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Hi All,

I am new to running having agreed to run the Great North Run in aid of a friends nephew, who has a rare brain tumour.

I am now in my 4th week of training and love it.  Running is hugely addictive.

I am considering entering a few 10k races and joining a running club but wondered whether I am likely to embarrass myself before doing so....can you tell me what sort of pace you are expected to run for these events and at what level clubs allow you to join? 

I am not running a particularly fast pace at 9 min 30 seconds per mile but I have certaintly caught the bug.

Any comments are welcome.



  • Most clubs will welcome runners of all standards, so don't worry about that.  Look at a few near where you live, and talk to them about what they offer.

    Most will let you go along for a few runs before you decide whether you want to join or not.

    As for average race pace - look at the results of a few 10k races and work it out from them.

  • I'm guessing that it all depends on age and fitness? I usually manage about 8:20/mile or even 8 on a good day... and I'm no spring chicken at 47 - I should add I've only been running the last year. Not sure how to speed things up?

  • The average is everyone behind meimage

  • Running clubs vary greatly - some are aimed at slower newbies, some have minimum 10K times for any wannabe members, some have a huge mix of ages and abilities. You should be able to find one that suits you if you 'shop around' a bit.

  • http://www.roadracestatistics.org.uk/10km.htm says that the average bloke races a 10k in 50 minutes. Club run races will be faster and charity fundraising 10ks will be slower, as a rule, as they attract different audiences. Of course terrain will skew things as well.
  • Thanks fo the info all.

    Helvetica, thanks for the link.  The website is useful.  Just good to get an idea of the sorts of time being run in these events etc.

    I completed a 5k parkrun at the weekend and managed it in 26.35 so pleased with progress.  Got a way to go yet in terms of building up mileage and speed but I am sure I will get there.

    I have injured knee so can't get out at the moment.  Gutted.

  • Gramski - for a 10K race you could have finishers anywhere between 30 minutes (elite athletes do go faster) and 1h20mins maybe even slower in some circumstances. I'd say average would be around 50 mins for a man.

    But honestly, don't worry about it. In the first year or two you make amazing progress speed wise, so the most important thing is to put on your running L-plates and get going. No one will expect you to be fast, no one will laugh at you for being slow. Many people will admire you for trying (runners and non-runnners alike).

    Good luck, TD.

  • Cheers Tricky Dicky. Been running around a month and completed 5k in 26.35 at the weekend so pleased with progress. Will keep chipping away (once my knee injury has disappeared!).
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