Gammy Knee!

Hi All,

Just started running and I am into my 4th week of training for the GNR this year.  I seem to has strained something just below the knee of my right leg.  Unsure whether it is shin splints or just a pulled muscle around the knee.

I am keen to get back out as I am really enjoying it and seem to be making good progress but do not want to cause any long terms problems.  Difficult question I know (given it depends on so many factors) but how long do you think I should wait before running again?  It seems to hurt in the morning and I get the odd twinge during the day.

Any info is appreciated.




  • Depends on a few things. You'd to be a bit more specific on here about on your knee. Inside, outside etc. The injuries I've had, I was usually ok after 3 weeks off. When I tried to run any earlier it always came back. There's loads of stuff on the internet if you can be very specific about symptoms.
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