From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Nope, nothing newimage 

    right ankle with the dodgy ligament is sore, rest of right leg fine.

    Left leg - developed a knot in the top of my calf ? Just below the knee a week ago, sodding thing really hated when I stopped and started again with the blister. Adrenalin meant it was ok wgen racing, after I stopped took 30 mins to hobble 500m to car. Today I'm really suffering. Meant to drive 140 miles tomorrow, told work I might have to skip it, will have to see what it's like when I get up tomorrowimage

    but apart from those two real aches I'm ok. Bit of doms but not bad.


  • Ohh looks like Leics sorted out their timing issues or most of them anyway and I'm going to have a chip time of 4:36:59 

  • Normal niggles then Steph image I think what helped me is that Muppet here booked digs just a mile from the finish but they were all uphill! (we need to talk about digs?).

    Excellent PB Steph! methinks our race is over before it even starts image

  • I improved from 5:30:22 to 4:56:13 so I think you will have a similar jump. I expect you to just beat me possibly with a 4:25 in April, and I'll come back with a 4:18 in May.

  • I'll worry about digs closer to the timeimage I'll find something, sort yourself out image

  • lol, I'll see your 4:18 and raise it to 4:14 come Septemberimage And don't wait too long for digs, whilst I saw a couple of vacancy notices there won't be much choice.


    eek my timing was a second out image it looks like it's empty in that picture but I think there were another 100 or so behind me image

    Andi. lookIng forward to Sept I reckon you will put in more miles between now and your April marathon then I will berween now and the Wall in June. At least I managed to give you a decent target to aim forimage

  • Ohh legs feeling good today, calf muscle still buggered but rest of me feeling a lot better. 

  • lol, loneliness of the long distance runnerimage

    Good to hear your legs sre feeling good but take care of your calf! And yup, I'm a lazy b&$$er so need plans and targets else I just give up so thanksimage

  • Running is meant to be cheap....

    I'm not very good at this cheap lark!

    This month i've spent over £200 quid on entrace fees for next year EEEEEKK!! and I need a new pair of trainers... Oh and I wanted to try out compression gear for the first time so got some from Aldi as they had their cheap sale that was £30 Then i got a pack for Ladybower that in the end i didn't like and sold on ebay and got half the cost back so that was another £20.... Bloody hell for a cheap sport I have spent £250 oh... and my first sports massage £280....... I was wondering why i'm broke this month. I Now know why image

    My plan to behave, I got a credit card with £250 limit.... so will use that for all my running stuff, so if there is no money left on it cannot buy things image If I pay it all off the can sign up for something big if I want.  Only trouble is I really want a cute Garmin 620, but then it's not got a long enough battery for a long ultra... So it makes no sense buying it image Pout.

  • lol Steph, I know what you mean about running not being cheap! As for the trainers (and their price) I'm thinking once I have transitioned to the Bikilas I may move on to huaraches (xero shoes) as they cost £20 with a 5,000 mile guaranteeimage

    I have a 910xt, it's a bit more money than the 620 but the battery seems to last forever (so much so I have forgotten to charge it). It's advertised as a tri watch but as I don't swim got it for it's waterproofness.






  • just popped over for a quick catch up- usually on cycle chat and bike radar these days!

    wanted to say well done to all on plans/ progress and especially to our OP on you result at Leicester, no doubt a sub 4.15 for MK Given the regular progress!

    running is still off the cards for me, bit of (actually, make that quite a lot) physio and hopefully can start back, Conkers Parkrun becons and I'm tempted to just have a little go seeming as it's only 5k. But then I get sensible and head out on the bike!

    anyway, really pleased to read all going well!

  • Thanks Jen.

    Not been around much for a couple of days.  I have an ear infection, so been laying down a lot just chilling. 

    Feeling a bit better today.  Still struggling with my slightly pulled muscle in my leg and that's annoying as I want to go out for a recovery run now, but it would be silly to risk damadging my leg more, so it's frustrating but trying to behave, In the last 4 weeks i've done a 50m ultra and leics marathon, and this weekend i'm not doing any running at all and the that feels REALLY WEIRD!!

    I'm going spare at the thought of having to cope with being in the house all weekend image

    I'm already looking at what I need to do for The Wall  it's 110km and 245 days away so looking forward to doing that.

