or, dare I say it stick to MP then if your feeling ok go for a negative split?

  • Andi: Going for the negative split does seem to be the 'ultimate' way to do it.  But I don't know how many achieve that in their first marathon?Mind you, you are doing it properly image

    It's two weeks before my 2nd leicester marathon but i've been really tempted to do this. It looks a lot of fun.  I'm on the email list so got my email about it today.


  • ooops, forgot you had that was well, so, tapering for that alreadyimage Got a target time for this or just beating last year?

    Just worked out your 1st 2nd half splits, 10:41mm  &  11:50mm so maybe you did go out too fast though not so fast you blew up? Am in danger of over analyzing things and just need to buckle down and train hard but wisely.


  • Yeah struggled between 27-33km was better after that image

    but in the heat I was happy, others with a lot quicker plan seemed to struggle. So I was quite content. 

    I had two 8m plus splits. So need to improve on my stamina.

    hoping to do 4:29 for itimage


  • I run in Km's for pacing rather than miles but I guess I need 10:15 per mile.

    I really need to get my 10k below 60m as that would really give me a confidence boost.

  • Yes, that will be a big boost! Macmillan (love or hate him) reckons 57:33 for a 10k if your Marathon is 4:30image

    I'm on the 10k in under 60 minutes thread and lots have done it but I'm still a long way off image

  • Macmillan was spot on with my half to full time.

  • Yup saw that though not sure he'd have come up with the same splits as youimage Either way am in awe of someone with 2 marathons under their belt - am well impressed image

    I'm just a wannabee Marathonerimage


  • The key to running a marathon is self control also known as being bloody stubbornimage

  • Oooh. I've just signed up for Milton Keynes again in 2014 (3 weeks I think after London). So my last LSR will be the VLMimage

    TLA heaven

  • booktrunk wrote (see)

    I run in Km's for pacing rather than miles but I guess I need 10:15 per mile.


    Well there's your problem! There are a lot more Km's in a marathon than miles.. I always think 42 is more of a psychological wall than 26!image


    Sucker for punishment eh?  I admire your marathon tenacity, not sure I'd fancy one 3 weeks after London - but then you've done the training by then so why waste it?

  • So booktrunk - did you get your bike yet?  What model is it?  I'm getting my OH a new one next month but torn between getting her a specific geometry woman's road bike or just a small man's (though doubt the frames go down that small - at least no online stores seem to for men's or "unisex bikes).  I've to spend next week convincing her that drop bars are far better than straight due to the numerous hand positions.

    After Eyam I think I'll switch my tyres back to roadies (cyclocross bike) and get out more - I've never really used it bar on holidays or the occasional weekend away - pity really as it has a half decent 105 set on it so deserves more use.

    Reading back about McMillan - it's surprisingly accurate for me from my half time (no more than 20 seconds out all the way down to my mile time where it is 10 seconds too long) - only for my marathon time is it miles off but that's me and not enough endurance training.

  • Chris boardman fi mountain bike. If she's tall then not sure if much difference but being short 5ft 3 bars are a bit closer and the crank is shorter.


    Decided to get the mountain bike then when paid off can get another bike on scheme going for a road bike then. But fancy a bit more fun, with my first oneimage

  • Yeah 5'2"-3" so maybe best not to go with a man's bike.  Just been reading DCRainmakers blog again and almost inspired to look at Tri's next year...

  • Yup, that DCRainmaker guy's got a lot to answer for!

    Steph, you'll be into marathon double figures in a couple of yeas at this rateimage

    Ok, bad lad here missed his LSR today (1st week of training too). I'm guessing if I do it tomorrow then the extra mileage on the week wouldn't be that bad considering today became a rest day?

  • No run today... Days overtime went a little wrong, left pre 7am just got in a couple of minutes ago ;( bloody computers image

  • Cannot decide... Thinking of maybe going wild and getting my arse out of bed to do my first park run this Saturday. But, then again it's my only day off in about 12 days. (Busy, is good I guess).

  • Sorry about yesterdays run Steph image And when I was near a Park Run I never once made it! Doing one should help your speed work so I vote 'get out of bed and run'image

  • Go for it! Have only done 3 park runs, but enjoyed them all, hoping to start again this weekend.  I'm just back into training again after a couple of weeks off. taking it steady as just had X-ray to make sure foot problems are not stress fracture and if so, will try the route of cortisone injection.

    Anyway, I'm impressed by all the pacing/ tech talk! And it's great to hear how it's all helping.

    Daeve, I'm only 5'4" and my bike frame is a 51cm which suits me fine. I did start off with a Boardman hybrid that was female specific (small frame) and that was an excellent start, got me into enjoying cycling, but prefer road bikes now.

    Steph,  thumbs up for VLM 2014 being your last LSR before MK! I'm not worried about it as assume won't get through the ballot anyway!

    and who is this DCRainmaker? Will be checking that out!

  • Hmm 51cm for 5'4"... I ride a 54cm frame and I'd rather go a bit lower (5'11")!  I guess that means the frame size varies massively between manufacturers (mine's a Kona)?

    DCRainmaker has a great blog - he's a triathlete/ironman/blogger and reviewer of all related kit - the best reviews by far on the net of GPS devices.

    I hope the foot is ok and you can get back to it!

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