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    Just in case anyone is interested the race instructions for this year have just been published here


  • thanks HappyChap, am looking forward to the half now image

  • If Henley is on for next year I think I'll join in, assuming the other half gives me permissionimage  I'm doing a weeks cyccling in the alps in early June so would be a shame to waste the trainingimage

    I was planning to wait until 2014 and do Austria, if anyone has any thoughts for that the following year?

  • Hi Avalaf, long time no see, how are you?

    My name change is because I now have a titanium hip joint.

  • I'm good thanks, Titanium hip?  isn't that cheating?

    I did Roth last year, was funimage  Got my medal given to me by Chrissie Wellington.

  • Me too, the year before.

     Prior to the op I literally couldn't run for almost 2 years and have been told my long distance days are over, the joint will not cope with running a marathon. Still not allowed to try to run until December. So I'm looking at doing HIMs instead.

  • Well good luck with it after December, you cycling at all ?
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Just had an email from Philippa Morgan, one of the organisers - they are looking for volunteers to help at this year's event.

    We had a great day marshalling out on the bike course last year, but can't help this time as it clashes with IM Wales.

    If you're entering next year, you could get the feel for it by volunteering this time around. They looked after us well last time!


  • Avalaf - I was cleared just this Tuesday to start cycling again. And driving - so am no longer marooned at home!

    Joddly -  is the bike course tough? I need to find a course that doesn't have huge steep hills on it for my first race back after hip surgery.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    IW - we were at the top of a fairly steep but fairly short hill, which I think competitors had to do twice, and there was one other like this. Nothing too terrible, though - certainly not like IM Wales.

  • you have to do the two big hills 3 times for the full distance. the only thing I'd beware of IW is the road surface. it's very rough and bumpy, not like a nce smooth road at all! I've got titanium nuts and bolts holding my back together, and find that the vibration from the road can make it all ache a lot - not sure if your new bionic hip joint would behave the same??

  • Thanks Fraggle - I can't do the full IM any more, have to be satisfied with half. Doesn't sound like a good one for me if the surface is poor. Think I'll probably go for Challenge Vichy instead.

  • Sorry to put you off! But I know what it's like, and where the screws go into the bone can get painful with vibration, and this road surface is quite awful. I'd planned in doing the half this year and full next (with the rest of the pirates) but not so sure I can handle 112 miles on that road image
  • The roads are crap.

    My tri club has entered the relay this year, and their runner has dropped out......what to do?

  • You know you want to Cat image
  • But it won't be a case of !only 26 mile to go more a case of I have to run a bloody marathon.

    It's flat though....XC surface....

  • ........ And I've just compared bike profiles and Challenge Henley has 200 ft more climb overall than IM Wales. - but the swim and run are both flat as a pancake image
  • What's the run course - 4 laps of the first bit of the half mara course?

    And +1 for the crap roads - I cycled it last week, its terrible! Fortunately its doesn't affect my titanium screws as they are in my skull - and that's pretty thick!!

    (In fact, Fraggle and IronWolf - we should enter as a relay team with the amount of titanium we appear to have between us - the Bionic Pirates?? image)

  • And yes the run is 4x the first bit of the Henley half route
  • Excellent - so that's four times past the Little Angel - a pint each time should keep me going!! image

  • image ref don't you want some pork scratchings as well mate?

  • Pork scratchings??? Nah, not me - proper af-ar-lete me, got to be careful what eat. May a pack of cheese and onion though......

  • Mmmmmm.......pork scratchings.

  • Lot's of salt in them for recovery and high in protein. image image

  • Raf - now there's an idea! I'll swim or run and avoid those crappy roads.

  • Henley Half-arsed

    1. Cat5
    2. MovingAlong
    3. Lee the Pea

    Challenge Henley

    1. Hope
    2. Gasbag
    3. Frags (*if* my back holds up and my attempt at the Half Arsed goes ok this year image )
    4. Gladys

    Double Entendre - Challenge Henley and ExtravaLanza

    1. Meldy
    2. OC
    3. Rafiki D
    4. Happychap
    Hope peeps are still keen for this? Really want to go with lots of Pirates, but as long as the quality is right, I can forgo quantity... (insert your own Meldy joke here!)    I'm sure I read HH and Ditchy were looking at this one? Must be more?
  • I am sure they were Gladys

    Mind you I am not sure Ditchy hasnt gotten herself another fish to fry !!

    All the 'newbies' seem to have been attracted by Outlaw which is understandable but a little bit of a shame for Henley ....

  • Lurks for a run leg maybe, save on hotel bills.

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