From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • I guess my last reasonable run.

    16.4km / 10.25m in 1:44:30

    hehe Andi you can now predict sub 9h I am still dicking around trying new things when I should have a plan!!

    today I ran 3k walked 300m and repeatedimage felt really fresh at the end. 

  • You'll be fine Steph, sore but fine image

    I will be walking through the drink stations as I'm a messy drinker and in my HM they gave me a good rest even if it was just 20 seconds or so.

    Busy day tomorrow but need to slip in a cheeky 12 miler then nothing in double figures until LN.


  • tis I, Andi image am sick of not getting email notifications or being able to click on latest post and get taken there rather than some random post so trying a new account.

    Will login under the old account if this doesn't work image

  • lol Steph. My plan didn't work, this site is becomming fubar image 

  • Yeah it is very hit and miss for replying. 

  • Loving watching the Great North Run whilst curled up in bed, with my dog acting as a hot water bottle.

    Next Sunday.... Not quite as cozy. I think I need to be up around 5AM  maybe even a but earlier, have a decent breakfast and leave at about 5:35 to get there. Registration is 7-7:30 am. With the start at 8am. Hopefully I'll finish by 7 or 8pm. Hehe not nervous,  not nervous image .... Who am I kidding image

  • Wish I'd watched it curled up in bed!  Managed a pretty decent (I think, for me) 1:38:53 chip time - weather was bad but nowhere near as bad as the forecast.  I felt terrible for about 8 miles of it, stomach pain and couldn't take full breaths.. wore off eventually but about the least pleasant run - had it not been the GNR I'd have quit I think, but every time I slowed people were urging me on - great fun!

    I'm sure next week will be fine Steph - always worse beforehand, and great afterwards image

  • Well done Daeve.

    Sounds like it was bloody hard work!

    I'm going to just plod out 2 x 5 miles this week, so that I will be completely rested and raring to go.

    Drooling as well tonight looking at the new FR620 Garmin, with built in cadance into a new strap, and various other goodies.

    I'm really going stir crazy this week image and it's only Monday evening. It's exciting and I guess andi is going through exactly the same thing.

  • Daeve, I did look out for you but jeez, 45,000 runners! I'll wager you ran more than 13.1 miles with all the weaving you'd have been doing. And a great time to boot - managed to see a replay of Mo yet? 

    Steph, you have done the work and sure, there will be nerves (that's good) and all your hard work will pay off image

    I missed my LSR yesterday due to the weather - all my routes were either flooded (off road) or had mini rivers in the roads and gusts up to 50mph. Set out to do it today but turned round after 2 miles and ran home into 40mph winds and heavy rain. Week 2 of my taper and not progressing as planned image

  • Cheers - not that much weaving, I started pretty near the front about 50 yards behind the club runners for some reason.  I watched the finish - wow - incredible!  Storms eh?  Not ideal running conditions.

    A couple of 5 milers should be fine Steph - it'll leave you fresh but loose enough for the weekend.    The 620 looks good, my 610 is still going but I may look at upgrading as the battery is only about half the charge it used to be and it did last me 3 years, so was good value.  Reading it on dcrainmaker now image

  • yeah tempting isn't it hehe!! But I have a prefectly good 610...

    Oh got  a battery pack to plug my watch into after the first 20 miles to charge for the next 15 miles in a backpack, then wesr it again for last 15 miles.

  • Ohh a white and orange one... That's the colour i want hehehehe

  • Booktrunk I'm totally in awe of what you've achieved and wish you every success on Sunday - I don't always understand the technical aspects of your reports - I'm just a plodder but they always sound amazing xx
  • How long does it take to charge your 610?  Just been reading up and while you can't see the screen at least it continues recording while running - may have to look into a battery pack for it (unless the 620 keeps whispering to me.... must see if I can find someone who wants my 610 in the next couple of months!).  The 10 hour recording and 6 weeks standby of the 620 look quite attractive.

  • Yeah.  My 610 not sure... but I reckon half a tired lap would give it a decent charge to keep it going so if i can just do a full lap without looking at it then that would i guess fully charge it.  That will be 3 - 4 hours.

    I got to big a battery pack but it can charge 4 things at once and it can charge an iphone 5 times, before it needs recharging.

    I'm going to be full of junk take my iphone just start it a couple of minutes before the start and throw it in backpack charging on the charger... this way it's just doing it and then after 20 miles i'll use it for the one lap when my garmin will be in the pack getting charged.

    Re the 610 Mine was struggling to charge it was getting really tempermental. But I got some white spirits and cleaned it's connectors and the connectors on the charging blob, and it's connected first time every time since just needed a decent clean, probably covered in salt n crap from me image

  • Yeah - mine needs a good clean, I should keep it on in the shower I think after each run.

    I'm liking the real time tracking on the new Forerunners - linke to a phone (should use less battery than using the phone's GPS).  It would be really useful to let family/friends know where you are on a race/run for safety and for meeting afterwards.  Ever tried any similar apps on your iphone?

