From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • watching the Berlin Marathon I have it still on Sky+ image

    maybe I should wear my Adidas outfit the winner did ok in his image I presume the T-shirt makes all the difference!


  • They are insane their 5k splits are about 2:30 per km faster than my park run 5k best and they do that 8.5 times in a row!!!!! BLOODY INSANE

  • Ooops bloke ran out of the crowd to pip him at the line!! Hehe


  • Sorry to hear about the toe booktrunk hope it doesn't hinder you too much xx
  • Cheers trigger so...... Do you get a nice new T shirt next week!!image that must be very cool image

  • Steph, how did the 200g of carbs go down? more than I could stomach!

    Early night for you tonight, check the landing for bits of new furninture/trip obstacles, sleep well and enjoy tomorrows 26.2 miles and imprending PB image

    4 miles in the bikilas for me today with an impromtu stop to slow traffic down as when I went round a bend there were 10 Rally cars queuing to enter a pre stage stop - was an 'open' road and the busiest on Mull so could have been nasty!

  • oooook !!

    ;) will try to get an early night... 1am is early right? image

  • lol and knowing you you'll still be around at 1am snackingimage

    Don't suppose Leicester does live times does it?


  • No do you follow me on facefuck or twitter? I will have garmin live track but will start it half an hour or do early in my phone and just leave it in my pocket.. So time will be out but start of race is 9:15

    Will try to post the link to it on here... If I remember

  • @booktrunk or "Stephanie Gelder"

  • Cheers, don't use either often, does it just appear in your timeline?

  • Yes I think so hyst shows as a Garmin link you just click on it and it shows my little blob going veeeeeeeeeeery slowly 

  • hehe image

    so, you gonna be making FB updates every mile as well?

  • Haha! No I am tempted to say hi on here! 

    But, I'd get told off for not taking the Marathon seriously image 

  • hehe, talking about taking things seriously (and changing the subject a bit) Local guy Callum Duffy was leading the Tunnocks Tour of Mull until he backed into a ditch last night. All repaired but no chance of getting a decent place he did this today ...

  • I'll add you on Chitterimage don't do Facefriend.  Interesting to see a live race update.


    Good luck!

  • See you on the flipside.

    will forget to start app knowing me image x

  • Just realised I can't have dirty trainers .... Will just pop out to tescos get a nice and shiny pair the most bling I'm sure will be the best xxxximage

  • lol, but, that would be plain silly and, why are you still up??

  • I'm not. I'm fast asleep

  • lol, that's ok then image

  • image Must try to sleep.

    night xxx


  • Runners world rule 10

    For a perfect marathon, you should start out at precisely the average pace that you’ll need to hit your target, or even a few seconds per mile slower. The key is not to go out too fast. All of our Team in Training pacers follow this approach. Studies have shown that runners who exceed their marathon pace by as little as two per cent during the first few miles of the marathon (which is very easy to do, and could be only 10 seconds per mile) are the ones who have the greatest drop-off in pace in the last six miles.

    so my idea of blasting it at the start = utter stupidity image good to see I have this all planned out 8 or so hours before the start. 

  • Steph, get yourself to bed and run your own race tomorrow! Not many people can/do run even splits and even less run negative splits.

    Do your own thing tomorrow and enjoy image

  • I will.....


  • Pissing down image


    just passed the 22 mile marker on the way in image

  • Race starts in 32 minutes live track already running don't want to mess around starting it later hehe

  • Looking good - on course for a PB (had to look at the course markers webpage as your garmin tracker is a long way out on distance to calculate your estimated time) - horrible weather for it.

  • Either you're running zig-zag all over the place or your phone is useless at GPSimage  at the 16 miles course marker your tracker read 18 miles!  I'm guessing your Garmin 610 is what you're using though (I hope, or you'll have a lot further to go than you think you do!).  On the off chance you read this while running - keep it up!

  • hehe, this is harder than just waiting, looking at the tracker if you take 30 mins off the time you'll be v close to 4:30 - am routing for you Steph. 

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