PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Soupy. It would surprise me if the lake was 18. The daytime air temperature hasn't hit 18 for weeks. A birdbath wouldn't be 18 at the moment. Enjoy the fun!

    Anyway, today I got a nice training slot, and did I make the most of it?
    100 miles on the bike (my first century), followed by 4.8 miles run brick.
    Followed by a BBQ and a few beers. One has to prepare for all disciplines.
    Intriguingly the wind was in my face for 90/100 miles. Please explain.


  • I had that for my ride yesterday too Blisters image


    recovery day today - taking No1 son to see England vs NZ in Southampton, here's hoping for a better result than the first ODI imageimage

  • Allo allo so how has all this racing going then?!?! I want reports people on my desk by 9am!

    well done on your century blisters good going mate!

    i did a century well 107.7 miles today I look like a West Indian bloke now... Nice and tanned and bloody knackered... Did it in 5:45 so was reasonable especially as I did a long run yesterday.... Reasonable week training about 20 ish hours not feeling fast ATM as so much long work just finding the time too get a decent speed session in is hard... gonna do a fast swim and fast run tommoro me thinks..A I hope everyone is doing well and training hard!

  • imageimageimage

  • 5.45 ...  Jamie you need to use the brakes more mate, you'll put the rest of us to shame  image

  • We'll catch him on the run section Meldy.

    OK, maybe we'll see him, because it's a 4x lap route.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Jamie practices transitions too.

  • You might Sir ... I have little chance image

  • Thought I'd better check in and say I'm still here, just not been playing on the computer much recently. Glad everyone seems to be going well.

    I had a stint where I couldn't run but that seems to be fixed now. Swim is okay but haven't made it to OW yet - that'll be this week. Did the Norwich 100 bike ride yesterday and that took, I think, 5hrs 25mins. I did an extra 23 miles getting to and from the event so I don't know my exact time for the proper ride. No way I'll be doing that sort of speed at Henley.

    I will try to be on here more though!

  • Of coursei practise transitions image..... I think my last ironman transtion was sub 2 mins t1 and sub 3 mins t2.... And my last duathlon t1 was 21 secs....I'm definitely not the fastest cyclist about Im ok engineer had a mental bike split image.. My last half Im was 2:39 but it was long... I've been working a lot on my run, hopefully sub 3:30 I'm mara this year, last year was 3:43 if I remember correctly, really suffered on lap 4 legs just went too pieces... image... Il be the twat high fiving everyone on the mara route.... image

  • You wont be the only one !!

  • Swashbuckler

    A very early 03:30 wake up call was followed by the forcing down of double porridge before setting off to Buckler’s Hard. It was already light when I arrived and the place was heaving with activity. I managed to find a transition spot near the end of the racking to help with easy location later on. After some faffage, checking of kit and making sure my bike still looked awesome (it did) I donned my wetsuit and wandered down to the swim start for 06:00.

  • Swim 1.9km

    Swim training had been going very well until about three weeks ago when I developed a spot of swimmer’s shoulder (no doubt, by overdoing it) This meant I hadn’t swum for a while and I had done precisely zero open water swimming so far this year. As such, my only aim was to finish the swim. The water was surprisingly warm but clarity was poor. This was compounded by the sunrise. Even sighting through my polarized goggles I couldn’t see anything. It was a mass start of 250+ competitors, a fact not lost on me when I had a kick to the face that dislodged my goggles within the first 100m. After that I swam out to the edge of the pack and found some clear water. There was a bit more biff at the turn round point but after that things settled. I took it easy and came out of the swim feeling like I’d barely done anything. A good sign for Ironman! I estimate I was around 40mins for the swim. The run to T1 is fairly long and my wetsuit removal technique resembles a low quality houdini impersonator trying to escape a straightjacket.

    Time: 00:44:47 (includes T1)

  • Bike 80km

    Bike training had again, been going well. I’d managed some 200+ mile weeks in the lead up so I was confident I could do OK here. The bike course is fairly flat and so I spent most of the time in the aerobars. The weather was pretty much ideal. I spent most of the first lap thinking I should probably ease off the gas a little, what with a not inconsiderable 14 mile run looming. In the end though I was enjoying myself and so held on to my 20mph average speed. ‘Cervelo P2 man’ was a little annoying as he kept overtaking me and then slowing up, meaning I had to keep overtaking him again. Thankfully, I managed to ditch him for good, on the second lap. Other than that, the bike was uneventful, apart from the large cow that decided to park herself right in the middle of the road! I also used the time to practice my nutrition for Ironman and feel this went well.   

