Garmin 410 v 610

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Hi. From what I understand on the 610 you can see all 4 together and pretty much not have to worry about viewing other screens just lock it at that and run.

Can you show the same on the 410 or can you only show 3 at once and need to fuss about to show these 4?

Or am I worrying over nothing and the 410 is just perfect for training for a marathon and as it's less than half the price and should just snap up the 410



  • On the 410 you can see three at once.


    However, you can set it to change between three different screens (at least) each showing three sets of info, and set whether you want the scroll speed to be slow, medium or fast.


    You don't really want to be trying to fiddle with the touch-sensitive bezel mid-run. For the price, I'd hope that with the 610, shaking, wet sausage fingers can control it with maximum precision. image

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    Ordered a 610 last night via startfitness as they had a 10% off voucher on the homepage so paid £290

    Probably could have waited an paid a bit less somoeone else knowing my luck, but hey all sorted now.

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    Got an email saying posted at lunchtime, so very excited will arrive Wednesday at the latest.
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    Hey it's arrived..... I want to be at home now to try it out.

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    Well it's very easy to use, software works fine on my MacBook.

    I was nervous about it, but darn glad I have it now, makes me think how did I cope with iPhone it's just click, click no hassle no worries.

    Not sure if it's worth twice as much as the 410 which is only ??140 on amazon. That is a real bargain.

    Thanks for those that suggested going for a phone.

    Oh just to say I love the heart monitor.
  • I see the 610 has dropped in price on Amazon. It's now £247.82 (see


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    Bugger typical image
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    Ahh but that is without the HRM so need to pay ??35 plus for that.
  • £295 odd on Amazon just now, which is a good price.  Well worth the money - upgraded from a 305 (basically the same watch, just smaller and more modern).  

    It gets used every run, so a great buy.


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    image yes I got mine for 290

    I love it.
  • Just began training for a half marathon, with the long term aim of doing a marathon next year.

    Unfortunately, I am just using my iPhone to track my runs at the moment.  Hopefully pick up a 610 after my holidays in July. Looks almost faultless amongst the rest of the Garmin range.

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