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Hello. I'm planning my first triathlon in September (Helvellyn). Before that I'm taking part in the REP Arun River Swim and I need to buy a wetsuit for both events.

I'm doing all this on a really tight budget (two growing children and a rubbish economy!) - so I need to get a reasonably priced, even secondhand, wetsuit to accompany my 'vintage' racing bike.

Does anyone know of a really good outlet that stocks wetsuits where I can try them on before I buy? I can buy used from ebay but I'll have no idea whether they fit or not and used supply seems pretty limited.

I live in Worthing in West Sussex and work in Dorking, Surrey so ideally close to or between these points.

(and I'm 6'1" and of 'athletic-ish' build if anyone happens to have a spare one knocking around).

Thanks everyone.



  • If you're on a tight budget then why not consider hiring a wetsuit for the season. I'm not sure what the going rate is at the moment but it's bound to be the cheaper option.

  • Its not compulsorty to wear a wetsuit unless the water temperature is below 14 degress (I think its 14).

    You could potentially do both without a wetsuit and save yourself some money? 

  • The Arun River Swim is 'wetsuit compulsory' and Helvellyn's just bleeding cold, so I definitely need one. My athletic-ish build means I have little fat protection (you probably think I'm a fine specimen, when in fact I'm rather weedy!) 

    Little Sister - I'll check out rental sites now.

  • There's a wetsuit shop at Mercer's Lake in Redhill which is a short driver from Dorking.

  • Ralph - that's brilliant. Just made a quick search - is it Aquasports? if so I shall give them a call tomorrow.

  • Beginning to wonder if the Great Barlos is actually a bit of a sadistic bar steward! image

  • From the look of the Aquasports site, I'd guess their wetsuits may be aimed at watersports not swimming.

    There's a Tristore in Eastbourne but don't know if they do wetsuit hire

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    Tristore did do wetsuit hire but mainly for big events where they had a deal going with Blueseventy but don't do so any longer.  


  • Update - 

    Aquasports are indeed focused on board sports rather than swimming and their wet suits reflect this.

    Tristore no longer do wetsuit hire.

    I have checked out Fat Buddha's (you're being ironic, yes?) suggestion and that does look like the best option. I can get a nearly new suit of far better quality than I would otherwise be able to afford.

    And for the record, the organisers of helvellyn describe the lake temperature as 'skull-crushingly' cold!

    Thanks for all your help guys. Now, let's hope the old caliper brakes pass the stewards inspection!

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    me?? ironic??   you've never met me have you....

    there are a few who would attest that my avatar does bear a close resemblance  image

  • as does mine! 

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    birds of an opposite feather so to speak image

  • Triuk hire them for the season (they are in Yeovil which I know is not really your neck of the woods). Not a help for this season, but when they get them back in September they sell them off - I got one for £50 and it's been great. You have to get in quick though.

  • I was at Lakeside shopping centre for an open water training session in the dive lake... They had previous seansons Blueseventy Sprint wetties for ??75, not sure on sizes?!? Might be worth a call to the dive centre to see if it was their stock or SwimForTri who ran the training event.

    The next swim for tri event at lakeside is 3rd June, pretty sure they'll have them back on the rail

    P.S. they did have a couple of last seasons helix at ??200 as well.... Was very tempted!
  • Sorry meant to say that ??75 you're starting to get into hire territory in terms of cash outlay, I.e. hire charge and any upfront deposit and probably could sell the suit on after a season to recover and difference (if required)
  • I've sent SwimForTri an email, I'll let u know if I hear anything back
  • Simon - SwimForTri have confirmed the blue seventy wetsuits were the lakeside Duce centre


    They have said they have some demo speedo wetsuits, so if you pm me I'll pass you on the details of their contact and email addy
  • Simon.....Go to mytriathlon  site, ex hire suits at good prices some have only 2/3 hires.

  • Sport Pursuit have 2XU wetsuits at 50% off at the moment - have a look at their website.

  • Old calliper brakes! - I'd be more concerned about them stopping me at speed than passing an inspection.

    Have you sensible gears on this vintage machine? image


    And I meant to add I think Trihard (the Helvellyn people) have some sort of wetsuit deal going on...

  • I don't plan to be travelling all that fast image. I've started commuting to work on it one day a week though. 70 mile round trip. It hurts.

    There are some great suggestions on here. I'm going to telephone a few of them when i return from my lunchtime run. (see, I'm taking it very seriously).


  • PM sent to you Si
  • Given the climb... I thought there was a fast descent?  Is there not then?

  • There is, and it's quite twisty. Lined with dry stone walls for added graze-age!

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