From 0 to a Marathon in 22 weeks.



  • Ohhh, walking up and down stairs normally now, feel a little ouch in my calf when i stretch it to far but it's heaing nicely.  Very impatient and want to go for a gentle run. But will leave it, looking at some kettleweights after work tonight  If they are cheap in tescos might get a couple to start playing with.

    No.. No tried resistance bands.  Ohhh Andi are you going to get your treaddy earlier then Xmas image

  • I'm looking forward to using my Tready soon, it'll be a year in Jan I got it and it has been really useful for when I don't want to go out - and perhaps more useful for speedwork in the future.  May consider another round of P90X before xmas..

  • Sasrunner - good luck and keep us posted as to how things are going (that should help the motivation). Oh, and not been there for a while but about a year ago joined - a great calorie counting site once you get used to it.

    Steph, your right to take things easy and when you get out again keep it easy for a while image And yup, providing things go to plan I hope to have it last week in November when I move image

    Daeve, which tready did you get? you may have said before but age isn't on my side image

  • That ProRider Mobility one - we did have a chat about it a while ago.  No bells and whistles, HRM doesn't really work -  but solid, heavy and powerful.

    Sasrunner - Myplate (free) on the livestrong site helped me lose 12 Kg, huge database of food to log and breaks it down into protein/fat/carb % for you.

  • ah, yup, remember it now ta image

  • Thank you for the tips - I use myfitness pal but will look at Myplate too.  Made it to the gym last night - did a mixed workout.  Tonight is a 'running' night image  On the treadmill most likely - find it easier for pace & keeping going.  I'll mix it up with some outside work once I'm feeling more confident again.  My PT has suggested doing the MoRun in Battersea Park - 17 November.  not sure if it's a bit soon though!

  • Calf feeling better each day.  Still a bit sore when i stretch it wrong. Just wish I could get out there and run.  Put on 3 kg in the last week and a half somehow! image

    Oh had the most massive argument with my oh as well this evening so just need to be able to get ouf of the house with a run. 

    Physio tomorrow. £32 for a 45 minute fumble on my legs eek! image

    Oh kettlebell weights are rather expensive hummm. I'm having one of those months image Need to get back running to keep me sane image Or at least get me away from the OH for a while. I love the freedome of being alone with my thoughts when out running.

  • Sas, how long is the MoRun? you should be able to jog/walk it but think it's too soon to run.

    £32 for a 45 minute fumble? I'll say no more lol

    Steph, why not get creative? a couple of 4 litre milk bottles might work? or sugar bags in a (strong) plastic bag?

  • To late ordered the kettlebellsimage in the end i got a lot of them they are around 10-15 £ each or a set of 4 for 25 so I actually ended up really going for it and ordering two identical sets for £50 this way i have 2 of each of the 4 weights as some of the stuff seemed to have you doing it with two identical weights etc.. so sod it do it properly and go for it.

    I'm not going to go over the top with any sort of weight training i'm hoping to just do a 20ish minute routine 3/4 times a week and see how that goes.

  • MoRun is 5km - so not too horrendous.  Would quite like to be able to jog/fast walk around it.... just something to aim for to keep me going/motivated.

  • If motivation is what you want - head out to your local Parkrun.

  • Should be fine then sas image and as Daeve suggests, try your local parkrun.

    Booktrunk, nice one with the kettleballs and yup, toning will look much nicer than big bicepsimage

    Daeve, back running yet?

  • Ohh had a massage at loughborough uni. she dug a bit deeper this time, it was hard work, and those that stalk me on facebook can see me with kinesio style tape over my poorly calf.

  • Andi - yes actually, just uploaded today's 5 and a bit miler..well near 4 and a walk.  Decent 2 miles start at sub 7 min/miles, then my knee started to play up, not quite there yet from the marathon, but nice to get out.

    Steph - I think I could do with a sports massage after the marathon, still pretty tight.  Where/who do you recommend?  Loughborough is on my way to and from work.

  • I went out today as I got an email from my cousins partner saying she'd registered for the Reading half and we should too.  Challenge accepted!  So my two younger cousins and her are now signed up - March 2nd.  1:30 target (8 minutes to find)!

    I can't let them beat me, I still hold a few mins over them at all distances up to HM, where I've got at least 10, and 35 min on the marathon.  But they have a good 10-15 years on me and are pretty determined to beat me before I "retire" image

  • Daeve

    This is where I go. Very happy with the results after my two sessions.

  • Daeve

    Your challenge sounds like the Andi v Steph challenge which will come to a head next September

  • Yeah - can't wait to see that outcome, will HADDing pay off big time, or has Andi got too used to running at a low HR?  Who will use the most minimal shoes?  What colour will Steph's hair be? image

  • lol you two, I'll not say I've conceeded (yet) but feel Steph will be looking for a sub 4 at Loch Ness (well, until she sees the looong hill out of Dores).

    As for the running at low HR, am about to include an 80% run once a week and a MP run so will hopefully speed up a little image You still going to try HADDing steph?

    Daeve, nothing like a bit of competitionimage

  • Thinking about Haddingimage still cannot decide as a few sites seem to say you should not do real speed work with it as it goes against hadding & I want to do some park runs. Want to be higher than top 40,000 women image 

  • Yup, lots of places say that however, even Phase 1 has running around Lactate Threshold so am guessing a fortnightly PR would mess things too much? 

    Am just about to finish month 4 of 'proper' HADDing and just starting a weekly run at 80% MHR. I'm pretty sure I'll beat my current training 5k PB when I get to 3 miles at 80% image In fact, according to my plan I'll be doing 2x3 miles @80% mid December so might beat it twice if I up the distance a little.

  • I want to run. 

    I think I'm going to possibly go out and just jog 2km tomorrow night. If my leg feels good. Nothing fast a real shuffle. If I get the slightest twing I'll stop straight away.

  • Sounds like a plan image 

    Oh, and another thumbs up for HADDing is that I went from running a max of 2 miles before I needed a walk break and needing 1-2 days recovery to running for an hour every day without stopping. Now I just need to get my pace a bit better. 

    Daeve, am sure I'll win the most minimalistic shoes part of this challenge and (of course) will use them as my excuse lol.

  • New trainers and salomon s-lab 12 pack image

    I went out and jogged a whole 100m can still feel My calf so just not worth risking it. Patience is the way to go. No matter how frustrating that is.

  • Somehow I never thought I'd hear booktrunk and patience in the same sentence lol.

    Hope the new trainers do you well and you tried calf sleeves?

    Got back from my run today and had a phone call from one of the organisers of the Mull Half - apparently as the 2nd Local Male I got a cup image Should be with me tomorrow - maybe I should go buy a cabinet to show off all my 'silverware'?

  • Woohoo!!! Do itimage

    kettlebell weights used for the first time tonight 200 total reps followed by 50 sit ups doing the best I can as not running. 

    Hoping if I make my core that much stronger it will take less effort to hold myself upright etc... 

  • lol, small cabinet needed thenimage

    Methinks 200 reps to begin with might give you some aches tomorrow and well done on the situps image

  • Funny was just trying to sleep and was thinking...  Ohh I can actually feel a tiredness in my muscles from earlier. 

    Run 4 days n cross train 3 image when I'm back running. 

  • How you feeling today Steph? found any muscles you didn't know you haveimage

  • Debating the Parkrun tomorrow now... out of shape after the marathon but I could do with knowing how out of shape I am. 21-26 minutes for 5K?

    Is Steph laid up wth "kettlebell arm"?

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