From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Hiya Trilla image i'm impressed with your 10k image

    Still plodding along. Got a half this weekend at Stanwick Lakes, running with someone from twitter for her first half so treating it as hopefully a nice gentle training run image

    Done a few (3) parkruns now and am enjoying them.  Got my first ultra 50m in September, plodding along on around 25m a week at the moment.

  • Oh my god 50 miles!!! I am SO NOT THERE yet!! I am impressed!!

    To death...




  • only kidding I am still with you


  • Phew!! image I'm thinking of a very slow n steady approach.  I did a slow 8.8km last night which tool 1 hour so i'm thinking of maybe having a go at it like that which was do 3.5km at around 6:30 per km, then walk 500m taking it upto 4 km, then repeating image Managed 8.8k if I can keep that up for the first 5 hours, which I think I can do by then will get 44km out of the way in 5 hours/5.5 hours leaving 37.5km to go in the last 8-8.5 hours image that's the provisional plan.... I just need to try to put it into practise in some longer test runs.


  • Hi Trilla and great time image

    Lol Steph, I don't call 8.8kph that slow. Think you have the right idea re jog/walk and did read that your best doing it from the off rather than waiting till your drained.

    7 miles today @10:55/m, basically 3 miles up (210 metres) a flatish mile then 3 miles back down again. Am sure it's a good workout as it wears me out at the top and as I'm HADDing still I then have to reign myself in for the decline to keep my HRR in check.

  • Parkrun.

    27:30 I think. So a hard...ish but steady run, phew!!! well got upto 25 miles this week.

    Starting next week with a half marathon tomorrow. Lets see if it becomes a long sslow run, or a race.

  • It's a good LT workout!  Good luck tomorrow, I've been bad this week and only managed 2x10k so far (1st one a race though, so needed recovery!) - really need to get out for a LSR tomorrow.

  • Hi Andi, thank you! image

    Well done on your parkrun Steph, I am stopping Parkruns for June and July as I want to save energy for the long Sunday run but today I am so full of energy I was doing starjumps while cleaning the kitchen image

  • Well done Steph and see how far you have come? did you ever imagine you'd class a 27:30 as 'steady'?Good luck for tomorrow - am looking forward too reading the review and any die problemsimage

    Daeve, nought wrong with having some recovery time after a race image

    MP Trilla image Sadly I can't get the enthusiasm to do star jumps when cleaning the kitchen.

    I did my weekend runs a day early this week so 7 miles @MP Friday and a 10 mile LSR today. I was supposed to be out shooting Sea Eagles tomorrow (photographically speaking) but that has been postponed so may do a cheeky 5 miler instead which would get me to 37 miles for the week (a new record for me).

  • May I share my happiness with you guys?

    My training run today was:


    undulating course

    4 hours 35 minutes 19 seconds

    No race officials, no isotonic drinks, no medal at the end.


    Just me, my garmin, the rod and the sky.

    A mug of tea before I started (at 5.30 am!) and a small bottle of water at km 30.











  • "the rod" should have read the ROAD...

    I do not need a rod to run... yet ...

  • Impressive, not up to that yet by a long shot this year.  Heading out in a few minutes for ~26K and not looking forward to it at all for some reason today.

  • Well done Trilla that is bloody awesome image

    I'm so impressed with that.

    i got my friend around her first half today, we started out great but her bad thigh started playing up after 10km. So the second half was just about  getting her around. We got her over the line which was fun image

    it took around 2:41 but my heart rate was only in the 120s so it was a really nice gentle run, still got another 21km under my belt. 

  • What pleased me most about today, is that it helpded me to realise how far i'd come in the last 14 months of training.

    Very happy with the fact that it was a cruise... Seriously my heart rate spent most of the time in the 120s and it was over 1/4 of the ultra and there was not that much effort involved at all.  So I am rather happy.  I feel I can keep going for a lot longer.  I need to find in the next couple of months.

  • Good going, the time is irrelevant isn't it? Good miles under your belt (at a more ultra appropriate speed) and a good day out.

    Just got back from 15 miles, 2:08 - probably way too fast but I wanted to get home as it was starting to get sunny again.  Absolutely knackered.

  • Daeve cheers, and wow impressive 15m in 2:08 image good idea getting out of the heat.... not sure if running quicker is an ideal solution... Buy a buff image


  • Flippin heck Daeve, 15 miles in 2.08! If I were to have these times i would tattoo them on my forehead image


    Good going Steph - do you find any mental barriers hinders your long runs? I am speaking for myself here - I find that for me today the biggest problem was that between miles 8 and 13 my mind really played up and kms seemed to go really slowly. After 30km, even if my body was tired, i did not care, I *knew* by then I could do it and could not stop smiling.

