PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Gladys M. wrote (see)

    IF (hopefully a big IF) it were to be cancelled, have you thought about which IM you might do?

    Not really. I'm really hoping it won't be cancelled - not sure what I'd do if it was!

  • I can't see them cancelling it at this late stage. The councillors clearly have no idea of the scale of this thing.  

    I'm sure the local hotels and restaurants want the business. Thats got to be worth more than some teddy bear shop.He's probably lucky if he sells one in a weekend. 

  • Henley needs to get its head out of its arse quite frankly  image

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Henley needs to get its head out of its arse quite frankly  image

    Well said Meldy.

  • Is it me or do they seem unaware of the other races that challenge organise world wide? It reads as if they think their's is the only race challenge do?
  • I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong image but I think Challenge is a franchise, much like IronMan, and JustRacingUK have the franchise for the UK. So I don't think they organise other worldwide Challenge events, but do organise numerous other  successful races in the UK.

  • The way I read the Henley Standard stuff the council can whinge all they like. The real decisions are made by Oxford City Council and they seem quite happy. The Henley councillors are able to moan but that is about all they can do - of course I could be getting it totally wrong but I can't see them cancelling it (and I've just bought a wetsuit to wear there!)

  • Nope - Oxford County Council are consulted as a Statutory Consultee,  but the decision is down to South Oxford District Council as no trunk roads will be closed. They can over ride, or ignore the Town Councils views, but that rarely happens in my experience (I work in a planning related industry so deal with these numpty's on a regular basis!) This is from their website:

    Once we receive an application the request will be acknowledged, recorded and we will consult with the statutory bodies such as fire, police, Oxfordshire County Council as highway authority and the relevant town or parish council.

    If any objections are made, these will be raised with the applicant so that they can be discussed and hopefully resolved. 

    Once the consultation period has expired, and no objections have been sustained, we will inform you we will make the legal order and informing you of any conditions for compliance

  • That'll have just been wishful thinking then on my part!

    I'll stick to being hopeful it isn't cancelled - and agreeing with Meldy's view.

  • Actually, Cheggers, I've been a little bored this morning and had a look at their website. OCC seem to say they are in charge of Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (road closure) but that you also need a licence from South Oxford DC for a Public Event (which includes road closures!). They both seem to take the credit (or the blame).

    Also, what may have p*ssed the Town Council off even more is that it appears Challenge Henley have been selling places for an event which has not been granted permission as yet - this can be seen to be very arrogant by the Council. (Although obviously I can see why CH need to do this)

  • Has there been any more new on the bike route or the argumants with the council?

    How big is the pirate entry list looking now?

  • Don't think so Scuba - their websire still says they are in discussions etc etc

    And I think there's about a dozen or so Pirates entered so far.

  • The good ol' Henley Standard were stirring things up again a couple of days ago re: bike course. Hopefully they'll get it all sorted soon.

  • can you imagine if it is cancelled.there would be a mad rush to get the remaining places for IMWimage

  • I think that I would be slightly annoyed. Or larger.

  • I'm sure they will get it sorted.even if its just for this year and then look for somewhere else a bit friendlier

  • Blisters - I'd be more than annoyed, even livid may not be strong enough, and if it was cancelled after IMW was full then it would be a nightmare.

    Just read the article, they are stirring it up and the parish council makes it sound as if the event happens without notice and the residents aren't able to plan round it.

  • I just cycled past the teddy bear shop and 'unclogged my nose in his general direction' as I did so, to quote Python!! image

  • imageimageimage


    nice one Rafi  image

  • Anyone got an update?

    Dont want to enter and then it get pulled.


  • Any more in the local press?

    Anyone else planning to follow Fink for this one? Only about a month to go before it starts.

    Which warm races have others entered? I'm planning to enter Marlow HIM and an Olympic at Grafham Water.

  • I'll be following Fink. Is it only a month before it has to start? Oh heck.

  • As warm ups I'm doing Stratford upon Avon marathon (cos I want to know I can do a marathon beforehand), a couple of sportives and Marlow HIM. Also taking the bike to the Alps in August so I might find a mountain or two to pedal up
  • Couldn't find the Henley Times today at the in-laws. I'll keep an eye out.
  • I'll be Finking (intermediate) but will add more bike and a little less run I think. Will be posting here as I go. Finkettes be ready for Monday 11th February.

    Events wise I've booked two sportives and two HIM's (I'm skipping the Olympic as I don't really see me gaining much from that)

    Will be up for some recce'ing too if anyone else is - nearer the time and once they've sorted out this bleedin' bike route!

  • Oh sweet bejesus. The debate still rages:

    Though from what I can gather, the town council don't actually have much of a say in the matter. It's the district council that call the shots with road closures.

  • Flippin 'eck image. We' not all like that round here you know.
  • With so much oppossition form the villages how many will come out to support the cyclists going past..

    At IMW the villages have parties and are out cheering the cyclist on

    Maybe because they know the economy needs it.....maybe henley area is just too rich with commuters that the economy doesn't need it

  • Yes, I'm not expecting much support along the route. image

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