PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Great swim coaching session tonight. She has told me to do breathing practice in a bowl at home so I called in at a certain large supermarket to buy a new one (didn't fancy washing-up bowl). Its only when I noticed someone looking at me a bit strange when I realised I'd picked up a round bowl and a rectangle one then put my head in each to decide which was the better size. image

  • Soup - I laughed when I imagined you with a bowl on your head in the middle of the super market lol!

    Day off for me today just been chilling with the mrs and the cat. Oh was at work too.... Not really a great day off as I do a manual job too image
  • Soupy is getting well handy on the flat. We had a real crack as well. Plenty of odd looks from other bikers as we stood draped over our bikes in hysterics, unable to move.

    Will be gong back for a few more laps in a week or so.

  • My missus (shuffleB) has just entered the half, so I'll be along supporting.


    Where is everyone staying the night before?

  • My house 15 miles away! If your stuck for accommodation reading is the best place lots of cheap decent hotels!
  • The more the merrier! I was staying in Marlow but I have cancelled that now and have a 'van booked at Swiss Farm - should be easier for the family.

    Scuba are you really getting 2000m in a 60 mile ride? Are you sure it's not feet? Where do you live, the Alps? image I live on the edge of the South Downs and thought I was doing OK...obviously not! image

    Another two hours of training done today. Same tomorrow. And the next...and the next...

    I have ear marked Saturday for the TT bikes maiden voyage of 2013 complete with new Planet X 60mm rims. Training plan calls for a 3 hour ride. I cannae wait I tells ya!  image

  • Me and my family are staying at the Caravan Club site just along from Swiss Farm.

    Having a rubbish time at the moment. Cycling and swimming as normal but my right ankle has gone wrong and I'm struggling to walk, let alone run. My first ever marathon is a week on Sunday and I'm currently a bit hacked off!


  • Badger - I did wonder about the Garmin data it says 5700ft but it is from a 405 so more a running watch than a cycle computer. Not being a cyclist I didn't know what sounded reasonable. I'm on the Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire border (3 counties not famed form there hillyness) but I am going out of my way to include as many big hills as possible on my routes.

    Soup - Love the supermarket story, what is the drill the coach has suggested and what is it meant to solve technique wise?

    Cheggers - Sorry to hear about your injury troubles, whats the physio have to say?

    Orange and ShuffleB nice to have more pirates around for the big day.

    1 hour spin session on the turbo and then a swim for me today. Didn't think my swimming was improving but on Tuesday I got put in the next lap up at the Tri club session and managed to keep up and today I did a Fink session 300m, 3x200m, 300m and took me much less than half an hours so I must be getting some extra speed from somewhere. I also don't feel as completed broken at the end of an hours swim as I did only a month ago.

    Am I the only one without a TT bike and fancy wheels image


  • Cheggers and Badger have you had to book a whole week in the caravan parks or have you managed a price for just he weekend? I like the look of them and would be good for the family but don't like the idea of paying £400 for 7 nights and then only being there at most 3.

  • St - it took me a couple of years too save for my bike, I love it too pieces best investment I've ever made had it about a year and I love going out on it!

    Cheggers - rest up mate I hope all goes well for your mara keep us updated!

    Iknow someone who lives on Swiss farm lol.... Anyway it's about 150 metres from t2 and the race finish image

    1 hour hilly bike too and from work...16 mile insanely windy not very fast run afterwards..... Felt strong image
  • ST - I have a standard Specialized road bike with no bling. I may or may not put some aero bars on. 

    The breathing into a bowl is meant to help me get breath management sorted. I have to slowly breathe out into the bowl then turn my head low as if I'm swimming and make sure I breathe out fully then take a belly breath in and repeat for 10 to 15 mins. Then I time it with my tempo trainer to get a breathing pattern comfortable at the pace I'll be swimming. Means I get to practice breathing every day for a week. I've developed a habit of not fully breathing out so I'm not getting the air which makes me puffed. Funny but I breathe perfectly on breaststroke but go into sort of breathing panic on freestyle. 

