run/walk advice

am on 4th week of regime. run 5 walk 2 x 4. it feels like its right on the edge of what i can manage. i am not in any pain, the retching as stopped and i seem to recover fine. its just a struggle to keep running.

do i repeat a week, or am i just not looking forward to next week run 8 walk 2 x 3

any advice would be great x



    Only you can know if this is physical or mental, but there is never any harm or shame in repeating a week... listen to your body, why risk injury by doing too much too soon? Running can be in your life forever, so an extra week really makes no difference.

    If at the end of the repeat week, you still feel like you can't face the extra minutes, then it could be a mental block, which you will need to push through! 

    Good luck x

  • remember what it's all about Caroline.You need to do whatever feels most enjoyable to you - even if you go back a week or two, or stretch a week over a fortnight. It's not community service, it's supposed to be life-enhancing. Get out and walk / run / skip / cycle/ swim/ join a dance class whatever that gives you a buzz , and gets your heart rate up for an hour or so, change the route, go with a friend, whatever even if that's off plan.

    The plan will keep a week/ month whatever, and will be a lot easier when you're fitter and motivated again... 'retching' did you say.!!!well done you for sticking it so far.Do not let the plan make you feel like you've failed. it will have failed you if you end up losing the fitness bug for good

  • thankyou both. i will  read both your comments again before i decide what to do on monday next week. not community service- love it. i need to be able to run 10 miles end of october but i reckon i'll repeat if its too hard.

  • i would repeat the week (or take a week off and repeat the weak)...and take your time...the hardest part is getting with runnin to the 1st 5k (or running from abotu half an hour)....from that point, moving from 5k to 16k (or 10 miles) will come quite quickly....take your time to get the basics right.,,and then you'll start to enjoy running...

  • I would just slow it down because if you were at the retching point then you were going too fast...I would try the next week but much slower and you may surprise yourself.


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