From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • I love these forumsimage

    over on the training forum something has highlighted a problem I'm having I guess it's partially a curse of training alone. 

     I'm getting a bit lazy in the fact my slow runs are getting a bit quick, and my fast runs getting a bit slow. I'm almost meeting in the middle. Which I think means I would slightly miss the point off the sessions. So I need to concentrate a bit harder, to ensure I actually work harder to run quicker on my shorter 8km runs and slow my weekend work.

    it's almost a side effect of park runs. Because I'm putting the effort in there I've got a bit lazy about my other timings I guess. 

  • Oh wow!!

    ok, so after telling myself off ... I decided that I could do 8km I under 6m per km.  so I set off reasonably quickly at sub 6m per km.

    15.5m on Sunday, so reasonably tired, anyway managed first 5km in 29:30ish if not 29:15 thought then of the dreamland of a sub 60m 10k with my PB at 61:50.. Anyway... I thought can I slow down not to burn out, so I tried a steady next km, and managed 6m for that. I then managed to get to my 8km target and started walking.. Was about to stop garmin when I realised I still had nearly 13m left... Hang on... If I could just keep going I might be able to do it!!

    so after walking 15 seconds to try to recover I got my arse in gear and kept running! It was hard but I still felt in a lot of control. 

    I SMASHED IT!!!!! 58:46 not even 59m but 58:xx from 61.50 to 58:46 bloody awesome.

    to those that say why do long slow runs.... That's why I did a half marathon then 15.5m the weekend after, I just have more stamina and can keep going, I can have a small blow every couple of km for two or three deep breaths and then just kept going.

    i feel so good. Seriously a sub 60 min 10k was a dream 

  • So I just cannot express how happy I am tonight. Added a second by mistake to the garmin as I hit lap at the end instead of reset !! But the splits for the 10k are:-

    5:53 5:50 5:44 5:54 5:52 6:00 5:51 5:48 6:04 5:42

    the 9th km 6:04 was my lazy one when I walked for 15-20 seconds at the beginning as I'd stopped at my 8km target.

    i'm a sub 59m 10k runner whopeeeeeeeee!!!!!


    I'm right with you and how LSR's can help and boy did yours help you - am well impressed and next time I have a go I'll make sure to run that extra .0137 miles that I seem to forgetimage

    Nice steady splits as well - something I just can't seem to manage.

    Not wanting to challenge you (of course) but reckon in a race that could easily come down to 55image*!!!

  • thanks Andi.

    i realised that when I ran the great midlands 8.5m 13.6km that was under 6m per km so I had to be able to do it to get a 10k so just committed. Also I've sort of found a way to get my breath back with 3 or 4 more relaxed strides and keep the speed up. 

    I reckon now that I can if I really have to do 10 miles (16km) at 6 min per km which is feeling good. 

    now I've got that sub 60 thing off my shoulder I need to try to concentrate on distances. Knowing I've got a little but of speed if I need it image

    now just got to build up to my 81/82km ultraimage less than 3 months away. Then 3 weeks later going for my sub 4:30 marathon 

  • Oh McMillan calculates a 4:35 marathon based on that 10k time. Getting close to my 4:30 

    the theory is if I can survive 82km then should make 42k feel easier image

  • lol yes, after 82km everything else will feel like a walk in the park for youimage It's a pleasure hearing how your progressing so quickly image

  • Yey, well done!image

  • Nice one! image  I stopped getting email updates so I missed the last day or so on here image

    Horrible 6 miles tonight, just felt terrible, tired.  I did do 20 miles yesterday (13 run, 7 walk) so probably just drained.  I know exactly what you mean about lazy runs - my fast get slow and slow get fast (in order to get home quicker!) as well.

  • I've not had email notifications for months now image

    Sorry about your run Daeve but your probably right thinking it was the 20 miler! As for runs merging into one type I think most people fall into that at some stage but as I'm still not 'officially' doing any type of speedwork most of my runs are similar but still happy plodding alongimage

    That said I did a 5 mile 'recovery' run tonight @ 10:39 min/miles and 67% of HRR that's almost 1 min/mile faster than my average training pace for the month and at a lower HRR %image


  • That's some good HADDing!  I wish I'd spent a year at it...

  • Daeve, I started HADDing in February but wasn't doing the miles, now Marathon Training is well under way my mileage has improved and so have my times image

  • I know it's pretty meaningless but it's fun to do... I got in the top 5000 over 40s hurrah!!



  • Meaningless? I (for one) don't think so! It's a great 'stat' and your right to let us know Steph image

    I wonder when you'll get below 4,000? 

  • hehe don't I should stop doing quick stuff and concentrate on distance... but I have the urge image I think it gets a bit harder from now on but yeah... top 4k seems nicer then top 5k image  You are cruel....

