How old do you think you will be when you die?

The drummer of Crowded House, Peter Jones, has died at the young age of 45...  

It made me wonder...  how old will I be when I die.... I'd like to think that I'll be over 60..



  • Is that why you have a ghost kk?

  • Boo! KK
  • age i will die = +- square root of my grandma's age + square of my grandad's age - crowded house drummers age + ghandi's mums age at third child.

    Standard age calculation.
  • Having read the Culture novels by Iain Banks, I am still clinging to the hope that we may all get the chance to be immortal.

    Come on Culture guys - beam me up, I'm ready!

  • I'm a cat so should only have made it to around 14.......but hey, what do you know.....I'm 45......Yay, go me image

  • The oldest men live to about 115 and I'm 43 so I can fairly confidently predict I will die between 43 and 115. I'm in good health at the moment, so if I assume that either extreme of that range is unlikely, and plump for the middle of the range for no very good reason, then I get 79. That's not too bad.

  • No idea but I'd be happy if I seen my seventies.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Not so much my age but my condition is what matters to me. I'd like to live long enough to be reasonably venerable but not beyond the point where quality of life goes.

    I'd want the horse pills if I go gaga or get something really horrible and painful.

  • Who knows?  I think if someone could tell you, I wouldn't want to know.  Hopefully for a long time, but maybe not.  So i'm doing all the things I want to anyway, and not putting them off until i'm older, because I might never get the chance.

  • I wish I knew. They I could decide whether to pay into a pension pot, or whether to say "stuff it I'm going on holiday!"

  • sooner the better considering we will all be dying at work at this rate.....

  • I'm pretty sure I'm immortal. It's all going to plan at the moment.

  • KK say boo to KK, like woooo. Not boo to g of KK, like... work it out yourself.
  • I will be old enough but it will seem too soon.


  • Quantum physics "proves" what ancient eastern philosophy has known all along, death is not the end.

    Five Reasons You Won't Die.

  • If I have my fathers heart I will not see out this week image...however my mothers will still be beating when everything else stops ....image

  • Kryten wrote (see)

    Quantum physics "proves" what ancient eastern philosophy has known all along, death is not the end.

    Five Reasons You Won't Die.

    image I agree

  • I just have to outlive the current Mrs Fish, mostly out of spite.

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