    When I can get back running another week or so i guess!! I need to do a heart test to see what I can get my heart rate upto.  So might go and run up a steep hill a couple of times :0

    Thinking i'm not going to be doing loads of miles through the winter, but I need to ensure i try to do at least one hill or speed session each week to help build up my general abilities, as I didnt start until 41 I guess I just don't have much natural speed and if I don't work on it this year then I probably wlll never have any.

    So thinking quite a few park runs and a hill session for as much of the winter as i can should be a bit of a help.

  • Hummmmm building a plan for next year.  Trying to do proper levels of training for my 2 ultras.... and including my three planned marathons and maybe another as a slow training run... Doesn't add up as putting in the training levels at the low end from for example Relentless Forward Progress gives me around 1500 miles from Jan to the Middle of October, and i'm only going to do 900-950 in total this year.... That's rather a steep jump... Me thinks I might have to reduce a lot of those runs by 10% at last to get to a more sensible goal that I can achieve.

  • I've just read through a fair bit of this thread & I'm so impressed!!  I kind of started running in May, did a 5km in July but since then I've fallen off the running waggon.  I've kept going with the gym (although had a month out with holiday then double ear infection image).  I really want to loose about 5stone, and get much fitter.... I'm looking for my next 5km...

  • Jen, don't be doing anything rash until your fully recovered! And enjoy the cycling while your at it image

    Steph, look after yourself! I read that during taper and the weeks post run are the most likely times for you to get an illness. Hope the ear clears up swiftly and watch the ankle even if your climbing the walls after basically stopping running cold turkey. A couple of weeks rest will do you the power of godd image

    Jeez, no wonder you spent £200 on entry fees for next year! Your gonna be busy. 

    I'm on 815 miles for the year so should make 1,000. My rather aggressive Marathon Training plan starts mid November and is about 965 miles (21 week plan). If that goes well I'll tweak it a bit for Loch Ness then start again in May so that's about 1800 miles up to October 2014 - may just start a new thread nearer December "2014 in 2014" and let folks choose kilometres or miles though lots will easily surpass that - there are some nutters on these forumsimage

    Early Christmas present looks like being the Horizon 507 Treaddie so the weather doesn't keep me from running image

  • Hi Sasrunner

    If you want to loose a lot of weight, then good luck, and I know it's darn hard work, but the only way I found to do it was total commitment.  You have to throw yourself into it which is a lot easier said then done.  I did weightwatchers, but it's basically just calorie counting... Between 12-1500 calories a day or 1700-2000 for a bloke, and I don't include fruit in it's natural form in that so if you eat a banana or an apple I know it has calories but they stop you nibbling and are good for you so I don't count them in my daily allowance it's hard but it's the only way, I horrified myself when I was calculation n a couple of websites that my intake must have been around 3,000 calories a day to get upto the weight i was and maintain it. 

    So I don't take it lightly when someone says it's hard.. I know it is, but believe me at the end of it, it's soooo worth it.  But it's no good doing it half hearted throw yourself into it and be brave.  Say for 1 month I am going to be utterly serious about this 24x7 for that one month. Before you start measure yourself around your waist hips arms, thighs, diet properly for 1 month and then look at the scales and also at the tape measure and see the difference, some weeks it's not necessarily dropping weight but you can still lose a lot of inches. 

    But you really do need to commit to a month to start really noticing a difference.  So stick with it and it's amazing what you can do.


  • Andi: Just found out i got £70 more then expected in my salary this month... image Great that is my next pair of trainers paid for image

  • Hi sasrunner, slow typist here so cross posted.

    If your looking for inspiration to lose weight then this thread is the place to be, Steph (booktrunk) has done amazing things since the thread was started and am sure she will help you along the way. But beware, if you slack she'll knock you into shape lol.

    New pair of trainers from your salary? what happened to the CC idea? I guess we are looking at 3-4 pairs a year!


  • Shoe dilemma solved, asics gt2000 so cheap online paid under £53 for a pair, if they work then that is shoes solved cheap...

    could not resist....

    oh and I now have to be strict with diet, as I have just got a rather snazzy dress for two Xmas parties I have to do for work... Full blown skinny Steph in drop dead stunning dress (yeah, believe me I'm not, but the dress is). Could just squeeze in so could do with trying to get below 60kg to have breathing roomimage oh and wish I could magically make my arms skinny (serves my right for being way overweight for 20 years). 

    can't tell no running with pulled muscle is driving me mad can youimage

  • booktrunk wrote (see)

    can't tell no running with pulled muscle is driving me mad can youimage

    lol Steph, but nope, your no different to normalimage

    Hope the new shoes work out ok, sound like a bargain image

    Enjoy the Xmas parties and staying blonde? (FB stalker lol). Being self employed no staff parties for me - saving myself for Burns night and will be wearing a kilt!!

