Why run a marathon?



  • Haha, not yet Blisters! It'll have to roll over to next year now, turned out a literal marathon was easier to finish image !

  • CC82CC82 ✭✭✭

    Madness for me I think.

    I did it to raise funds for a local charity (to build an all weather sports facility aimed at keeping kids off their arses and fit!).

    Signed up in a moment of madness for an Ultra (33 miles), Edinburgh Marathon and Loch Ness Marathon, plus the 15 mile Petrofac Challenge at Balmoral.  All in 2012.  A 100 mile challenge in the hope that it would encourage folk to dig into their pockets and donate to raise as much funds as possible.

    All of that on the back of having only ever ran 1 half marathon and a few 10k runs.

    Didn't set any records by any stretch of the imagination, but I've given myself a marathon PB of 4:24 to try to beat next year now that I'm going to start doing some proper training (and do just 1 marathon in 2013!).

  • Martenkay: sounds like it's time for you to come over to the ultra side!

    Why run a marathon? To prove to myself that I could (although by the time I ran my first official marathon I'd already gone ultra, so I knew I could run the distance). To see what time I can run it in. For the challenge (Beachy Head coming up). Oh - and for fun!

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