  • Haven't popped in for a while but just wanted to say very well done booktrunk - hope you meet all your targets image

  • lol but, you started itimage 

    Well yes, you need to get going on your distance training but nothing wrong with doing a Parkrun every fortnight?

  • How did you find the Asics plan, booktrunk? It seems to have a lot of rest days, which seems to make sense. I've only just looked at it, I had decided on this,

    before, but it looks a bit daunting. Is the Asics one enough preparation? I put in to run 4 times a week and to finish in 4.55 and it predicted 5.35. For me, a finish would be great, under 5hrs, I'd be over the moon. I done 7 miles the other day, but it took me 1.30 hrs. So, after all that waffling, would you recommend the Asics one? Did you look at Asics, Andi? why did you decide against it? Can't seem to find the right programme.

  • Biggun is it your first marathon?

    If so then I think the asics plans are great.  If you look in detail they are actually quite similar to the ones that you can get on the runners world website.

    If it's giving you a slower predicted time i'd just try to trim all the times, just make a mental note to take off 10 seconds on their timings per km.

    I'm on my third using my asics. I still have it set to only do three runs a week. But i am trying to put a 4th run in each week, and log it on the site.

    On my second marathon it's predicted time was 5:13 and i finished in 4:56 on a very hot day when others were struggling, so if you stick to the plans they work great. 

    The only thing i would say is in the last 6 weeks try to fit an extra long run in, usually they have a cut down week around 4 or 5 weeks from the end, i personally with experience would say keep that sunday (or saturday) as another long run from what i remember the longest runs are 24 / 28 / 32 Personally I htink you need to add another 28+km run into it. instead of one of the weeks where it drops back down to 12 or so km.

    If you want to fit a bit of speed work in and have the time, then i'd suggest fitting in a few parkruns on saturday morings it's great fun challenging yourself when others are around. It helped me chop over 5% off my 10k time in 5 weeks.

  • Cheers. Yes, it's my first. I think I'll go with it and tweak it a bit as you say. I'm sort of starting from a similar place that you did,so if it worked for you, I'll give it a go. Should I lie to it a little bit when I start it so it pushes me a bit more?

  • If you want, it's all down to your confidence and your stamina.  If you are new then i found it was hard enough but if you are ok with the speed then yes... just lie a bit to make it give you slightly more challenging times, experiment with what it gives you when you make up a time for your x distance.

  • Biggun, I remember looking at the Asics one and thing I moved on from it as I wanted to try a schedule with up to six runs (with the idea it would be easier to drop 1-2 than add them). I'm already altering the plan as I'm still HADDing so no speedwork yet and if/when I do it I'll probably still run to HRR.

    I think the most important thing if you do change things around is to make sure you get the mileage and especially the long runs in (switching to a Monday is fine if that works for you). I don't even monitor my pace whilst running now and just get 1/2 mile split times - set my watch to just display current HRR% with alarms when I go over a set %.

    I'm like you and guessed/used training times to set my Target Pace and as we are both first timers I think Goal A should be to finish (like you, my goal B would be sub 5 hours but 26.2 miles is a darn long way as Booktrunk can tell us). Set off on your plan (whichever it is) on Monday and maybe revisit it in 6-8 weeks time? Working on a plan that is too difficult will most likely result in injury and that will lose valuable training time imo. 

  • Humm my plan says 8k but I was trying to stick with one 13m plus run each week.. But it's a little warm outside... Lets see how far I get image

  • Hahaha, mine says 18 miles image  doh!  I should have gone at 5am...

  • 21.1km 2:29:58

    tried to go really slow for most of it, average heart rate for the run only 132 wa realised after 18k if I had a sprint in me could get around 2:30, my last full km I ran in 5:49. Which I was rather pleased with still being able to throw that in after 20k in rather warm conditions.


  • 18 miles!! EEEK how close are you to your marathon? 

  • Just finished 18.22 miles.. Week 5 over of 18.  Down to 15 miles long run next week then 21 the week after.  It was awful today, ended up limping in (not injury, just exhaustion) with a 10:15 min/mile average in 3:07ish, just nothing left in the tank.

  • Yikes!!

    well done on doing it, but really need some rest and relaxation! 

    I was bloody stupid and didn't think about the sun, so now I'm sitting here ouching a lot, because my chest is rather red.

  • Yeah - the main reason I didn't go out earlier was that the sun block was in the other car which wasn't at home.  I did some gardening for about 20 mins and had to come in as it was burning me.  Gentle week this week I think!

  • Hi guys! Some good training there! 35Km for me on Sunday, not pleasant as usual, it was so hot! I started at 6 min/km but did the last five at 6.30/km. the heat really affects me. I had to dog deep on Sunday and proof it was a hard session was that my recovery run yesterday was an absolutely staggered affair at 6.46/km!! But it's in the bank and today I am testing my legs hoping that the rest will transform the effort into a gain! image


    No running until club run tomorrow evening. I hope I'll be recovered by then. 

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