From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Jen, am pretty sure a Tri next year would be odds onimage I think your methosd of 'do what you fancy' doing can be both relaxing and rewarding at times - I'm a slave to my schedule and garmin to keep me going but off for a nice and slow 13 miler tomorrow and just aimg to a. get round and b. keep my WHR as close to 70% as possible image

    oh, am sure I'll go the extra .1 miles of courseimage

  • PMSL

    behave image lets see how I do after this. I might be a little less keen after the 22nd of Sept.

  • lol Steph but makes the 'book' more interestingimage am pretty sure if it goes well you'll be looking for more and if it doesn't go so well you'll be repeating it next yearimage



  • I left my garmin at home today!! I'll start trying to run reasonably hard..... I might just give up and jog as it's bloody hot. Or, just keep going hard and seeing how it goes image

    all your fault if it's hopeless as a result of not having a clue how quick I'm going image

    wish me luck!!

  • Hope you had a good run Steph, I'd do the reverse if I left my garmin and go very steady cos I'd have no record of just how slow I'd gone!

  • bloody hard work.. Very steep in placesimage a hill called cardiac hillimage

    i think I broke 82m which if it's right is great as it's 13.6km 

    I hurt fell over half way around grazed my left arm and both knees.... Ouch , but I'll survive some nice person helped me up image


  • Ouch! Beer for your knees ( drink, not topical!)  but good to hear things going well- as for me, never mind the plantar, but also lost toenail on left foot ( opposite of right foot plantar following huger blood blister!  And lost as in removed with pliers as opposed to mislaid!) Altogether now, best foot forward! ohh, pooh!

  • OUCH!!!!!

  • ah, we sound like an injured bunch image Never made it out for my LSR today in fact I struggled getting dressed so lets hope my shoulder is better tomorrow.

  • Unlucky you two!  Hope you recover quickly.  I made it out for mine eventually late this afternoon - 15.5 miles but slow in the heat as I ran without a drink - feeling absolutely drained even after a chinese takeaway and 2 cans of coke (diet on hold until I get on top of the endurance!) - here's hoping the training gets a bit easier.  On the plus side my first 50+ (50.94!) mile week is finished as is week 1 of 18 for P&D.

    On another note - if you haven't read the book "Wool" by Hugh Howey (best read *without* spoilers) - then I highly recommend it.  Read it over the weekend and couldn't put it down.

    Steph I did reply earlier but for some reason it didn't post - well done on the 8.5 miler - getting close to your marathon pace for 4 hours (and your sub 2 at the next half)!

  • Cheers Daeve 

    as I'm with a friend at the half will be going the speed of slowest would love sub 2:10 but could be anything so LSRimage

    just realised in my timed runs they have all been pb's hehe 5 out of 5image

  • Well done on the 50+ week daeve, am very impressed image  slow for you maybe but if I had ever run that far that time would have been a PB for me! I've still not got up to 30 image

    As always, well done Steph!


  • Nice little 12km cross country bike ride after work tonight.

    love my new bike image

  • what's the betting you have your eye on a sportif by the end of the year.....

  • Some colleagues at work do one side of Scotland to the other and back or all around Wales or similar annually for charity.image might have to ask if I can tag along ...image nahhh I like running, cycling is just a way of staying / getting fitter without any extra strain on my iffy knee.

  • So with my sub 4:30 target in mind i've been looking last night at marathon results, and it does seem that I need to do the first half at 6 minutes per km to do this around 2:06 / 2:07 seems to be the point where a lot of people who get just below 4:30 appear to go through the half way mark.  So it does seem to be a sensible target to aim for. It's also a pretty easy one to work out image

    I know that for 8.5m (13.6km) I can do that speed on a course that is a lot steeper then Leicester. So i'm full of optimism...

    I've got no holidays planned i usually just take odd days off throughout the year, so i've treated myself and just booked the week after the LadyBower 50 Ultra off work on the 23rd - Sept onwards.  So i'll have a week to be bone idle and relax / recover from that.

