Do you own a Bastard Turbo

Just how I feel about mine.  The QAs at the bottom are just as amusing.



  • That made me chuckle, not yet but planning to get one but have been told I'm not allowed in the house with it... Secretly it's a cunning plan by the missus to get me to clear shed / garage which I've been threatening to do for ages
  • IronshasIronshas ✭✭✭
    Brilliant!! Once I get my bike back (!!) I will get very acquired with my turbo til I'm allowed outside again.

    Kat - how do get on with the rollers?? They just look like I would do my harm than good to me (ie I'd probably fall off & bugger up the other shoulder!)
  • It's like the seller reached inside the inner sanctum of my mind and sold mine for me...

    I bought an expensive turbo trainer in November 2010, set it up, realised that generating just 13 mph was the equivalent of climbing Everest on a fixie (in my eyes, dealing with power output was another layer of unnecessary score keeping) and put it back in box to fester for the best part of a year before selling it to a work colleague.  He purchased not only a good as new turbo trainer but also a lifetime of profuse apologies from me.


  • I really like my turboimage.

    Best bits:

    Less clothes to wash
    Can drink a cappuccino
    Stagger out of bed and get going half asleep


  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    I love my turbo   image

  • muffin top wrote (see)

    I really like my turboimage.

    I'm sure you like it a lot, my dear...... but you're still incapable of putting your own bike on and off it image

  • slowerthanilook wrote (see)
    muffin top wrote (see)

    I really like my turboimage.

    I'm sure you like it a lot, my dear...... but you're still incapable of putting your own bike on and off it image

    I am lucky that my turbo came with extra features and benefits

    PS. I have worked out how to take the bike off image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    we are a 2 turbo family - it's the new black y'know....image

  • A brilliant ad, reminds me of the ad last year, the bloke was selling a wetsuit and had a funny ad telling everyone that he hadn't pee'd in it...image

  • I like that I have the option to turbo....sometimes not liking it during the middle of a session though.  Great that I was up this morning, in the garage and done before work.  Hubby did suggest we get another so that he can turbo with me and I thought that sounded a good idea but then as I turbo'd this morning at 6am, I way to I want to chat to him that blinking early! I hate early and like the fact I can go in the garage and be a right miserable bitch and the turbo just doesn't mind. image

  • cappa - fecking - chino - really MT !!!

    you should only be allowed to drink your own sweat......and thats after you have accumalated a sufficient pool of it on the floor below

  • Turbo - great for bad weather! For me out here in the sandpit that means too hot and sunny! Next couple of weeks mine will be back out under the AC unit in the front bedroom!

  • I'm a turbo lover.

    Permanently set-up in the garage with a spare bike. Never need more than shorts t-shirt and hat to warm up with, wuickly losing the hat.

    Great for focussed workout - no stopping. Great for brick sessions, especially multi-bricks. Ca nbe boring but never done more than 3 hours on it.


  • Hehehe, loving the advert!  I just sold my turbo for only £69 less than I bought it for, so that means it cost about £33 per ride.  Hated the fucking thing.

  • If anyone has got one of these bastard turbos or any other brand of turbo they want rid of im thinking of owning one image
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