Cramp in OW

Hi Im new OW & have been doing some training, around 1200 meters I have been getting cramp in my legs & feet, its nothing major

But I have a mile swim in London on Saturday and I woundered if I can do anything to ease this

My best time in the Lake is 30:25

Thanks Markofkent


  • Is it the cold or salts that is the problem do you know?

    Likely the cold perhaps?  Try some compression socks under the wetsuit, I know Holly does thisas she suffers fromleg cramps as well

  • Ditto what Meldy said, use calf guards. I got really bad cramp in both calfs at Bala last year, so used calf guards after that and they got rid of it. Keep the calves a bit more towsty too which always helps image
  • I do get it in the pool sometimes and thought it was because I was dehydrated, so I now take a bootle with me to the pool which helps a little

  • The witch is right. I get cramp in the pool (actually, I get cramp in bed too, but that's another story), and lack of salt is a major cause, but I started using calf guards under the wettie in OW and it's helped loads.

  • Thanks

    I have some 2xu ones somewhere in me house, I also get it in my thighs sometimes grrrrrrrrr

  • Oh, and eat a banananananananana a day too
  • image fruit ! ! ! 

    lol Id better try that then ......... thanks Holly


  • I had really bad cramp on Friday night just as I went to get out of the lake. I'm putting it down to the cold, evidently quite a few people were suffering on Friday. image I have to admit to staying in much longer on Friday compared to the previous week!

    It took me till yesterday to get the knots out of my muscles!! image

    Oh and the lake at Holme Pierrepont has reached a tropical 12.4°C!! Better than the 11°C it was the week before! image

  • Try stretching your feet at turns. Pointing your toes for too long can bring in the cramps, so at turns, when speed isn't so critical, flex ankles and point your toes down, which will give a bit of a stretch to the calves.
  • You need to point the toes up towards the knees to stretch the calves, as pointing the toes contracts the calf, which can lead to cramp if your toes are pointed for too long, as M..Triumphant said.

  • LtP worded it better than me, when I say point the toes down, you're swimming, so it's down the the floor etc, ot pointing like a ballerina

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    as others have said, point the toes when the cramp starts - and as you swim, try and keep the ankles "floppy" which staves off the cramps in the first place.  

  • thanks everyone image I will give this a try in the morning

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