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I've started on my quest to find a new helmet after mine took a bit of a battering in my little accident recently. Previously I had a specialized s-works 2D, which obviously it did its job & saved my head from significant damage but it was from a few years ago & this years models have changed & don't seem to fit my head as well. From the limited selection I found in local shops, Spec weren't great, Kask were also not good & Louis Garneau were even worse. Giro weren't a bad fit so am leaning towards them but just wondering if anyone else has a narrow shaped head (ie I'm someone who struggles to find glasses to wear because most of them are so wide looking on my face it's ridiculous!) & what helmets you have found the best? I've read that Laser with their fitting system are good but I've also read to stay away from them because of how the back sits & it may end up doing more damage than good. I've also read that Bell aren't bad - but then the same people have said in the same breath that Giro were bad for them so it's got me a bit confused! So especially curious to hear from any Laser owners (or if anyone knows of any shops that actualy sell the things as I can't seem to find any!) or just general thoughts on helmets for narrow heads would be appreciated!


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    my missus has a small head - suffers the same problems as you with glasses being too wide.  she swears by her Spiuk helmet as the only one (of 3) that fits properly.  I also have one and it is very comfy.

    worth hunting them down maybe

    helmets are like saddles in some ways - it can take a bit of trial and error to find the right one

  • FB - thanks for the thoughts. I've actually not heard of them before and from your comment about hunting them down am guessing they are few & far between?  Do you know of any shops that stock any? What model do you guys have?

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    Spiuk are a Spanish company - they do some good kit but they're not that widely known.  my missus has a pair of their road bike shoes as well and thinks they are the mutts nutts compared to her old Spesh ones

    they changed UK distributor this year - it's Silverfish now

    we have the Daggon helmet which is their top of the range road one - http://www.silverfish-uk.com/products/1592-spiuk_daggon.php.   there's a dealer finder on that page plus a list of online retailers.

  • If any use I've got a big head. image But had a serious crash years ago on a MTB bike and althrough I wasn't hurt the giro I had not only saved my life probably but was cracked right down the middle. When I went to the shop to get a new they just told my old one and swapped it and they picked out the bill.

    I'm hoping Giro still have this policy given how clumsy I am half the time.

  • cake - yeah Specialized have a similiar policy that they give you a nice discount on a new one if it's crashed within 2 years, but unfortunately the new models don't suit my head so I'd just end up with a pretty helmet to sit & look at rather than use image

    fb - cool, will check it out, thanks!!

  • I have a midget sized head, and I recently got a new Lazer helmet as it was the only one that fitted ( apart from children's ones <img src='https://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/surprised_smiley.gif' /> ). Most of them, even when fully tightened I could pull the helmet off my head, but the laser one fits perfectly. I guess, as with all things you have to go and try them all on..... And have a very helpful bike shop <img src='https://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />
  • fraggle - that's where I'm struggling, to find a shop that sells them! But good to have your thoughts thanks.

    Thinking I may just bite the bullet & order a few from Wiggle then suffer the postage return costs of those that I don't want, but at least I'll have all the ones I have my eye on in the one place without running around to a heap of different shops to try them all (which actually, the online option may be more effective from a time & petrol cost point of view, not that time is too much of an issue for me at the moment but I'm not sure my "chauffeur" would be so happy about it!).  I can definitely rule out a few of them so the potentials list comprises thus far (which wiggle sell all of these!):

    - Giro Aeon (although I know that is a reasonable fit)

    - Lazer Helium

    - Bell Volt

    - Spiuk Daggon

    Out of curiosity, anyone know how the pro teams make their lid choice?  Surely all the team riders have different shaped heads so curious how they can get a one-make option to work for all of them....

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    pro teams go with whatever brand they are tied up with and no doubt much of the stuff you see is tailored to each individual and not your standard off the shelf jobbie

  • I know that the BMC team were given 9 sets of different gloves for the different weather conditions they will encounter - so the riders are very well looked after. 


    (Actually I bet I've about 9 pairs of gloves around the house - its just that I can never find them when I need them !)

  • I have the same lid as Fat Budda ... It's very comfy ... Cool ... And yellow image
  • Giro Monza  for me but I have a huge head - 8 3/4 hat size! All the other brands gave me a splitting headache and a big dent in my forehead, apart from a Laser MTB helmet I used to own, but I had to get XL so it was enormous and stuck out at the sides - I looked like a mushroom.

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