fracture bone by toe

hi just need some advice,im training to run the wall run in june 24th hadrains wall.been putting in average 60 miles per week since january,lots of races,marathons etc,3 weeks ago i tripped down the stairs and fractured a bone by my 4th toe,so no running for me,it feels ok now a bit soar,i want to start training again,just done 3 miles down gym,ive got the edinburgh marathon next sunday27th may,training run,any advice please should i start running again all think marathon to soon......... thank you blakester..





  • Hi, which bone have you fractured?

    Is your Dr/ consultant ok with you running on it?
  • Hi tom . Its my 4th toe by my little toe where my toe goes into says 3 or 4 weeks.
  • Did it hurt during your 3 miler?

    There are a couple of things that might help;

    "buddy strapping" - use zinc oxide tape (or similar) and tape your 4th toe to the 3rd one for support.

    Use a silicon toe protector - fits over the toe itself and might aid in shock absorption.

    If your doctor is happy for you to run then it comes down to symptoms. If you can run pain free then it should be possible to run the marathon.
  • hi tom,it was a bit soar but can walk ok,where can you get a silican toe protector from.ive got 1 week think ive done plenty of miles in leg and use it as a training run.thanks for help

  • Places like Schu, Shuropody and some larger Boots stores stock them.

    Amazon have them too;

    Man that's a big link! Hope it works!

    Try them on a run or two before the marathon.
  • Thanks tom will try.u
  • I broke a toe (can't even remember which one it was now) and, despite padding, found it too sore to run properly at normal level (had to build up to every other day runs) for quite a few weeks ( I heal slowly though). I know this isn't what you want to hear - sorry. If it hurts, I'd ease off until it stops hurting. Doing some reasearch at the time, I did come across people who ran with broken toes and they never quite healed properly. I might be being over-cautious but, for the sake of a disrupted running schedule for a few weeks, think it's wise to err on the side of caution.I now have no problems at all with the toe.  

  • Thanks for reply . Toe is getting better every day.will take trainers to Edinburgh and see. Thanks again.
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