    Time 02:27:04 (includes T2)

  • Run 14mi

    Run training has not been going that well. Whilst I’m OK at short fast runs, I struggle doing long slow runs. My original plan was to use a run/walk strategy but after getting off the bike I felt pretty strong so decided to run the whole way with just a short break at the aid stations. This went well enough for the first 7 mile loop as I got round in an hour. At around mile 8 though, I felt some discomfort in my left glute and right knee. Thankfully this was bearable, but the stitch I got was not. This reduced me to a walk a few times and when I could run it was a slow jog. The pain started to ease by around mile 11 but by then my energy levels were low and my run pace was declining. However, spirits were lifted as I completed the river path section and turned up into the finish area at Buckler’s Hard (despite it being uphill all the way!) There were lots of people spectating and cheering and it was my favourite finish line experience of any triathlon to date.

    Time 02:11:34

    Total time 05:23:26 (138/256)

  • There were definitely more positives than negatives from my performance and I’m happy enough I’m on the right track to finish an iron distance race later in the year (famous last words!)

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this race to anyone and I think I’ve already decided that I will go back next year.

  • Nice report badger a good read, and some bloody good times there mate... That is some fast bike times mate and with no swimming mate that's a great time too... Now you know what you need to work on dont you..... Get some long plods in, don't worry about times etc... As a iron distance marathon is a beast...

  • Well done Badger - inspiring stuff and some great times.

  • Badger - Great racing and great report. After your injury woes its good to see it coming together for you.image

    Jamie - you are so fast it is scary, you'll have finished the race before I'm off the bike image

    Blisters - Nice session from you too, practising what you preach with the bike milage.

    Soupy - Wheres the report? Have you posted one on the Enduro Thread?

    Cheggers - Good to see you again.

    I'm looking forward to a slightly quieter week this week, less training and less running round after the kids ready for my Oly at the weekend. Shoulder is much improved and Physio let me back in the pool but it still isn't right yet, hopefully get an open water session in again before the race and from the sounds of it in a much warm lake than last time. I'm up for Bike recce Part 2, I'll drop into the other thread soon.

  • Great race report Badger. With the right recuperation, physio, and further build up you should be ready for September.

    Jamie, I'm not sure I will see you, even with a 4 lap marathon. What's all this about a 2 minute transition? I was planning to towel off and change into dry clothes for the bike. I'm also anticipating 3 stops on the bike for a pee and a stretch. What do you think it is, some kind of race?

    Scuba, the lake at Bristol Open Water was 19.5 degrees by the jetty. I know because I measured it. OK, there were chillier pockets, but there were also warmer pockets. Even I enjoyed the swim and got out feeling warm after 2400m.

  • Well done Badger. Thats a great time.  Now for the other end of the scale - copied from Enduroman threadimage
    Soup Dragon wrote (see)


    On the drive to the start at the crack of dawn there was mist rising from the rivers and streams so I wondered what on earth the lake would be like and at what temperature. I needn’t have worried because it was surprisingly moderate.  I wouldn’t go as far as a “warm bath” (Seren!) but it was okay and my breathing was fine. So I set off happy and the first lap seemed to be over effortlessly, great! Then on lap 2 disaster – cramp. I did a bit of breast stroke but that made it worse so stopped at the lap counting funnel to stretch my calf out. Set off again only for the other calf to seize up on the next lap as I slowed to shout my number. I thought it might be game over but the race officials were really encouraging and helped me to stretch so that I could carry on. I decided to just take it slow and concentrate on getting round 1 lap at a time. Last lap in the middle of the lake it happened again on my left. Ouch, bad this time. The lake was shallow enough to stand so I stretched and massaged before heading off for the last 100m.  Just over 2000m in 1:02. I’d done it. Now to put that behind me and look forward to the bike



    A long uphill walk to T1 of about 400m. Struggled as usual to get the wettie off and spent what felt like ages faffing with sun cream and the like as everyone else came and went. Note for next time – practice T1.



    The weather was glorious and the route was just beautiful. I was feeling a bit nauseous probably from the longer than normal swim. I took small sips of water until it settled about 8 miles in and I finished the first lap at an average speed of 13.9.mph.  Had a bit of a panic thinking that I need to get my speed up to at least 14mph. I upped my pace and heart rate was going higher and higher but then remembered there was a 10 hour cut-off. Result. I’d done very little structured training with only 1 long bike ride having been and I knew the run was going to be brutal and even more so if I overcooked the bike. So I did my best keeping to a lowish heart rate and finished feeling good but it was shockingly slow at 4:30hrs with an average pace of about 13.5mph. On the plus side I really enjoyed it, overtook a couple of people on hybrids and everyone on the course were very encouraging and friendly.  The hills were nothing I couldn’t handle and the descents were bliss.



