PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • People say nutrition is an extremely part of any training regime image Blueberry muffin = nutrition! Simples!

  • Cheers all. Managed a 30min run OK (it was a lovely day down here) but I am skipping the club swim session tonight - it can only make my sneezing/runny nose/sore throat worse! Hopefully I'll be OK for the Thursday sesh.

    I'm a little apprehensive about the bike route and I would class myself as OK on hills! I'm not seeing how the course is being described as fast with 2000m of climbing...

    Unfortunately it's a two hour drive from me from the South coast so I await someone to sort an 'official' bike route recce image

    Maybe we could do a number of recces. Perhaps a 1/2/3 lap recce, increasing as we get nearer to race day?

  • Right, I think Soupy and I are going to do most of the loop on sunday (missing out the Nuffield bit), meeting at 11 in one of the car parks and going at a relaxed pace and hopefully not getting too scared of the hills image


  • And we are talking slow so although you are welcome to join us, don't moan if its too slow for you - or we will make you do the hills twice while we catch up. image

  • 20 miles biked this evening, it looked lovely with the sun setting.
    Froze my funkin fingers off though.

    Let's have a peek at this new bike rout and "cheeky" hill then. I can't come down Sunday. There's a minor issue of a wife's birthday party.

  • Typo

    When I said bike rout, I meant route. The other spelling implies carnage.....

  • Crikey.

    Anyone who's driven along the M40 will be familiar with the Stokenchurch cutting. That's the hill, but without the benefit of the gentle cutting.

    Have you noticed, but even the swim section appears to have a gradient profile!

    Tenby seems positively gentle by comparison now.

  • Indeed, when we drive to the in-laws, we go on that road up to the M40 and always say 'hmm, wouldn't like to cycle up that hill" imageimage  

    still, just need to zip up the man suit and get on with it image

  • If it makes you feel any better, I've hit 47mph down that hill image And its not that bad on the way back up....honest!

  • Is it too late to swap to doing Wales? image

  • Make sure you report back here troops after your initial recce this weekend - we're all counting on you image

    Feeling a little bit worse today image Trained at lunch time though - probably shouldn't have done that. Although I didn't feel that bad it still certainly takes the enjoyment out of it. I'm now thinking I should probably take a day or two off...until I'm 100% again. I'm crap at being ill - typical bloke.

    Back to the bike course - I take it it's still TT bike's all the way?

  • Anyone got any dates in mind for a another recce? I live over an hour away and have to think about the family so need a bit of notice to be able to organsie it. Also I've only got up to 25milse on the bike, 30miles planned for this weekend so a few more weeks traingn required before a multi lap recce.

    Badger - Take it easy.

  • I'm sure we'll do plenty ST, so don't panic.  When I've got over my crappy cold (I'm now at the 'exhausted and feeling wobbly' stage) I'll probably do some or all of it most sundays, so there'll always be someone around.


    Soupy - might have to cancel the riding this sunday if i feel ropey, but still willing to meet up with you if you want to drive the course (or be driven round so you can take it in better)  will be in touch.

  • There most certainly WILL be more recces of the course. I live 2 hours away, but plan a couple of visits. I'll also be modifying my long course training route to include a similar hill at the end of it. For the sake of those who don't want to do the maths on it it's a tiny bit steeper than 1:8. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I happen to have one of those handy. There WILL be walking. Going down it has nearly killed me once, so I tend to avoid it. I think that the cycling afficionados call these "technical descents", but mortals call them something else. Just make sure your brakes are in fantastic condition.

    You can use a TT bike if you like, so long as there are fantastic brakes on it, and the bike has got a Granny gear on it.

  • Sorry to hear about all the lurgy going round. No probs about this Sunday fraggle, more important for you to get well. 

    I'll be riding parts of the course regularly, I live about a 40 min drive away. I'm planning to break it down into sections.  At the end of the day if I have to push up a hill well so be it, I will just have to work hard to pick up my speed on the flatter sections. I'd rather do that than knacker myself and not be able to finish. Now going down - that's scarey so I'd better practice descents as well if I'm going to make up time! 

  • Enforced day off - life's 5h1t - moan moan image

    Got a cycling track session with the club on Saturday evening. Looking forward to that, first time I've ever done it! image

  • Badger - Enjoy the track session, what bike will you be using for that?

    Wish I'd had a rest day, enforced or otherwise, did an hour in the pool this morning and 45mins at 100rpm on the turbo this afternoon and feel knackered.

  • Anyone know when this closes....?
  • Scuba - they have track bikes for hire (included in the price)

    Orange - I've no idea!

    Feeling better today, might do the 30min. Z1 spin session this evening as that's not very taxing. Will be 0/2 for swimming this week though unless I can get to the pool at the weekend (not sure I fancy this though as it's half term image )

  • Orange - the website says there are still places, I presume it will stay open unitl they are all taken.

  • Well, did a lap of the new bike course this morning, and my overall conclusion is...... was fecking cold!!!

  • erm looking forward to it tomorrow (not)    how was Howe Hill ?

  • I think it easier than the old course. Howe Hill is steep, but it's short - only 0.56miles. Its flat to the bottom, and flat again at the top - so if things are really bad, you could easily walk up it and not loose much time. To be honest I was only doing 7mph up it! Whereas Pishill on the old course was a long 8 mile slog, getting steeper at the top.

    Depending on the weather tomorrow, I might do bits of it on the TT. What time you going to be about?

  • Yes I suppose Pishill was a long old slog and pretty nasty at the top when your legs are tired, so a short sharp hill might be better.

    we're meeting at 11 Raf at southfields car park

    am packing plenty of layers......

  • I've bought some new cleats but not putting them on yet cos I don't want to wreck them walking half a mile uphill. Its gonna be cold and I can only find one overshoe.image  If this course is easier I'm mighty glad I didn't enter last year. 

    See you tomorrow Fraggle. I'll pm you my number just in case. 

  • Fraggle - You will need the layers I had 3 layers  and a waterproof/windproof over the top and that worked for 2 hours/30miles. It snowed the whole time i was out but not settling thankfully.

    Rafiki - thanks for the route feedback sounds like an improvement to me.

  • well, I did the half last year and survived image  the best thing this year is not doing the Stonor/Pishill bit 'cos the road surface was awful. See you tomorrow Soupy, and I hope you find your overshoe!

  • ugh. Week 2 completed, only managed 4h35 this week with 0 swimming and two full days off due to sniffles. image

    Most of that was my 2h30 bike today - was going to carry on to make it to 3h but I was so cold - plus it's my birthday so rather fancied some cake image

    Stats for long ride 2:

    2h32m, 37.44mi, 14.8mph avg., 2024ft elevation, avg. HR 127bpm.



  • Nice to meet up with SoupDragon today and we recce'd some of the course image  took a wrong turn on the first 'leg' and ended up going towards Greys rather than henley (we should have turned off before that corner Soupy image  ) , but other than that it was ok. weather was horrible, cold snowy and neither of us could feel our feet after 20 mins or so. Soup made it back up Howe Hill image and I had to get off and push after about a third of the way as my legs were dead. Also have not got over my cold as much as I thought and struggled a bit; poor Soup, I had to stop every 20 mins or so to empty my sinuses image; have been coughing loads and yacking up phlegm since I got home and I feel exhausted. A few easy days ahead for me I think. zzzzzzz


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