  • Trigger2:

    THANKS image I try to be quite technical but in reality i'm not people like Andi that do HADD and he's going for it even more strictly after his first marathon in 2 weeks, are more technical.  I am more i just love gadgets, and if they help me then hey image the more the merrier.

    I work in IT and so play with techie stuff all the time, so it's just an excuse to keep playing with toysimage

    The one real lesson i've learnt over my running experience is that for me i need a plan, i don't stick to it like glue but I really need the structure and something that says go out running at least 3 days a week. I might change the days but the fact it's there is a thing nagging away at my head, no matter what you are doing i'd always say have a plan.  It just gives focus and drive.  It can just be your planning to run x miles or km yourself in 4 months time but as long as there is a target that is what keeps me going. 

    This might mean i'm a bad runner, as I only run with a goal in mind.  I see others that can just go out and run for the pure pleasure of it, but I struggle to do that i'd end up being bone idle and skipping half my runs. So when it comes to running i'm totally Goal orientated, which is why i'm doing this Ultra, I just got a bit stupid and way to carried away when setting this goal image

    Must not look for something further next year..... Must not think well i've doubled once so.....

  • Daeve: The tracking I take my ipone as well and paid 69p for the garmin app, and then on the odd month i'm doing a lot of long runs or a marathon etc... I pay £2.99 for a months live track (I think it's asbout £23 for the year) you set that up.  say i want this run to be live tracked by x people or on a public website and hey presto.

    That's why occasionally you see on my garmin stats two just about identical runs.  One is on the 610 and one is on the iphone for live tracking image so if i go out really early for a long run when oh is in bed he gets an email saying you can track here... then if he wonders where i am when he gets up can just check.  I like it as well... you never know.... it's quite nice on a really long run when you are actually making up where you are going to have the ability (depending on if there is any signal of course) to have someone know where you are.

  • Comrades for you next year Booktrunk? LOL I think that'd be a nightmare. I'm with you on the plan - I'm useless without one. My next goal is a 10k next month and then Stevenage HM three weeks later. I'm going to struggle with the HM as since getting back from holiday I've only run 5 miles or so as a longest run except for Womens Running 10k week before last. I have a HRM but it's never been out of the box. My Garmin is the 205 I think - tried one of the funkier ones with the bezel but just couldn't get on with it!
  • Hehe.

    Thinking about a 24h timed race around a 10k or 10m course, heck clumber park have a 48 hour one, hehe. But the 24h and trying to get as close to 100m is tempting. 

    or something like the coast to coast 69m rat race thing seems fun. 


    Ok so are we going to say I should be sub 9 hour now.....

    oh I am still going stir crazy in the taper, I feel crap, have cystitis and generally am going stir crazy.

    I did a gentle 8.16k / 5.1m in 52:38 which is about 8:46 if you times it by 10image

    per km...










  • Well done on that Booktrunk. A soggy 3.67 miles for me last night - I'd been aiming for 4 but was just soaked by the end of it image
  • I have to confess to an oopsie!!

    I have a nice petzl RXP2 headtorch, i'm hoping i won't need it but realistically i might for the last 5 miles, and I just realised i've only ever worrn it to wrangle some chickens into their home in the dark. 

    So considering i'm possibly going to be half dead when i use it i really should try it once at least, I think i'm going to do a very short 5km run in it tonight or tomorrow night after dark just to get the feel of it, maybe also go out for a walk with the dog wearing it another night, but I must try it on at least once when running image oops!! Bit of a mistake, oh well image


  • That's it.


    5km in 28:46 way to fast!! Cannot believe I was that quick.  It was my first and only run with headtorch.  Might have a walk in it later in the week.  Lots of light.  Loved it.  Petzl RXP2 worked a treat and only cost £42 online.

    haha I so meant to take at least 35 minutes but I found in the dark everything was slightly compressed and didn't realise just how quick I was going.  Felt good though, just going for a short burst.

    Ohhhh a step closer to getting i the Mag, a photographer is coming to take my pic Monday afternoon.... But once they take a look they will change their minds image

    Mind you I'm not actually sure if i'll be able to stand upright Monday afternoon. hehe image

  • Well remembered about the headligh Steph!

    I know what you mean about running with the headlight and I did a trail run last winter using the red LED's - it was spooky.

    Am sure you'll be fully recovered by Monday Afternoon, you even have time for a lie in lol.

  • Daeve: was looking back through the thread, forgot that you made some posts way back a year ago before my first marathon image Ghod that seems a long time ago now.

  • Andi: yeah i might not get up until say 8:30 am on Monday... mind you i might not be able to sleep eithr dead or hyper image

  • Have I mentioned....


    I AM A LITTLE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know there are bigger challenges out there in life,  people do things a lot more insane then this..

    But, compared to where I was 16 months ago you would physically not recognise me, and i'm sooooooo excited about this.  It's going to screw with my mind.  I love the idea of that. I just hope I win out and my stupid mind gives up and lets me get to the finish line. Whatever happens i'm content that i've done not 100% but pretty darn near to the best I could and whatever happens will happen. 

    Less than 48 hours to go BRING IT ON!!

  • hehe I've gone blond the stress of getting ready for the ultra image




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