  • I know there is a lot of talk that mcmillan isn't that accurate... but this seems to match about what i'm hoping for. It thinks it's a doddle based on my 5k time image




  • It's probably not too far off for you as you have and will have trained for the distance (endurance) rather than just basing it on your shorter distances.  I think McMillan is spot on as long as you are trained for the distance - mine are within seconds of my PBs at each distance predicting the next.

    Remember you've still some time to train/improve - I'm sure your 5K time will come down a lot over the next 3 months.  Sub 25 I reckon for sure!

  • 8k in 47:56 

    plus 2.5k dog walk after to cool down image

  • Age Grading.

    Back to this again.  I keep thinking about this as it shows how i'm not training enough, and I accept that.  It just goes to show i'm still a lazy cow image when it comes to running.  I do some but nowhere near the amout some on this forum run.

    Anyway the reason for this thought is looking at around the 60% mark which seems to be a decent level.. I never thought that I would be at this sort of level of running, and i'm still only 14 months into running and maybe i need to just accept some of these things will get closer if I keep it up for a few more years!! eeek... Anyway.

    Around 60-61% for a 42 year old gives you these targets.

    25 min 5K

    52 min 10K

    4 hour marathon

    So i'm around 5% over for 5k.

    No official 10k time set, but say i managed to run one in say 59:30 that would be around 15% over for 10k.

    Current marathon time sets me around 23% over.  So it's clear that i'm not putting in the distance / endurance training my next target for a marathon would still be around 12% over the target.  So I guess I need to work hard between now and April (2 marathons time i hope).

    I don't know what others think, is it daft to look at this as a reasonable target to achieve to get to 60% for all three and try to stay there as you get older.  So you are maintaining your fitness levels.

    The easy answer of course is to say settle for 50% Age Grading or 55%, but I think 60% is something i should strive for.

    55% :-

    5K = 27 min 30 s. (I'm ahead of this already)

    10k = 57 min

    marathon = 4 hours 23 m (13% behind this)

    Sorry it's just my insane thoughs on where i should be aiming for.  The thing is what sort of length of time should i be looking at getting to these targets.  I guess May 2014 would be 2 years since I started running.  Be interesting to see how close I am to them then, if injury and life don't get in the way.

  • Oh...

    Last nights 8km included an expriment I'm not really sure what it proved. But, it was interesting to do.

    I started out at 6:09 : 6:06: 5:55 then 5:40 so I was just under the 6m per km pace 10 seconds (loads under, yes that was sarcasm).

    Anyway for the last 4 km I WALKED, yes I repeat I walked for 1 minute at the beginning of each KM.  I'd been reading about it for the ultra in september, so I was just playing around but after i heard the beep marking the beginning of a km on my watch i looked at the time and then walked for about a minute, and then ran the rest of the km, trying to keep at the 6min km pace.

    I think it was actully harder to do this way then just run it, as i ended up running harder, and to be honest i felt very knackered at the end.  Now I can imagine if i'm giving myself 7 min per km, having the walk at the beginning would have been better, but it was an interesting experiment, also made me do some hard running, so just something to take into account I might try it again on the odd long slow run, where i'm setting a easier target 6:30 or so per km.

  • I don't think 60% is out of reach if you work up to it - you're still a beginner effectively and probably still able to make large gains for decent amounts of training (and your weekly mileage is fairly low).

    I have to laugh - I keep thinking, "Wow booktrunk has improved massively" when I read your split times as I work in good old Imperial! image  I do this almost every time.

    I need to hit a 1:40:00 HM to get into the 60% - 5 minutes off my PB... I think I could just about do it given a flat HM and a week or so prep (taper) as my current PB was done at the beginnin gof the season after 4 months of nothing and then 3 weeks of training.

    Hmm... Steph - if you walked a minute (~100m?) then kept to 6 min/km you were effectively running about 0.9km in 5 minutes - 5:33 paced 1K intervals.  Not surprised you felt tired, though you were hitting slightly faster than this for your parkrun weren't you (without walking!)?