  • .


    Soup Dragon wrote (see)


    Got back to T2 which entailed walking down some steps to get to transition so very pleased to have someone wheel my bike for me cos my legs were having none of it. Another long transition with sun cream and faffing (note to self, stop faffing) then on to the run. The course was brutal, no other words. I ran the down hill, walked the flat uneven bits and long updrag then ran the last descent into the main circle to start again. That seemed to work quite well and maintained an even pace throughout and felt surprisingly good. Maybe I could have gone faster on the bike after all. I didn’t’ think I could run much more as I’d only trained up to 6 miles (note to self – do more training) and by now I was just happy to be bimbling along. I stopped for a few chats to Lee, Blue and Caz, and enjoyed a few arrrrrgghhhhs. Met up with Seren and DK a few times as they lapped me (yes DK did the double and he lapped me) then eventually was told to turn round and do the last lap.  Now that was just pure joy and found energy to run the flat bits as well as the downs, high fiving as I went. Hmm perhaps I could have done more running after all.  Don’t know my time but must have been about 3.5 hours. I got my money’s worth and had a great time. image



    It made me realise that I can do this so have to stop all the self doubt I put myself though. I get convinced that I can’t do the distance. Well I was wrong. And as I also learned at SA’s DIY event I can do it and if I trained more I could do it better.  Would love to go back and give it another go next year and I’m all fired up to storm Henley Half in September.  I might even put a training schedule together and get some long bike and runs in. I had a great time. Lovely to meet up with people, and to see DK finish.

    Pirates rock.image



  • Nice report soupy and a very well done to you... i think you need to work on your confident, you can clearly do it, you proved that to yourself, confidence is very important..... Keep it up and well done image

    blisters - transitions in ironman are just wasted down time,a 3.8k swim is only a hour half max really you don't need to stop for ages after it, and tbh after the bike the last thing I want to do is sit down more....... I just put on some socks and a hat and that's it, they even take your bike for you!, like I say I'm not mega rapid I just save time and am efficent where I can be..... You aren't making progress unless your moving forward!

  • Cheers all for the kind words. Legs still feeling pretty sore at the mo. though I may attempt a very easy flat ride tonight to try and speed recovery up. 

    Well done Soup on your race. Keep plugging away and you will get round Henley Half no problems! I'd definitely get a training plan of sorts together to help you keep on track. image

  • My legs are feeling better today but I'm bitten to pieces round my ankles, there were so  many mozzies round the lake. I've now learned that my bike time included T1 which was about 12 mins so a 4:20 bike - 58 miles 2560ft elevation according to my garmin. 

    Trouble is with schedues I write one out, or follow Fink then conveniently forget about it. Then I doubt my abililities and think I'm bound to DNF and go to the pub instead. Well no more.  I'm going to pin a schedule up next to my desk at work and on the inside of a kitchen cupboard.- its not a knitting club. image

  • Ha. My legs most definitely agree that it's not a knitting club!

  • Soup - nice report and hopefully that has given you the confidence you need for Henley half and the push to get on with the training.

    I've had an easier week this week, I've felt tired and had nothing to give. I was meant to be doing intervals on the bike yesterday but after attempting the first one i knew it wasn't going to happen so just did a Z2 ride and a bit shorter than planned. I swam in the evening, first open water since my last race and the first time i've done consistent swimming rather than drills since my shoulder issues. It was ok, not to cold and 750m lap in about 15mins. Coach at Tri club looked at me on Tuesday doing drills and corrected a could of technique problems mainly an over extension of my arm at the catch which is what probably caused the shoulder issue in the first place.

    I think the next stage of my midlife crisis will be to check out the local knitting club image

  • I've had my best week for ages. Sportive last Sat, 123 miles on my bike which felt easy. Usual cycling and swimming with my first OW (Datchet) of the year (and second of my life) thrown in. The Garmin said I swam 1.5 miles in 46 mins and I was well chuffed with that. Then yesterday I cycled the Henley roads (not necessarily in the right directions as I turned the route into a great big loop) and ended up at over 100 miles again (never done two centuries in the same week). 

    Feeling it a bit today but I had a little cycle and have just got back from the pool. Need to focus on my running a bit but my HR wasn't having it today!

    For me, if only all weeks were all like this has been!

  • Wowsers. That some excellent bike training there. Careful you don't leave your best performances out on those training routes though!  image

  • gob smacked CC

    just gob smacked.

  • Fair play, yet to start training, 90 odd days is enough though right??? someone make sure there's a stretcher and a pint at the finish line


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