Sore Foot and Liverpool 10K

(I first put this on the beginner's section but perhaps that wasn't the best place for it.)

I started running three weeks ago when I decided I'd like to enter the City of Liverpool 10K, in October.
I quickly had doubts when I ran on the treadmill of my local gym and struggled to run 2 miles. Though I'm quite confident now as I managed to run 10k yesterday without falling to bits (62 mins). However I've managed to bruise the ball of my foot - I know you're not doctors (though I guess some of you must be) but, am I likely to be doing myself damage by doing to much too soon, are my shoes all wrong or is it merely the extra use and something I'll get used to?
And secondly, when will I get confirmation of my place in the race I've entered - has anyone out there entered it too?


  • This happened to me when I was doing long runs for FLM this year. I think your feet need time to get used to longer runs.
    Have you got proper running shoes though ? You should get some.
    Well done on being able to run 10k after 3 blummin weeks. It took me months and months !!
  • Codfather,

    My guess is that it is an overuse thing but take a serious look at your running shoes. They may be the wrong kind and you may not be getting enough protection.

    Just to keep you encouraged, Cougie ran the FLM, his first in something under 4 hrs. Can't remember exactly but I was mightily impressed. (What was it Cougie??)

    Keep on running...

    All the best,

  • I agree with Cougie, I had the same problem in prep for the FLM but my problem tuned out to be blisters under the thick skin on the balls of my feet. They didn't burts until 2 weeks after the marathon.
    As well as a good pair of shoes you could try sorbathane or Neonne insoles, the're not cheep but are very effective.

    My forst 10k took me almost exactly a year to build up to.


  • Shucks RB - you make me blush. 3.43 summat.

    Keep going Codfather - you'll do a great time in Liverpool. In the meantime, if your feet are so sore - try using the bike at the gym or the skier machine (Preferably)

    They'll keep up your aerobic fitness until your feet are well enough to run.
  • Hey Cougie,

    I WAS impressed. sub 3.45 for your first marathon! You gave no hint of that the evening before!

    Are you doing FLM 2003??
  • Thanks for all the advice - I'm going to the gym now, I'll be using the skier machine!!
  • Hi RB,

    I honestly had no idea what I could do for FLM - I certainly faded towards the end, so I'll try to get some longer runs in this year to combat this.

    My application has gone off, so fingers crossed. I'm going for a 3.15 this time - I got a 1.26 for a Half in Chester.

    Watch out WOmbles - I'm gonna kick your a** this year !

    (I was heartbroken this time to turn into the Mall ready for the sprint finish to find a guy in a huge foam Mobile phone outfit ahead of me. I sooo didn't want him ahead of me on the finish photo. So I ran to a finish across the road from him)

    How was the foot Codfather ?

  • Cougie,

    Foot is a lot better - I've been taking it easy - Thanks for asking
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