Haile Gebrsalaisse

Pretty amazing run from Haile at Manchester 10K today - 27' 39" at age 39.

Assuming he continues as he is, the male 40 Vet long distance records are going to get seriously re-written during the next couple of years (and probably put out of reach for a very, very long time).


  • Not bad for a retired geezer!
  • Not bad at all !

  • That's crazy, would like to see him on a parkrun image

  • Great run alright, destroyed the rest of the field including the current marathon world record holder, one of the guys selected for the Ethiopian Marathon team and the winner of the London 2010 marathon I believe.

    But there's no way he's 39, he's definitely older than that.  Which makes his time even more impressive.

  • Still think he's gonna get beaten by Paul Tergat in 2000 OG 10,000m, every time I  watch the footage,image

  • He's a legend

  • What a run

  • I remember that OG 10,000m Birkmyre - an incredible race between 2 of the all-time greats at the height of their powers.

    Hard to believe it's 12 years ago now and makes Haile's recent 10k all the more remarkable - talk about longevity !

  • David:12 years ago ! Yeah my younger son had just started Primary School in Aug 2000 and now he's in 5th Year and sitting his Highers.

    Probably best ever 10,000m race I've seen.

     Mind you the 1983 World Championships 10,000m was a cracking race with 4 athletes all sprinting down the home straight.

  • He didn't quite make it. It would have been great to see Haile in the London Olympics but he was only able to finish 7th in the 10,000m at Hengelo last Friday.

    Having said that, he ran 27'20", which is pretty remarkable in itself and also shows the depth of talent Ethiopia has to choose from.

  • can he do it on a wet Tuesday in December in Stoke though?

  •   sevendaughers:Yes he could  I'd say image

  • I'd love to have seen the great man run in London Olympics this year.

  • Yes - he should run in the Olympics just because he's a legend - could we at RW get a petition going?

  • Even more remarkable performance if he's really 46!

  • Thanks for the link Skaterboi, but surely, he can't really be in his mid-40's?

    27'20" for a 39 year old is remarkable enough - but for a 46 year old !!

  • 46 ? Surely not !!!

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