  • Meh - I'm practically an albino with XP when it comes to the sun.. I'd need a lead lined one!  The only option is hibernate until there's a cloud or sprint for it - last weekend I ended up pretty badly burned after a totally overcast sky opened with an hour to go on the only day I forget to put on my sunscreen before the LSR image

  • Psychology is a huge part I think, last weekend I managed 16 miles but had 16 walk breaks!  Today I had just the one as I stopped to buy a can of coke in the coop at 10 miles (paused my watch) for some unknown reason it felt easier today.

  • Trillia: mentally not sure... I do i guess struggle when i'm up at about 16-20 not sure if that's a bit the wall as much as anything else.  I quite enjoy being out there on my own.  I can turn off from work and life etc.... and just relax. So almost it's more of a blessing for me image

    Daeve: I know what you mean I had never had a suntan untll I started running.  I just decided to let myself go crispy, and it's now turned into a tan.

  • Hey Steph, well done  today and was really nice to hear your priority was to get your mate round- not only that but your time was respectable enough too!

    Hi Trilla,  training run and how you felt about it suggests ultra is really not too far off, even if thats not what your aiming for , think your mind set and attitude suggest you might like to think of pushing it a bit! well done , fabulous run! 

    Bit of an injury has left me not doing the distances  I used to enjoy about a  year ago, but used to do 15/ 17 miles on a long Sunday run with no gels / water and know that gave me a good base. do love my iPod, not just to get me "through it/ take my mind off it" but genuinely cos I just love to listen to what I love. Have recently rekindled my love of road cycling and that is rather too quickly becoming all too consuming! Really fancy Notts 50 mile next weekend! If cortisone injection for plantar  settles  down i'll be there!

    Daeve. um, 15 in 2.08. That's not too bad. At all!



  • Trilla, am seriously impressed that do did a Marathon in training!

    Steph, great time considering your HR! have you ever looked at HADD? I've decided to stick with it and just looseley follow my Marathon Plan.

    Daeve, super time for 15 miles, McMillan suggests that works out to a 3:52 Marathon.

    I was impressed with my 32 miles this week (first time I've got to 30 miles in a week) then I read all your results this week and it brought back to earthimage

  • How depressing... considering how I feel now, that I'd only have 8 minutes leeway image

    No way I could have sustained for the full distance at the moment, glad there's 14 more weeks of training to go!

    Andi - congrats on your first 30 mile week - it's a milestone that's nice to break.  HADDing seems to be working great for you.

  • Daeve, didn't mean to depress youimage and as you say, you have 14 weeks training to go and am sure you'll end up with more than 8 minutes leewayimage

    Yup, I like HADDing, and hope to build on the 30 miles/week running to my HRR rather than time.

  • Morning all!

    On suntan... I have the 'dark gene' as you can see in the picture, I think it comes with the passport (I am from Italee!).

    Andi, well done for the 30-mile week! As Daeve says, nice milestone to break! I am doing about 30-37 pw at the moment working my way SLOWLY towards the 40-45. Basically by doing longer runs rather than adding days. I think 4 days a week is the max my body will take at the moment. I have just upped from 3 runs a week to 4.

    Jen: thank you! Ultra is exactly where I would like to go! Are you/were you an ultrarunner? And YES to ipod as well. I love it! image

    I received the instruction for my 30-miler today! I cannot believe that!! Not only I have to run 31 miles (50 km) but I also have to find my way round?? I have got ZERO sense of direction and am unable to follow instructions. The direction problem scares me more than the distance. Why on flipping Earth did I choose to do this? Honestly, the word TOTAL DUMBASS do come to mind.


    Did 45 minutes recovery run this am, a slow shuffle. I can feel I am tired from yesterday but do not ache and the old body has taken it well, I think!

    1. Well done Trilla! not sure I'll ever get to 45 pw but will have a go. Kudos to both yourself and Steph for (literraly) going the extra mile! And well done on the 45 mins recovery run (most of my runs could be classed as shuffles lol. Dark Gene? I thought people from Italee had Olive skin?

    I enjoy the smaller goals so will work up to it slowly image Last weeks mileage had an incline of 2960 feet so my next target is to have a weeks runs equal the height of Ben More, my local Munro and one of only 2 on the Western Isles, So 3169 feet is my next goal and thinking 35 miles should just about do it image

  • Ouch, ouch, ouch!!

    ling work day, dashed in got changed... Ran out the door 400m later fell over along the canal and fell/rolled into a load of stingernettles. Bloody sore now! 

    Grazed my left leg, and limped home feeling sorry for myself, bit of a failure... My left hand arm and left hand side of my body are all stingy from the nettles!

    Silly me!!


  • oh dear Booktrunk! hope things heel up swiftly image

  • Oww - been there, while the nettles doesn't really do you any harm they saps the will to carry on running.  I hope the graze isn't too bad!

    On the plus side, you went further than I did tonight!

  • imageimageimage I'll survive

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