Brooks pure grit

Has anyone tried them? I'm looking for a lightweight preferably low heel drop trail shoe that can accommodate orthotics and is suitable for marathon/ ultra distances! Off road shoes I have tried so far are: saucony xodus - not bad but too heavy and clumpy and I keep getting a hotspot/ blister on arch with long distances! Adidas kanadia: too stiff Ran in them once and didn't like them Asics trail attack: blisters on toes and arch! Inov8 mudclaws: great for mud but most of my running is mixed terrain NB 110s : these would be brilliant if I could fit my right orthotic in it!!!


  • I'd also be interested to hear thoughts on these. T2, what about saucony peregrines? Much lighter and less clumpy then the Xodus. I've done a fair number of 20 mile ish training runs in them and they are good
  • I have thought about the peregrines they look like a good option, the only thing that stops me is the problem with the arch rubbing that I have on the xodus, I worry that the peregrine might have a similar one!!!
  • I have the True Grit, and they are a very comfortable lightweight shoe, with pretty good cushioning that still gives you good feedback from the trail. I can't comment in orthotics though. I have run long distnaces in them, including the Thames Trot, with no issues. I now wear the Minimus 10 (I think) but would consider using the Grit for ultra distances.

  • Thanks, do they have a removeable inner sole at all? They seem to be hard to track down in shops for me to look!!!
  • They do have removeable soles. I'd give them a go, they are not at all extreme, and gave me no calf aches at all the way some minimalist shoes can. They are more of an intermediate shoe - elemental, I think they call them.

  • Thanks, I found some in a local running shop so I now have them on my feet image Wow how comfy are they??? I'm looking forward to testing them this evening, slightly worried that the tread might not be aggressive enough for the wet muddy trails at the moment but hopefully it will try up a bit soon!!!!!

  • They are okay in the thick stuff, but not too good on wet, slidey stuff. Anyway, enjoy, and report back.

  • I only did 6.5 miles but managed to fit in shingle beach, dirt track, grass, hill, road, pavement and even a small bog! Verdict is brilliant shoe just need to do a nice long run in them now image
  • My new Saucony Kinvara 3 are great, lightweight, 4mm heel drop and work fine with my orthotics.  Done up to HM with my Kinvara 1's but loads of people marathon in them...

  • DOH - noticed trail shoes.  I have just got a set of Innov-8 315's - very light and seem very good (although not had them on the tough stuff yet!)

  • Thanks apparently there is a saucony kinvara trail going to be released, might be worth looking out for! image
  • Brooks, good tennis shoe.
  • You seem to have a thing about tennis king kong!!!!
  • Love the Cadence and now want to try the Grit. Where the hell stocks these?

  • I just did a google shopping search!!!
  • Can you try them on at Google? !


  • No I used the search to find somewhere local that had them!
  • If you already run in the cadence surely you wouldn't need to try them on as the shoe is pretty similar?
  • I did that too. Belfast is a little too far for me to travel from Leeds.

  • SSLHP: Have you tried the Up and Running stores in Leeds? I know some of their stores stock them. If not, then as they sell them on their website, I would of thought they could get them in if you ask them.

  • Only the Belfast store stock them. I quickly tried some on at the recent VLM Expo, but they felt slightly different to my Pure cadence, which is why I want to try them on again when I have more time to make sure they feel right.


    Came across these shoes not that long ago, whilst the shoe does look great the tread design looks very strange, think its been designed to catch the eye more than be really effective off-road.. 

  • Yeah but I'd heard they have a deceptively good grip. Do you like them?

  • I saw pure grits at Sweatshop in Teddington, they say they stock them in many of their stores (not online though). 20% off this w/e
  • After testing these in most conditions and completing a marathon in them I can confirm that they are really comfy, great in the dry, gave good grip on chalk which many shoes struggle with!!! Absolutely rubbish on wet grass, wet concrete and unlevel muddy tracks!!!!


  • For info, my VivoBarefoot Neo Trail shoes (4 mm lugs on a 2mm sole) just took me round a VERY muddy North Downs Run (30K) over mud, grass, road, mud, chalk (with occasional flints), fields, cobbles and more mud (sticky mud, sloppy mud, watery mud - all sorts of mud!) just fine - including lots of downhill and lot of uphill sections. Also were fine for 25+ miles along the North Downs Way, Farnham to Dorkimg, last weekend, including tracks, sandy sections etc.

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