PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Badger - my body's telling me to stop all this after race paertying and get back to training!! How many weeks till Henley??

    But I am taking it easy - honest!

    Jamie - I've got to work tomorrow, so will give bike ride a miss. Plus there's a race at the lake on Sunday - which I've been conned into marshalling, so don't think there's any normal swimming.

  • Thats a shame raf image erm there is still normal swimming on sunday as well according too the email i got yesterday image

  • I never read their emails!! Well I'll be there - probably in a kayak so no trying to tip me over!!

  • ^^^ sounds tempting imageimage

    I'm going to the lake tomorrow - hope it's warmed up a bit by then image

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    Rafiki wrote (see)

    . Plus there's a race at the lake on Sunday - which I've been conned into marshalling, so don't think there's any normal swimming.

    is that the tri20 lake at Reading your marshalling on Sunday Raf? I'm doing the 3.8k, if its anything like the only swim event I entered last year I will be the one that needs pointing in the right direction several times from the canoeists.

  • Yep, that's the one. I'll be the guy with the spanking new Ironman Lanzarote baseball cap and the big smile image (although the latter may depend on the amount of red wine consumed on Saturday night, which may also dictate whether they let me near a kayak - I may be banished to car park duties if my hangover is toooo bad!)

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    I will look out for you and will stick on my Pirate hat before the event.

    My Plan is to get a bit of experience in a mass start but not sure it's that big an event. should be good though.

  • I was considering doing the 3.8 k as im gonna be swimming it anyway.... Well ill see... And il try not too tip you over... But i cant guarentee anythingimage

  • With this wind, I reckon that the swimmers will be rescuing the capsized canoeists!

    23 miles run for me. It felt good to get a decent run completed, after what seems like ages. Average 8:24m/m with the HR on basic tickover.

    Biking is going to be a barrel of laughs tomorrow, especially when the legs quit working.

  • Nice blisters, that's a monster run mate, I don't even run that far in Peak image

  • been to Tri20 this morning and it's flippin' freezing - 13C today. managed 2 x 750 loops before I had to get out. I've been out for an hour and am just getting the feeling back in my feet image


    9note to self - next time *remember* to take wetsuit booties with you)

  • I think they will need to turn the heating up a bit more before I venture in again!!

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    fraggle, you are not encouraging me. It could be enduroman is my first ow swim of the year at this rate. 

  • Long ride done... A paltry 90 miles pretty crappy avg speed of just under 18.... Wide a loop of Henley course + a crap load of extra around there which seemed too be all long drag hills ... Which I hate but luberly day for it and glad I'm done now... I shall be at the lake tommoro image!

  • pack your thermals Jamie image




    ( dreams of an average speed of 18mph image image )

  • lol @ Jamie - 'a paltry 90 miles @ 18mph avg' - I'd friggin' love stats like that! 

    Soup - my first OW swim of the year will be Swashbuckler so you're not alone. Just means we're doubly hard image

    I'm off to the New Forest first thing to recce the route. 49 easy miles in the sun, might do an extra mini loop if I'm feeling good. 

  • Fraggle - trust me its not going too be as cold as the new forest last week!


    badger - it just felt horrendously slow... Probably had a lot too do with the insane amount of climbing!

  • Did 3 laps of 750 ( 2250m unless brain still frozen) at Lake 32 in Cotswolds. They claimed 14 degrees. Interestingly, I felt that there were some parts of the lake that were only 14 degrees. Being a runner with no fat and a tickover heart rate I felt that I was on the verge of death by the end of the third lap. It was probably true. Limbs shaking with cold, I could hardly move.
    A flask of coffee was needed then a bke ride. Sunshine helped.3 layers of clothes too, and I still didn't sweat.

    I am now worried.

    The ability to swim 3800m is not a major issue.
    The ability to SURVIVE 3800m swim without hypothermia is a problem I hadn't anticipated.

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    The river will have warmed up by September Blisters. I hope anyway cos its too cold for me right now.  I'm planning on a little paddle at Taplow on Wednesday cos its the shallowest hence warmest local lake.  I'll be wearing 2 swim hats and taking lots of warm layers for afterwards. 

  • Take a flask of coffee.

    Just in case.

    And cake.


