PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Good vid!!  Love the guy being shot by sparkles at the end  image

  • Badger - I don't see any way I'm going to run the whole Marathon at the end planning to walk all the feed stations and run between, they are fairly evenly spaced and frequent enough. Not sure whether to do some walk run training sessions or just run everything in training. Any one want to comment?

    Fraggle - I'd go for the 5 short days, more options and its about frequency not just long sessions. I've managed 1.5hrs on a turbo with a DVD but don't think I could go much longer.

    Jamie - Good luck with the half tomorrow? Got a target time in mind?

    Blisters - Great 5km time and some bling and on tired legs, well done.

    I'm doing Roding valley Half tomorrow it will be my first race in pirate colours, hoping for a time about 1:40.

  • About the hill, Raf thought it was short so as ever, the difficulty of a hill is totally subjective. I was wobbling up most of it at 2.8 to 3.8 mph according to my garmin, for about half a mile. If you go quicker its obviously a much sorter hill. image

  • Is this a proper hill or an upflat Soupy?

  • Its much like Whitedown, if not a little steeper image

  • Assuming the run is the same as last year the aid stations are very well spaced, I ran the entire marathon last year but I see a lot of people doing the run walk with the stations.... If I were you ST I would train too run distance the. Adjust if needed on race day.

    I'm hoping for a sub 1:30 tomorrow been doing a lot of run training recently so feeling reasonably confident... But I have never done a straight half mara only done HIM's before...

    And soup dragon I'm gonna try my usual tactic of trying to go up the tough bit as fast as possible.... Usually works out image
  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    Its much like Whitedown, if not a little steeper image

    Can't be steeper. I got up it and I've never got up Whitedown. A similar length though. 

  • Badger

    Ive run walked all 5 Ims ive done.

    4:02 for the first marathon, got it down to 3:42, and was aiming for 3.30


    i trained on a 9 min run 1 min walk.

    In the event i ended up running between aid stations and walking 1 min through them.. make sure you hit your watch at the start of the aid station, grab what you need, drink while wlaking then get going again when your whatch hits the 60 secs.....othetwise your 1 min walk turns into 2, or 3 or 5.....

    If the aid stations are only 7 mins apart then just walk 45 secs....

    Last year i started wlaking for 30 secs for the first quarter, then 45 secs then 1 min for the last 2 laps.

    I think its a really good approach as it means you are still running on the last lap unlike a lot of people.. i think its important to use run walk in any run over an hour. that way you find it ingrained to start running again.

    also it means your long runs dont hammer you so much... Means you can get out and train more image

    Finally i found it broke up the long runs... You only have to run 10 mins before you get a break

  • Wow they are some good times for a run walk on the marathon.... Orange has a lot better tips then me on run walk strat clearly!
  • So, slowing my target marathon down to 3:30 isn't the perceived wisdom?

  • If you are a proper runner who has done loads of marathons then i bow to you wisdom and zippy speed image
  • R/W certainly seems to work for a lot of people in the IM ... I have used it in and out of IM and times have been consistent (consistently slow but consistent  )     image

  • I'm planning to do walk/run. image 

  • My first IM and I ran walked, the second time I ran most of the marathon. I was quicker run / walking. Hardly a scientific study though as I was definitely fitter for the first.

  • As a foot note I got beaten by one A Brownlee at Abu Dhabi yesterday, stood next to him on the beach and never saw him again! 

  • Dave - just wait till post 2016 when he goes long - you'll beat him then! image

  • Thanks all for you comments on the walk run strategy. I think a few partices runs with 10-1 Run-walk may be a good idea.

    Jamie - How did the HM go?

