Have you overcome a bad running injury- and want to be in the magazine!



Anyone suffer a potentially running ending knee or ankle injury?


<span> Have you had a knee or ankle injury so bad you thought your running days were over? <span> If so, you might be able to help with an inspiring and informative article for Runner’s World. I am looking for a runner who has suffered a bad injury which put them out of action for a long time. Maybe they tried lots of ways to recover and finally did, but it was a long haul. If that sounds like you, please do get in touch.


<span> My name is Adrian Monti and I’m a freelance feature writer with Runner’s World.<span>  I want to speak about your story. If you can help, it will just be a phone interview and we can sort out photos. Please email me for more details at adrian@montimedia.co.uk


<span> I look forward to hearing from you and thanks to everyone who contacted me yesterday too!


<span> All the best


<span> Adrian Monti


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  • Broke my ankle one week before the first royal parks half in 2008 age 46.Told you probably won't run again......easily or without pain. 2009 ran the same race with wife and daughter and continue to run.
  • I suffered various injuries in 15 months or so from July 2010 to November 2011. Went through groin strain (which put me out for 5 months), shin splints, adductor injury, plantar fasciitis, tibialis anterior problem. Every time I built up some reasonable time in training I was off with another injury. My log book shows that so clearly. In January I started to work with Running School coach to change my technique after the video of myself running was analysed and many problems with my form were identified. I changed from heel to forefoot running, we worked of every litle movement such as arm movement and heel lift, have been doing strength training and am kicking depression brought by overtraining as finially learning to balance fitness, rest and the rest of my life. So yeah, I have overcome a variety of problems to become a better and healthier runner and a changed person.

  • Adrian, are you still looking for contributors ?  I intended running the Royal Parks (last year) for a charity, and had raised a significant amount in donations and then a couple of months before the event had to have an operation on my knee.  This was compounded by a subsequent operation in November.  I was deeply dissapointed not to be able to run and felt significant guilt re the donations that had been made, and paid.  I was out of action for over nine months, and at times felt I would never run again.  However, following rehab and a "steady" trng programme   ..... I've just run the Mont Blanc 10km in Chamonix, which was a little "hilly" and have a place in the Royal Parks (with the same charity) this year ... hoping to "repay" the people who contributed last year ..

  • This comes a few months too early for me. I am a lifelong runner and triathlete of 20 years experience who has been out of action since late last year and two weeks ago had an operation to implant a titanium hip joint. The surgeon who operated on me in the sports clinic said I can begin easy running in December.

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