  • Scubes, yes I am paying for the whole week. We're going to hang around for a few days in the area and do some family stuff. I've a 2 year old to entertain! I doubt we'll stay for a whole week. Hardly cheap but it's location looks perfect and I want the family to have a good day too - without having to worry about logistics. The only downside was that ideally I would've come up on the Friday but you can't check in until Saturday (afternoon)
  • Badger - Unfortunately my oldest is at school so family will not be able to travel down until Friday evening and would have to leave late Sunday or very early Monday. I may I turn up earlier on Friday and leave once the Pirate party is over Monday/Tuesday. I like the location and facilities Swiss Farm have to offer but not quite ready to pay that price. Did you ask them about a shorter stay or a Friday book in? They aren't going to be full at that time as the school holidays are over.

  • Scuba - we've got a motorhome that we use quite a bit so we can just take that the whole 14 miles from home to the caravan club site and we're booked in there from the Friday to the Monday. Got my in-laws collecting the kids on Sunday evening (my youngest wants to cross the line with me so I can't finish too late!) and they'll deal with the school runs etc for us on the Monday.

    I know the location well and I'm not sure of the logistics of getting from the site to the river to start the race early on Sunday morning but that can't really be that much of a problem - both sites are in really good locations for us.

    Thanks for the comments on my ankle. Still knackered but slowly improving. We're away (in the motorhome!) for the weekend so I'll have a couple of days off. Cycling is fine and I did my fastest 2.5km swim ever yesterday - so the rest from running may be doing me good. As long as it all comes good it'll be an extended taper!

  • Just done a 3k swim in a smidge over a hour pretty relaxed affair done it at rough IM pace was fun.... Anyway just got my back up invite for the Windsor triathlon... So looking forward too it, sad thing is I suck massive arse at oly distance as the swim is long in comparison too half IM and IM, aiming for sub 2:15 but means I'm gonna have too swim like a crazy guy... Not too mention a sub 40 10k which is fine if I'm fresh... Which I won't be... image
  • Scuba - I haven't asked them yet about early check in or a shorter stay as I just booked it over the 'net. I think I might well do though!

    Cheggars - I thought in previous years there was some kind of river boat that can take you to the start? I might be getting confused though...

    Jamie - once again you are putting us all to shame with your training and your sub 2:15 Oly splits!

    Looking forward to getting out on the bike today with my new wheels. Got her ready last night - she's sat in the garage ready to rip a hole in the space/time continuum. image

  • Well, I'll be buggered. Apparently holes are not ripped in the space/time contiuum when you average a speed of 16.7mph over 50 miles image

    Felt a little 'flat' today on my ride. Not sure why, possibly because it's the first ride on the TT for months. New wheels were nice, not sure if they make me any faster! At least the weather was nice. I guess it will take me a few weeks to get used to the bike again.

    Hope everyone else is enjoying the weather.

  • Nice badger! I did 50 miles too which was loverly 46 miles 19.7 mph was reasonably lumpy as well but did feel reasonably "hard" a lot of overgearing efforts. 4 mile brick run on top then gardening all day at my private job so wrecked now! Century ride tommoro bring the pain!image
  • Above post is worded wrong was 46 miles not 50 and i cant edit for some reason apologies its late for me!
  • Badger - I'm glad you left the time/space continuum in one piece for the rest of use to enjoy. Shame your first ride on TT and new wheels didn't feel as good as you hoped, I'm sure it will be good once you get use to it.

    Jamie - you are a training like a machine at the moment, hope your are taking enough rest too so you don't burn out out later in the session.

    I managed 70miles yesterday in 4:10 17mph average still searching out as many hills as I can. I don't seem to be able to keep my average heart rate high enough to stay in Z2, I think yesterday this was due to not being able to push hard enough on the hills to make up for the drop in heart rate on the descents. Legs were sufficiently tired that they could work hard enough to make my heart work or is it the other way round, I don't know. Any way I sacked off the 20min brick at the end.

    1:30 run planned this morning, may try a 1:10 walk/run for the first time.

