PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • I quite fancy abroad again next year. Somehow this UK long distance racing isnt as exciting as a sunnier european trip. 

  • Cougie - *cough* IMDE

  • This very British weather is hardening my resolve to go abroad next summer. Still fancy Vichy. Even if the swim's Speedos-only. Will just have to learn to swim a little better image!

  • Dont forget the Lanza option pepes ....   image

  • Hello *waves to peeps that kn0ow me and those that don't*

    Just wandering from the world of Fetch cos I haven't said Hi to my loverly pirate mates for ages.

    Really want to get back to tri's again.

    Any reccommendations for a sept/oct sprint/oly for this year?

    What's this Henly one you're talking about for next. My Pirate kit is in need of some use!!

  • Sioux - Fleetwood, end of september. Sprint, closed roads and good value at £25

    other than that, Nantwich is fairly close to you.

  • £25!!!! I'll have a look at Fleetwood then.

    Got exams on the 6th Sept so written any chance of summer races off.

    Just about fitting training in round the studying/family/work by doing most of my shifts at weekends

  • ..... just to remind people this will be the UK event and I am told will also have a half IM option for those not ready but will be a great way to join in!

    Also if you're not already part of the Fatman to Ironman thread and considering breaking your IM cherry next year, come over and join the rest of us for the best worst year of our lives image


  • Have entered the the Henley Half IM this year determined to get my Thames swim in after Windsor was cancelled.

    The only problem I can see with this event is that it is so relatively late in the year. I would much prefer an earlier IM in 2013 (just not sure I can face Lanza as a sea swim is not my fav)     

  • I dont mind Lanza as a holiday - but for me its too early in the season. The lakes are too chilly for proper training in time for getting ready for Lanza. Henley lets us have the whole summer to practice OW. Which is nice. 

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    Kit numbers are picking up nicely! image

    After thinking about this at the weekend, I am going to close the order book after IMWales ie end of September.  This means that the order will likely be placed with LG towards the end of the year, with delivery around Feb/March. 

    It will be the last order before Lanza


  • To lazy to read all the way back so is Henley gonna be THE pirate event for those not fortunate enough to go to Lanza?

    Not interested in doing it but would love to come and support if it is
  • I think so Max image
  • It is indeed Max  image

  • In thst case i will be coming to do the supporting other peoples efforts and having a beer bit for a change image
  • errrrr.... is it wrong to be excited already?

  • Can you do relays as well at Henly?

  • I think so Siggy image
  • I won't be relaying next year soggy... image
  • hmmm....

    I have unfinished businesses a Outlaw. I think if I go long next year it looks like it will therefore be Outlaw and Henley.image

  • I must have been drunk on Monday - I could have sworn I heard GB mutter "never again" image

  • Maybe he was the referring to the pre-race 7 pints and shots combo Raf? Heheheheheimage
  • I'll be there in support, Henley's just up the road, not as warm as Lanza but certainly easier to get to image

  • I will be doing the half image

  • Everyone is talking about supporting....haven't seen many people saying they are doing it yet
  • I rather fancied Outlaw ... But if everyone's going to be at Henley ...?

    Where do you stay for Henley - presumably there's no camping?

    Bit nervous about swimming in a river where, presumably you have to swim against the flow ... Reckon at my pace I'd end up going backwards ... Perhaps by that time next year I'll practically be a Wellington ...???!!

    But there is Legoland down the road to keep the kids occupied while I'm cycling ...
  • Here's another for the supporters club. Quite fancy supporting at Lanza image

  • What am I doing here?

  • Outlaw and Henley for me.
  • Britrisky - there's no official campsite for Henley as far as I can see - but there are three or four a couple of miles away, one of which could no doubt be 'taken over' by the Pirates for a few days.  And some of the swim is downstream!! image


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