PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • uh oh

    Unfinished sentence. He's been swept away.

  • Or died of boredom at the Rowing museum........

  • Nah, survived! Dodgy mobile phone connection - but can't remember what else I was going to say.
  • I got back to Reading about 1215 so remained dry image

    Cheggars - if you waved at a solitary cyclinst in pirate kit, then that was me having been dropped again on a climb. If I was with some others, then it was a rare moment of me keeping up with the fast group.

    Road up to Pishill is horrible, but the descent in to Watlington makes it worth it. Until the climb back up to Christmas Common (hill climb race was on today too). Fast blat down to Wallingford then undulating to Goring. Dropped on Goring Hill, then fast back to Caversham. ~700m climb in 70km

  • You were way after me Ironcat. You're right about the Pishill road - hopefully the new route for next year won't include it.

    If I'd seen someone in Pirate gear (I didn't) - and bearing in mind I'm putting all this waffle on here - it'd have made my ride!
  • Just been reminded that we have another week to benefit from the Pirate cheapo sign up deal which they gave us until the 24th October I think.

    I am a bit sorry about Pishill being taken out as the ride down it on a closed road thsi year was awesome

  • Has the new bike course been announced then Bedders?

  • Not yet Raf, in an email to me 2 weeks ao they said it was going to be announced soon, and that it would be a faster course then before ...
  • Rafi - as above from Frags, not yet but they major on the fact that it is and will continue to be closed roads (and probably flatter) 

  • Looking forward to the details of the revised course - a little off the current 1800m climbing would be nice...

  • Yeah, can't it be made pancake flat?

  • Bedders.. wrote (see)

    Hi All,

    I have just spoken to the lovely people at Challange Henley and they are willing to offer all of us, whether we did it last year or not, the early bird discount for the Full distance. So normally it would cost £340, going up to £375 nearer the day, but we can have it for £294. To get this deal we need to enter as team "PSOF" and use the discount code "PREENT13".

    Just to add, this discount is only available until October 24th and is only available for the full not the half. I am told that the cycle will be all closed roads again and that there will be a new course (faster) whcih will be announced in a week or two's time.

    Finally if we want a Pirate Central feed station for supportes we can have that as well. 

    Hope this helps and see you there!         


    Two days left to use the code !

  • CH - entered
    Iron SwissBobby
    Ultimate Badger

    CH Half- arsed


  • And sod the alphabetical order! imageimage

  • image she's gonna kill you......

  • image i don't think its her list - its worse, its unofficial!!

  • Illicit listage. Good luck!

    I see in the local news that the NT are up in arms about the proposed bike route.

  • Hopefully the bike route is on road ? Why would that annoy the NT ?  

  • Any idea where it's supposed to be cat ?
  • Cougie, if it's on 'closed roads' could be limited access to one of their properties for the day thus reducing any 'entrance' fee they may want.  Just a thought.

  • I've just read about it potentially going past Greys Court here but all hype reading between the lines. 


  • B8gger me, I'm local and I can't work out where the new alleged route is imageimage

  • What's interesting about that article - apart from how stuck up most of the residents appear to be - is that the organisers do not appear to have secured the permission from the Local Authority to stage any bike course!!

  • Lurking - but slightly concerned that they wont be able to get bike course agreed and have to cancel.

  • I find it funny that the National Trust are complaining that it may affect local businesses - I presume they aren't worried about the effect on them. They are neither local nor a business (see charity status).

    However Challenge may have permission to put the event on but not a defined route that is still being disucssed. Note that we didn't have planning permission for the Olympic Park when we won the Olypics. Yes a higher profile event but the park has slightly more impact than a road closure for part of one day.

  • But no doubt the NT will charge for entry to their place??

    A valid point about the Olympics, but I'm fairly sure they were almost responsible for their own planning permission as the GLA were an ODA partner - I worked on bits on the permission and it really was a joke!

    But I'd also be surprised if CH would sell places if they didn't have a least an outline permission in place. Plus we are making the mistake on believing what it says in the paper!!

  • Soup Dragon wrote (see)

    I've just read about it potentially going past Greys Court here but all hype reading between the lines.

    That's the badger!

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    But no doubt the NT will charge for entry to their place??

    Yep but they aren't local - clue is in their name.

    I presume they have permission and support for the event given the extended spend in the area. The route will always upset some and is clearly still in discussion but sure they will find a route. It sounds like Challenge have already accomdated a route change requested of them.

  • Just to warn those doing the lists.......i am watching. I am biding my timeimage
  • I have gone and done it now. It is finally time for me to de-lurk, I have submitted my enter to Challenge Henely and am now looking to nail my colours to the mast of the Pirate Ship Of Fools.

    I am from a running background and but this will be my first Ironman, (first triathlon will have to be covered during training). Looks like a good group already entered with a few first times and a few more experienced. There was mention earlier on the thread of bike route recces and maybe pre-race meet up which would be up for, I'm only about an hour and a half away.

    Just want to check I did the entry correctly with the code and club as PSOF they charged me £299 plus £11ish admin fee as a not affiliate is that right?

    I'm off to blow some more money, firstly on the pirate kit thread and then on a road bike.

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