  • I am training hard st but there are a few reasons behind it, I have about 8 races this year so I trying to remain in a perpetual state of Peakness until the end of sept...... Also within the next few years I'm seriously trying for a sub 10 IM and a chance of going to kona so it's going too be hard for a while yet! This years aim at Henley is sub 10:30 with last year being my first IM and coming in at 11:09 I need too sort out my crap bike split and crappier run split 5:55 and 3:43 respectively.... Fell too pieces in the last lap and a half image
  • Jamie - Kona is a great target but is racing so often and trying to be at your peak for so much of the time the best way to get there? Isn't the perceived wisdom around base work and periodisation, don't you run the risk of having nothing left to give by the time you get to Henley?

    Are you a member of a Tri club or have a coach or mentor?

  • I have a chap I work with, I'm not a member of the local club I should really join them... I've had a bit of trouble with group training in the past as I was briefly a member of tri2o a club near me but I found a lot of their sessions were not targeted towards what I wanted, so now I have a mentor if you will that was a top gb triathlete as well as 2:35 marathon runner, we have been working a lot on my running this year and swimming too.... The training regime he has given me is quite intense and it does involve a lot of mid distance speed work on the run... Also a lot of he races I entered before I entered Henley as I wasent sure if I was going for IM this year or was gonna go for British champs instead.... And a few of the, I got free places too as well... Can't turn down a free race! I'm going too see how this season pans out, off out for a century back soon!
  • Well the best of British to you Jamie. Your ambitions help to remind me that I shouldn't compare my own training to yours! image

    So that's me done for the Fink intermediate base phase. 10 weeks done already. Gulp.


    Swim: 15h55m, Bike: 44h20m, Run: 23h41m. Total: 83h56m.

    Longest swim (set) 2800m, Longest bike 60m (x2), Longest run/walk 10mi (x2)

    Fink called for 85 hours so I am not too far off. Had two bad weeks too.

  • Build phase time badger this is where the fun starts.... I train in a slightly strange way compared too most but it works pretty well for me... Also it requires a understanding mrs.... And some insane commitment ... Oh and a crappy social lifeimage
  • I bought Going Long by Friel and Gordo whatsisface. Personally, I can't understand a flipping word. Actually that's not true, but it's far too technical for me. I want some nice straight forward training plans that I can read, consider, butcher, ignore, and then make it up as I go along.

    Here's my 18 month plan so far:
    Year 1: learn how to swim, and get as far as 3800m. (tick) Bike a bit (clearly not enough). Run, get back to marathon fitness. (Next week)

    Last 6 months:
    -keep swimming the 100L and do some open water.
    -Bike up to 100miles a few times. Check out the course.
    -Run, monthly 22 milers to keep marathon fit.

    This past week has seen me shake up my marathon legs, as they had got lardy. After that we'll need to start being serious about the bike.

  • Blisters I had that book... It's pretty advanced even the beginners training program's... The advanced plan is what I'm roughly following but my god it's still insane... Start getting serious about the bike now... Running doesn't need too be mental at the moment... Replace bike a bit by bike a crap ton...image especially for Henley as the bike course is quite savage and the marathon course is pan flat
  • Huge day training today.... Sarcasm image 1 mile swim drill set... Was meant too run but have a massive headache and feels like my eyes are being pushed out image ... Day off tommoro... Feel lazy and fat now
  • I'm on taper time for a marathon race on Sunday.

  • Badger - I can't resist some good stats so here are mine.

    Swim: 2:38 Bike:44:21 Run:31:47 Total:102:33

    Not sure what my longest set swimming it probably only 4X400m, 70mile bike and run of 15 (half marathon race with warm up/cool down)

    Doing 3 swims a week and staying above the bike requirements has taken me well over target.

    Blisters - I read "Going Long" too, very interesting quite technical but doesn't really give you a plan to work to. Good luck at the weekend, got a target time in mind?

    Jamie - Glad you have someone keeping an eye on your training. How do you get into races free? I know what you mean about the Tri club, it has been very useful for the swim training but the bikes and rides are far to short for IM training.

    Did my first Build Phase run today, strange doing fast stuff again after so many weeks of base. Nice change but I'm sure the novelty will wear off.

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