  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    I'll forget the coffee take the cake. Thats great warming insulation. 

    Fortunately the lake has hot showers and hot tea for afterward. Or so I'm told, not been before. They do full moon swims there as well with hot chocolate afterwards which sounds kinda fun.  image

  • Loverly day out and done what I wanted too do today already! 

    2.5k swim done as a pyrimad sets 100,200,300,400,500,400,300,200,100... My favourite swim workout image

    18 mile run at 7:43 m/m pace nice and easy got a nice tan from it image

  • Raf - Great Race report by the way.

    Jamie - fantastic training as always. When do you race next?

    Soup - Hope it wasn't to cold for you in the lake

    Managed 5:05 (85miles) on the bike and then 25mins brick run Saturday. Wasn't feeling up for it when I started so decided to keep heart rate lower Z1 more than Z2 and after an hour and a gel with caffeine felt more up for it and at half way decided to push up both heart rate and speed. Ended up enjoying the second half and not fading like I have with many of my other long rides. The run did take about a mile before my legs felt like they were running and not just wobbling. Run on Sunday morning when a similar way kept it slow but did managed to hang on and do 1:20, 9 miles.

    Taking the kids swimming this morning so will try a couple of lengths and see how the shoulder is, not holding out much hope, Physio again on Wednesday.

  • Nice training scuba! My legs feel like they are going too fall off.... Off for swim bike and run.... This morning no amazing distances though! Mrs birthday so.... Erm I'm racing Windsor in a couple of weeks lol! Me and Rafi are both racing and I'm in one of the youngest age group start at 7:15 am.... Gonna try for a age group podium so gonna have a actual taper etc...

  • Jamie I start at 6:40, so that gives you 35 minutes to catch up!!

    Good riding ST! One thing i learnt from last weekend is work on the nutrition sid eof things as much as the actual training as that's were my problems arose. Although its obviously difficult to simulate in training, its worthwhile trying to figure how you're going to feel on th erun after surviving on flapjacks or gels fro 9 hours or so. Think I will switch to gels after 60 miles next time - stomach couldn't cope with undigested flapjacks ion the run me thinks!!

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Bupa 10k for me this morning. Slowest ever time but most enjoyable bimble round London.

  • Great training everyone! I'm letting the side down with a paltry 5 hours last week due to illness (3 days off image) This week will be short sessions with a little bit of intensity then a couple of days off before my first race of the season. Went for a part-recce of the course yesterday and was pleased to have averaged 18.8mph. There's no major climbs and some fast TT sections so hopefully I will be around that on race day. In fact, I should probably ease off just a little to save some for the run. That's if I make the swim cut-off with my knackered shoulder...

  • Badger, thanks for the info. I did 8 hours. You have helped my confidence. (2h swim, 2h bike, 4h run). This week is another week, but today was a day for cross training by gardening. The back feels wrecked.

  • I do that cross training 5/6 days a week blisters as its proffesion.... I had a good week due too weather think it was something like 20 hours or so.... Gonna be high for the next 2 weeks then cutting right back for a week for Windsor then back up again..... Had a sweet ride this morning in the horrendous wind ... 19.9 mph was gutted it wasent 20 image went for a brick run legs decided not too work... Probably something too do with yesterday's monster run.... Then a 2.1k acceleration swim set which was nice... Oh and I've had birthday cake which is the most important...

    badger... Don't worry about it best too get all rested up now then risk serious injury down the line... And that's a brilliant speed on the recce route well done mate.

    blisters.. That's a fair bit of running mate, maybe cut it down a bit and smass some more cycling in maybe? Just my 2 centsimage

  • Jamie, happy birthday! I like running, and I was seriously overdue a long one: most of that was a single 3 hour run. And it felt good. You are right that I need to up the cycling. It's a shame I can't bike to work. Driving 100 miles steals the time.

    For me this tri stuff is about having fun. I really enjoy the group rides, the swimming is a new challenge and beneficial. I'm just trying to keep a handle on the running. Getting the marathon time back below 3:15 would earn me some respect once more, CBA to target to sub 3 again (too hard).

    Anyway, I appear to have got myself a swimming teacher lined up, but she doesn't want to rip me apart until AFTER Henley. Clearly there's a lot to work on!

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