Edinburgh Marathon fear!

So, I'm running my first marathon next Sunday and I'm feeling very nervous! I started training in January and have completed around 300 miles since -  a few 10 milers, a couple of half marathons, 2 16 milers, an 18 miler and a 20 miler but due to netball commitments I was only completing 2 other runs during the week. I was completing my longer runs at 9m30sec miles and my shorter runs (10k or under) at 8m30sec miles and felt reasonably good during all but one long run. Does this seem like enough? I was hoping to finish somewhere around the 4h30mins mark but finishing strong is my main goal. Any thoughts would be very welcome!


  • Doesn't sound to me like you should have anything major to worry about - you've put in the training, you've done the long runs, and you say you were pretty comfortable on them too. 4hrs30 doesn't strike me as over-ambitious based on the training paces you mention, but it's good that you're not too hung up on achieving it. Don't rush off too fast at the start; think slow and steady and you should be fine.

    You've done loads more training than a lot of the people that are on here asking 'Have I done enough?' the week before their first marathon. It's not my first marathon, but I'm doing Edinburgh too and you've done loads more training than me - my last long run was 18 miles over a month ago as I've been resting a pulled calf that's been slow to go away. I'm totally confident of finishing and in roughly the same time that you're hoping for.

    Does that make you feel a bit better about it all? image

  • Yes, that helps a lot. It's always good to get advice from someone who has a completed a Marathon before. I hope your calf doesn't give you any trouble during the Marathon and that you enjoy the day!
  • Cheers Vicki. I already know I'm going to have a great day - even if I have to hop the last 5 miles I'll still be enjoying myself. I just love taking part in big events...

    Have you received your race pack yet? I thought they'd be out by now. They're leaving it a bit late. That's the only thing that's worrying me now. image

  • I received my pack on Thursday so fingers crossed you've received yours too now? I'm sure you'll get it in the next day or so if not! Went out for a 10k yesterday - slightly faster than my anticipated race pace - 53 minutes but felt a little like hard work! Only a couple of short runs this week then flying up to Edinburgh on Friday. Can't wait to arrive and excited to see the city!

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Vikki, you should be fine.  My long runs have been done at 10m15 pace and slower and I am aiming for 4h17 (my one and only PB is 4h29 and I have run faster in training this time).  I only run 3x a week.  Just dont go out too fast.  My plan is to do the first 5 miles at 9m55 pace and then get to 9m45 pace and try and hold it.  

  • To all who are doing the marathon on Sunday - have a good one. I'm not doing it this year but have done both the half and the full before. Just watch for the first 6 miles or so - they are all down hill and tend to get you going a bit quicker than intended but they then bite in the last 6 miles.

    Vikki - definitely done the training - about double what I did for the recent Manchester and I still managed to finish that in 4:21 despite those awful conditions.

  • You have done more than enough! Pace yourself, take gels on board at the right times and enjoy the day!!

  • 4hrs 22mins!!! The weather was unbelievable in Edinburgh, had an amazing time exploring the city. Started the race at a steady pace and felt fairly strong all the way round, I walked for about half a mile to cool off in the shade and still managed to get a sunburnt forehead but crossed the line with a smile on my face and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks for all your comments and heres to the next one! image

  • image Hey, great time Vikki. And now you know you were worrying about nothing!

    Have you got another one planned yet?


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