  • Hmm, 2 weeks since the marathon and no running.  Pain in the ball of my right foot when I stand on anything flat (not bad, but there).  Supposedly takes a good 3 weeks to recover fully though.  I was going to try a few miles yesterday as it was nice and warm out.. then the storm hit from nowhere, under a minute from warma and clear to dark and thunder/lihghtning then torrential rain image

  • That rain was bad ;( killed sky for a few minutes. 

    i have a physio appointment Wednesday, trying to do it once a month, will get calf checked out, hope to start again next weekend.

    hope you feel better soon Daeve. 

    i need to build up gently through nov-dec and start training for the wall in jan

  • Good plan - I need to do the same just so I don't lose what I've gained.  Last year after the same marathon I did absolutely nothing until Jan 1st, when I went for a 9 miler at 11:45 mi/miles and then just a few treadmill slow runs until late Jan... it took me a few weeks to get some fitness back and I really wished I'd kept it up.  Got to keep motivated - maybe a parkrun next week (wasn't up to it thsi weekend, slept in until 10:30 (thought it was about 7:30 when I woke) as I've had loads of work on.

    Must repeat my one sub 21:00 5K before Christmas and then crack that 20:00 5K before the end of January, which means training!

    I almost entered the Wall last year - looks good fun - you should be able to do it fine with your endurance, just start doing back to back med/long runs in training.

  • Start at 7am I am quietly thinking pre midnight finish, so 17 hours max. 

    they have pace makers now don't they at conkers? I wanted to go next week but even if injury is better I cannot go out first run trying to do a pb... but will be trying in November

  • Yeah - really good pacemakers, very helpful and chatty.  No need to go for a PB, the first one should just be to get used to it again (running fast).  I want to ease into the first one next week - I'll try to get two 5Ks in on the treadmill this week if still rainy (not quite feeling up to running in wet feet) then aim for a 23:00-24:00 - I should be able to hit that target, or else I've lost a fair bit of fitness.

    First time I followed the 20 min pacer, just that bit too fast for me, lost them at 1.5 miles, nearly 2 min behind at the end... Second time I ignored the pacer and went off slower and was a minute faster at the finish just 45 sec behind him.

    I imagine the Wall would be easier in one go rather than the two nights - based on my previous marathons, I could not run the next day if my life depended on it, yet I could have plodded on longer while the adrenaline was still going.  I need more stretching I think, I seize up completely after a race.

  • I know what you mean about going again the next day.

    at leics I pulled a muscle fine until I stopped but then took half an hour to go 400m to car, tge thought of running again the day after a mara plus is hard. But I want to try to do that in training going to try it next year in training for the wall enter a small mara somewhere and then make myself do a half the day after or even better find a Saturday then Sunday marathon image just a very slow plod for each, just within 6 hours image

  • Keep thinking about a gym....

    but decided in this instead

    buy the kettlebells and try to do this 3 days a week will take less time to do then it would take for me to get to and from a cheap gym twice a week.

  • Glad to hear peeps are recovering (pretty) well image

    It's now 3 weeks since Loch Ness so plan to up my mileage next week then mid November start a 21 week plan for the Lochaber marathon in April (small affair and no chip timing).

    Am up to 5 miles in the bikilas though my calves are a litle sore after yesterday, I aim to do my two 3 mile recovery runs in them and build up my pMP run in them to 10 miles.

    Steph, have you looked at resistance bands? I hope to dig mine out again when I move end of November - I enjoyed them earlier in the year.

  • Hi booktrunk & Andi - thanks for the responses.  I AM going to be fully committed - today's the day it starts (started with a good porridge brekkie & I've made my own lunch to avoid the slippery slope of sandwich shops & their too tempting goodies).  Gym planned for tonight too & have fruit for snacking..... I do just need to focus as you say, it doesn't happen otherwise.... Thanks - will keep you posted image


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