Death of a runner... rebirth of a what?



  • That's excellent news my friend! image


    Everyone on here should live in fear of your methodical approach to training - we might have a fastest debutant soon! Still going for the Canyon?

  • Well, it seems like Canyon only make a certain amount of each model and the one I had my eye on is unavailable now. I could spend a wee bit more and move up to the Aeroroad frameset with the Ultegra Di2 groupset.

    I doubt MrsTD would be too pleased if I were to ask for a 2nd expensive bike in another year's time, so the question I really have in my head, is whether I want to plump for a dedicated tri-bike which would be good for an occasional race, or whether it is better to go for something with more generalised geometry as I expect to replace half my running training with cycling?

    And a sub-question I suppose, is something like the Aeroroad frame offering a meaningful compromise in geometry terms between the two (lower headset etc)? Would be delighted to hear other opinions about this, even those that vary wildly! Cheers.

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