Smug early morning runner

I've just found another thing I love about running. You don't have to wait for a gym or a pool to do it, the outside world is ready anytime. And I love the smug feeling that I've been out already this morning, my husband is still snoring his head off and my kids don't even know I've been gone. It fair sets you up for the day!


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    there's a thread for your sort over in general. Now be quiet I'm having a lie in. image

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    pink-lynne join us over on the 'who else gets up at stupid o'clock thread'.

    I love getting back while everyone else is still in bed. It is also the only way I can guarantee I will get my run in, if I leave it till after work other stuff happens and I end up not running

  • I'm beginning to wonder about the same thing!

    My current training schedule should mean that I run Mon, Wed & Fri evenings. I've missed at least two runs altogether now, and three times I've moved one of the evening runs to a weekend morning instead, as today.

    I already get up at 06:30 each weekday, just to get to work for 09:00, but I am starting to think that getting up at 05:30 might be the answer...

    Trouble is, there's no way I'll be able to run at that time in the winter there?

    If we get any more deep freezes like we had in 2009 & 2010 I'm not sure I'll be able to run outside at all...

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    emarkm - yes, can still run in the winter very early. In fact, you just get used to the dark. I don't think I missed any of my early morning runs this winter. We didn't have such a big freeze as 2010, so not sure about whether i will still go when it is really bad.

    it is easier to get used to at this time of year, and once you are in the habit you just do it

  • I'm definitely tempted. It's not the dark that bothers me; I'm never happier then when I'm alone in the dark and cold under some abandoned building or in a cave somewhere. It's mainly just that, for those last two winters (excluding this one just gone) you could literally not walk around our estate, nevermind run. The only thing you could do was drive...very get to the main roads which were not so bad.

    Who knows? Maybe by next winter I'll have joined a gym or found room for a treadmill. That would be ace image 

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    you can get things called yaktraks which go over the bottom of your shoes to allow you to walk and run safely on the ice

  • Might just hire a yak instead...image

  • EMarkM - I have only recently started running so it was a combination of embarrassment and necessity that made me chose early morning runs. I am overweight and couldn't stand the thought of people looking and laughing, but also because my husband works shifts so every second week I am at home with the kids in the evening. On an early shift he leaves at 6am so I need to be out and back by that time, then take my time getting ready for work.

    I am a bit concerned about winter but I am hoping to be much fitter (and lighter!) by then so can go out in the evening if need be. But to be honest I love being out myself when the streets are virtually empty.
  • i went out for a run down the canal at 5.10 yesterday morning. i saw a heron. it was beautiful. i felt very smug too!!! currently sat here nursing a swollen ankle(frozen sweetcorn) so not sure about the morning.

  • Pink_lynne - Sounds like you're enjoying yourself image

    Caronline - I love my runs by the canal, always have! 

  • currently right in the middle of a big bout of smugness. moved up to 8r/2w x3 this week, and it was great, perfectly doable. emarkm- are you at all scared of swans or am i just being a big girl?

  • Unfortunately, I'm not scared of anything, which can be a bit of a problem sometimes!

    Swans are fine; just don't get between them and their cygnets.
  • i went for a run at 11am this morning. hated it. too many people and cars. and too bloody warm. 5am fri it is.

  • I was out at 5.30 this morning and for the first time since I started running it was warm. I found it so much easier to breathe and assume its because the 'nip' in the air was gone. I had a Zumba class at 9.30 and even at that time the heat was strong, so at 11am you must've been melting!
  • it was ridiculous. i dont know how i kept putting one foot in fron of the other. 5am in the morning for me!!! wow you did a run and then zumba. impressed.

  • i actually had sweat pouring off my arms-howthe hell does that even happen? where about's are you then pink lynne- just idle curiosity btw

  • I'm in Glasgow, whereabouts are you Caroline?

    I think there's nothing worse, but nothing better than dripping with sweat! I hate the feeling but love when it's because I've worked so hard. I love my Zumba and it makes me sweat! That's when I'm a bit jealous of men who just shower and go, it takes me ages to dry my hair etc.

    I'm not planning to run tomorrow, going out on Saturday and I think the weather will still be sunny then, hope not too bad at 5am though.
  • It'll be too bloody hot round here for running tomorrow even if you wanted to! I'm not far outside of Paisley and I nearly melted this afternoon when I went out for a gentle two mile bimble. It's half ten at night now and still roasting outside!

  • Runs-with-dogs - I live in Hillington so run along Paisley Road West onto Glasgow Road in Paisley. I work in Johnstone so know the area quite well. The heat today was unbearable, no wonder you nearly melted!
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