First Half Marathon in 4 weeks, is that possible?

Hi, ive for some reason agreed to running a half marathon on the 10th May, which gives me a 4 week training schedule. And to make it a little more scary, this is my first ever half marathon!!!image

Im usually quite an active healthy person, playing hockey for the past 5 years, completing 55 mile walking distances in a weekend, cycled from bath to reading BUT im now a student, and alcohol and being lazy has taken over!!

Is this a crazy idea? YES! but i was wondering if and what my training plan should be, im aiming to complete the run in under 3 hours. Any tips? image


  • Attempting to run it isn't a good idea and you'd probably just injure yourself. But if you go for a slow and steady jog/walk strategy, you'll most likely be able to get round okay. Even if you've been couch-potatoing it up for a bit, you'll still have some residual fitness from your more active days, and if you have walked 55 miles, you should be okay to shuffle/jog/walk 13. A couple of years ago I had shoulder surgery a week before a half marathon I'd entered. I was told not to run but did it as a fast walker with a couple of jog/shuffles along the way, and finished in about 2 hours 50mins.

    I wouldn't worry about a specific training plan, as four weeks isn't really long enough to work with, but make sure you get yourself a decent pair of trainers, preferably from a specialist running shop where they can check your gait and get you kitted out with suitable shoes, and then make sure you get them worn in a bit so you don't end up with bad blisters on the day. Just get out for a few jog/walks each week, aim to do a longish fast walk at least once a week, and don't plan to run. If you try to do too much too soon, there's a real chance of injuring yourself and not being able to do the event at all.

    Then on the day, start right at the back of the crowd so you won't be tempted to try and keep up with the faster runners. Good luck! image


  • runs with dogs has given good advice, i think for weeks is not enough time, many people will diet before getting fit, as RWD Said beware of injuries., When i started from being a couch spud to running, in sixweeks i had got up to 13 miles (but boy did i pay later) i got the dreaded plantar fasciitis,  I think the person has to like running to try amy marathons some people think its only a matter of getting fit. but i do think its a mental thing as well the person must want to do it, and like it, I wish you all the best but take care dont risk a bad injury like this old fool

  • Thanks runs-with-dogs and Talos 64! That information is both very helpful! ive been running 3 miles everyday, and thats going ok, bit slow, but can only improve right?

    Ive entered the Bassingbourn half marathon, as a target to do! already nervous!! I thanks for the run/walk/jog scenario runs-with-dogs, i will definatly be doing that in the actual thing! And in my first run i jogged/walked alot of it, and the next time just jogged so already improving slowly!  Thanks again for both advice ill keep you updated on my training (well what ill call training!!) image

  • ...........and lay off the alcohol.image


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