PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • I'm also local but NOT doing this, but I'd book up accomodation now if I were you...


  • Thought you were doing the half-arsed Cat?
  • Not doing the full.

    I'm hoping the half is the club middle distance champs. I'll also see how the season goes.

  • image Fraggle didn't know you lived there epect me to pop by next festival now to borrow your shower.

  • Err, yes cake image
  • Cake wrote (see)
    UltimateBadger wrote (see)

    Hi. Don't normally post on here (usually over on the 'dark side') but I am in. 1st iron distance. cr@pping it already. Looking forward to absorbing your collective wisdom image.

    image Mate I won't cr@p it until you see the likes of me or Meldy skipping towards you thats scary a IM is going to be easy fellar. There is a thread called fatman to ironman you might find useful as well.


    Cheers Cake. Someone be nice to the new fella eh and add me to the list? image

  • What, like this Badger?

    CH - entered
    Iron SwissBobby
    Ultimate Badger

  • Solid work there Blisters.

    For some reason it went all screwy when I did it...image

  • Oo oooo .... am looking. Might be the half for me. I think I'm a bit Ironmanned out image

  • Just as long as you are there, Hope! imageimage

  • I'll be there to scoop you up at the end... don't worry image

  • image Best work on your guns, then, if you're going to try to scoop me up! Because there's nothing of you (as you admitted to SportieDoc earlier!! image)


  • Ha ha!!! image

  • And there is a lot of Gladys! image

  • Right, I'm booked in at the Premier Inn in Marlow. Didn't fancy the Catherine Wheel after reading the reports of 2am disco's! image

  • Good shout- doubt if Premier Inn Marlow have any wedding receptions image

    BTW Challenge Henley folk just went one notch up in my estimations. I lost a pair of Oakley sunnies in T2 and thought that was that. On the off chance they might have been handed in I called the Challenge team and hey presto they were in lost property and are now winging their way to faith in mankind is restored.  

  • Whats the parking like Bedders - as I plan to exploit the comfort of my own bed!!

  • At the event? It needs a bit of planning TBH. Lots of it but split Transition means your car is at T1 about 2 miles from the finish. Options are cycle back to your car along the road (with bags and wetsuits around your neck) or take the water ferry which I did not want to wait for. Or have a sherpa park at the Finish (easy) take all your gear for you and cycle back to T1 without all the clobber (what I did). They may of course have a different system in 2013 

    If however you mean parking at the Premier Inn Marlow I have absolutely no idea!!!!

  • Cheers - I meant at the event. Think I'll go for the sherpa approach!!

  • Hi.

    Newby alert.

    Should I book one night or two? I mean, is there any reason to stay on after the event? Like a piss up.

  • Blisters, as this is the official Pirate Champs for next year,  there is normally an 'award ceremony' the following day, which I believe may involve alcohol - so you may want to book an extra two nights!

  • "like a piss up"??? You think we do this for the exercise and glory?! Of course there's a pissup!!!image
  • There will indeed be a pi$$ up and awards ceremony the following day.

    All the sheilds and the Gladys'ing prize will be up for grabs image

  • You say that like there will be any competition!
  • Gosh hotels already!
    I've entered the Half because I'm a bit poor at the moment and a half is enough to keep me out of trouble for the year without the mammoth training hours.
    I'm also gonna be a sherpa. image 

  • eeks... well i have successfully entered challenge henley.. will be my 1st long distance tri so any advice welcome!!! do i need to book hotels soon? and if so i guess for the weekend if there is celebration (or otherwise) to be had... 


  • Welocome to the party Irondreamer image

    CH - entered

    Iron SwissBobby
    Ultimate Badger

  • There will be trouble when the List Fairy spots what you've done.

  • I live to upset the Fairy....... although I won't live for long when she finds out image

  • Good job irondreamer. My first too. I wouldn't hang around too long for hotels - at the Premier Inn they don't take any money until you've checked out so you've little to lose. I also paid an extra £10 or so to allow me to modify the booking at any time, in case things change.

    Right, when can I start asking questions about Fink...? image

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