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Hello - I am looking for recommendations for a running pack that I can use for running home from work.  Don't need to carry too much.  I am training for an autumn marathon so it would be good to find one that also doubles as a hydration pack. Any suggestions very much appreciated image


  • Hi

    I have an OMM small backpack. It is very comfortable to run with and stays put, even without the aditional chest and hip straps. Hasn't got a hydration pack, but I am personally not drawn to them as sceptical about being able to keep them clean - prefer to run with a bottle of water in the backpack. I do wonder though how it will cope with the summer weather - it's an additional layer on the back, where it does get sweaty

  • thanks goji.  not sure I will convert to hydration pack but want to leave my options open! 


    OMM seems to be pretty popular.  My local running shop just recommended Gregorys as being a great woman specific pack - anyone got one?

  • I've got a North Face womens enduro pack. Small and skinny and has a funny shoulder harness system rather than the usual shoulder straps, which is very comfy. 1.5L bladder and waist belt pouches too. It's a great pack but a bit small for me - I think it's designed more for really petite women...

  • thanks for your thoughts.  I have ordered a Gregory pack - tried it in running shop & it felt fine.  Will let you know how it is image


  • sgc1: the one that feels right is the one you should get, probably. I have a 5 litre Mizuno pack which has been fine and I just got the Salomon 10+3 vest backpack which feels great but I've not used it properly yet. 

  • for those who are interested, I ended up getting my Gregory pack - 12 litre - & i LOVE it image


  • I've been using the Salomon 10+3 vest for a few weks now and finding it great.

  • It hasn't arrived yet so I'm not sure how good it is for women but... I have just ordered an OMM Ultra 12 back pack, it's light, can be used with a bladder or bottles, you can buy extra attachments for more storage and they are only £25 from Cotswold Outdoors at the moment!

    I find it quite hard to find packs that are suitable for me, I have had 2 hydration packs so far and they both rubbed, the first (cheap one from JJB) around the neck and the second (Camelbak) around the waist, fingers crossed this one does the job!!!

  • touie2: I have the OMM Ultra 12 pack - I bought it (from Cotswold) just before I saw the Salomon 10+3, and decided to keep it as a spare. I've taken to wearing it if I've had the Salomon tightened a bit too much and got sore pressure points - e.g. after yesterday's 25.8 mile run with the Salomon, I wore the OMM 12 for this morning's run, and it was fine. 

    Note: mine arrived without the compression cord. Can you let me know if yours has it or not? Thanks.

  • I've not got the compression cord either which is a bit rubbish, wonder if you can buy these seperately??? <img src='https://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/sad_smiley.gif' />

    Going to give it a test in a bit not sure it fits brilliantly, I think it may cut in a bit at the neck and seems to cut right accross my boobs!!!

    Well after 3 hours mooching about it did the job ok, not sure I'd describe it as comfy but no sore bits and even picked up some shopping on the way back to see how it was with weight!!! Although with a bunch of 7 bananas and a bag of mixed peppers it was pretty full!!!
  • Hi touie, thanks for reporting back!

    Hm, good to know it wasn't just me. Still irritating.

    You can get decent elastic cord in a climbing shop - I got some for 60p/metre in Lakes Runner/Lakes Climber in Ambleside - you'll want a couple of metres (more than you'd think).

    I thought mine didn't fit wonderfully either, to look at, but I ran wearing it for more than two hours of Sunday with no ill effects. And I was carrying probably 2.5 kg (pack, water, food, emergency gear).

    Do with the manufacturers would build these things with chest straps fitting a bit higher to suit the female anatomy! That's the reason I didn't go with any of the Inov8 packs.

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