  • Yes, just behind the 5k pace image I just need to get quicker for that to work or settle for slower splitsimage I just got it completely wrong. But that's the fun of experimenting. 

    I'm running to hard generally I think. In that I seem to be running everything faster than my marathon pace. Which needs to be about 6:20 per km so 10 mins per mile plus a few seconds. 

    the next six weeks of my plan are speed work, then it's onto endurance so the 12th of July I think is the last time I run 5.xx per km after then it's further runs at around marathon pace. 

    I'm going to try to keep doing parkruns through July image but in August I think I need to start doing long runs both weekend days to try to cope with the ultra in Sept.

    oh and I want to sort my lazy arse out and do a heart rate test. 

  • Probably still worth doing a lactate threshold run in your training (so not all MP or slower)? - that will help your speed.

  • Yes. I'm slowly reading through the p&d book. It's interesting and full of useful ideas. 

    I'm going to adjust my plan as I go, but still use as it's a nice easy site to log the runs, and keep any notes I want, as well as having a calendar that emails me saying get your arse out for a run this evening image

  • I'm noticing a huge benefit from the midweek medium long runs psychologically (and maybe physiologically though it is a bit soon to tell) - it may just be the increased miles at an aerobic pace but my HR has settled right down, around 70% max at 2 hour HM pace.  Overall I'm quite impressed with P&D even only after 10 days of it.

    My suspicion is I just wasn't doing enough miles previously - checking out my Garmin logs, I rarely managed over 17 miles in a week (3 month average, though eventually managed a 33 miles in a week), and even marathon training last year only hit 35 miles once.  I'm surprised my body can take 50 miles+ but so far it seems to be holding out though constantly aching (which is apparently normal for marathon training according to the P&D thread).  I suspect we are all capable of far more than we are prepared to push ourselves usually.

  • Have my official time for the 8.5 mile great midlands fun run. 1:21:08 image 

    if I don't just turn my alarm off I'll try to stagger around a parkrun tomorrow for the third time. Cannot decide if I'll just take it steady or go for it. 

    If I go for it I need to try to start with a very low 5:xx km and hang on just to see how it goes.

  • 9 miles fairly quick (too quick!) tonight in the sun.. 8:46 min/mile pace with some walking to bring it down so I don't screw my stats up.

    Debating a Parkrun tomorrow morning - legs are aching but I've done no faster work really for a few weeks and I figure a 3 mile race instead of 5 miles recovery run won't do too much damage.  It depends whether I can get out of bed.  What's Conkers like Steph?  Worth the 15 min longer drive there?  I don't fancy Braunstone (used to live next to it, and put up with so much ASBO worth behaviour -  so glad I moved away) though it is closer.  Never done one before - what's the drill (registered but need to print new barcode)?

  • Print your barcode off. Or create a new account if you cannot remember your login details. Turn up at 8:50ish for a Lille pep talk then queue up and run. 

    get a little barcode when you cross the line, follow the crowd then they scan your personal barcode and the one they gave you saying you were number x. 

    Job done image 

    there is a cafe that seems to open at around 10 maybe before if you want a coffee n bacon sarnie. 

    The results are published around 7 or so that evening. It's not steep but has a hhill part way around which is fun and very slightly uphill at the end.

    The turnout is impressive. Over 250 each week for the two weeks that I went.  I'm hoping to be there tomorrow morningimage

  • Ta - Hmm, I'll set my alarm then and aim to get there about 8.30 for a lttle warm up - Sounds good if only for the bacon sarnie!

    I just fancy seeing if I can run even splits in a race after the slow miles I've been doing.  Maybe aiming for around 24 minutes ish might be doable.  Rothley 10K next week (not trained for 5 or 10K distances!).

    How long does it take to cross the line - ~250 sounds like quite a lot, and is there enough parking?

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