    My first race in pirate colours went surprisingly well. After a lay off for a couple of months in Sep and Oct due to ill health, I'll bore you with the details another day, I've done no speed work and no runs longer than 10miles since. I managed a 2 minute PB of 1:36:03 on a undulating (maybe even hilly) Roding Valley Half Marathon today. The Tri training has given me such a big improvement in my base and it helped runnning with a mate from the tri club as it pushed me to run harder than I think I would have if I'd run on my own especially in the last 2-3miles.imageimageimage

  • Just got home went 1:30:10 seconds I was gutted... Still it was my very first half mara and I stupidly went way too fast at the start 5:50 first mile, and hit 10k at 38 :50 which was stupid the route was also reasonably hilly.... Still lots of room for improvement!

    Bloody good work on your pb scuba that is flipping excellent! I wish I had someone too cheer me on or motivate me today.... Massive race crap crowd... Nothing like the challenge Henley lot who were brilliant!

    Bit sore now so hit the swim on the head for tonight and gonna chill out instead....
  • Jamie - that is a very good time especially with out taper and of Tri training not specific HM training. Hope your soreness easier, get some stressing done and maybe a gentle splash would help.

    Blisters - were you racing today?

  • Cheers ST its pretty much what my mate said too me, and I definitely have not been HM specific training, was just a little gutted I didn't quite go under ah well always next time! Next targets all club race next weekend duathlon so will bring the pain on the bike nowimage
  • And I was eaten by darlick ;(
  • You guys are pretty swift runners, good times! Cheers all for posting re: run/walk. I have been doing 1 mile run, 1 minute walk to coincide with the approximate locations of the aid stations on the run. If I can get anywhere near Orange's times with this method I'd be over the moon (never run a marathon before)

    2h45m bike for me today with some decent climbs, followed by a 20 minute run-off. Then I got home, showered, stuffed my face and fell asleep for an hour image

    I've done a couple more hours than I should've this week so I am going to be strict with my workout times next week as it's a recovery week. If I keep going like this I will end up burnt out before I get anywhere near the start line! image

  • Badger - Thanks. That's a good brick today and prefect recovery strategy too well done. I'm looking forward to the rest week this week too. I'm going to mix it up a bit this week as well as cutting back the volume. I'm going to try and do my running cross country and maybe do some gym work and a short swim rather than just a swim on swim days.

  • Good work badger, rest is really important the amount of times I have fudged a long ride or race because of OCD triathlete over training is terrible so don't take a leaf out of my book and wind it back!
  • O.rangeCannon - 7 hr marathons are cool..... wrote (see)
    i trained on a 9 min run 1 min walk.
    In the event i ended up running between aid stations and walking 1 min through them.. make sure you hit your watch at the start of the aid station, grab what you need, drink while wlaking then get going again when your whatch hits the 60 secs.....othetwise your 1 min walk turns into 2, or 3 or 5.....

    What OC said. I trained to 9/1 last year, then used aid station at Outlaw. Unfortunately I couldn't find a defined start point again. FF had me counting to 100 after leaving the aid station then running.

  • Wow some good running going on here. Well done. image

    I did a lovely 45min run this morning. Swim drills tomorrow. Long bike on Tuesday weather permitting. 

  • Swim drills is always the best swimming session... Toys! I find it makes it a bit more fun to be honest... I've got drills tomorrow and a long bike, good having this extra time off work stuff! Have fun tomorrow soup I'm having a cheeky lay in before I go get cold for a few hours image
  • scuba....

    Where are you based? I did Roding Valley last year - its v close to me. I am in east london.

    I have got lots of biking to do in the summer so lett me know if you need any ride partners..... (its nice to break the longs rides up with a bit f company......)

    pps which tri club?
  • No racing for me today. I did however have a 44 mile group bike yesterday with the club, followed very shortly by a 5km road race wearing the colours of my running club. That was surprisingly good, with no signs at all of the dreaded dead legs. Amazingly, they delivered 6:32 m/m for the distance.

    Today was swim training with the group.

  • Sigh..... my swim drills don't include toys. image I'm learning TI and the only toy they allow is a tempo trainer.

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