Malvern Midsummer Marathon

Has anyone else signed up for this or have experience of running this?

5-6 weeks to go and only just getting in the full flow of training...


  • Oh and here's the link if anybody else is interested:

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Bloody hell, that's more up and down than Beachy!  Doesn't surprise me, I've walked on the hills and they're a bit peaky.  Got mates in that neck of the woods and this sort of thing could potentially be of interest, although there's no way I'm trained for 26 miles at the moment, let along proper hills.  Maybe next year.  image

  • Havent run this particular race before but I did make it up to the beacon for a 10k a few years ago. lol

    Is anybody else doing this race? I feel like I have some unfinished business! 


  • My brother lives in Malvern (or is that Great/Little/Under Malvern?), from what I can remember from the English Camp it's very windy but there are some good paths that stop you ricking ankles in many rabbit holes - it is very 'undulating' have walked it but as for ta will leave that to the younger and fitter!

  • Find a few Garmin routes from people who have done it previously! Looks like a bit of a killer run...I think I'll be aiming for 5 1/2 hours on this one and then a few pints in Malvern afterwards!!

  • I'm looking forward to it - found a route gpx file via google but assume that it is the same this year?  I tried to plot it on plan via the issued description, but got fed up after half an hour having only done about 2 miles!

  • Hey Crucial Carp,

    I'm contemplating entering this year, but am a little concerned about the route and navigating myself around it on the day!

    You mention you found a route gpx file via google (I've also been looking, but haven't found anything!)...any chance you could forward me a copy if you still have it, or point me in the right direction?

  • Hi

    I actually mixed up my dates and turned up a day late! I ran it anyway of course!! There is a couple of GPS files on - traces tagged with Malvern . I went wrong a few times (not having any one to follow on the wrong day) and ended up running 28.3 measured horizontally! Absolutely beautiful course. Good luck. I've opted to run the rather flatter Caen marathon next week instead which passes the d-day beaches.
  • Thanks Carp...found it. Good luck in Caen, great time to be doing it bearing in mind the 70th anniversary events currently going on.

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