PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Brilliant training CC, that is some fat bike training mate! 

    ST - mate you need a recovery week, trust me, just take a chill week or your gonnRussia bike and run into a rut.... Just be careful mate overtraining is not fun

    Ive had a seriously long week training wise and work wise.... Done about 50 ish miles running this week with 2 long runs and 1 medium, as well as over 250 miles of cycling, and 8k of swimming... A day off tommoro as I'm working and out in the evening, and I've had no day off in over a week and a half... And a taper week next week as its Windsor tri image

  • Oh and welcome too the thread Pete, 90 days is fine if your doing the half, I wouldn't recommend doing the full in that time... What type of training background you got.... I assume not couch potatoe? image

  • Cheers for the comments chaps. 

    I'm staying in Henley for the weekend so, as long as my legs are happy tomorrow morning, I'm planning to go and cycle the course early in the morning.

    Hopefully get a run in on Sunday but I've done a lot this week so it all depends how I'm feeling. 

  • Cheggers

    When you say "early", what exactly do you mean?

    I'm planning my Saturday training day, in the loosest interpretation of the phrase, and an escorted tour around the IM course would be a great opportunity not to be missed. It's a 90 minute drive for me though so I will only get there at 0900 earliest. I dont want to flog out there and find that I'm still Hans Solo with no maps.

  • Blisters

    I wish we could set something up but I'm over here with the family and I've said I aim to get the cycling done by 9:45 ish so I'm planning on a 7 / 7:30 start.

    If it's any (minor) consulation then I may not be a good escort. I don't really know where I'm going and could end up hopelessly lost. I'm relying on my Garmin to get me round and whilst it did that yesterday for some reason known to itself it also failed to record all may HR data etc.

    Sorry though.

  • No problem, no need to apologise. I tend to plan somewhat loosely anyway. I wasn't really anticipating a Henley jolly until after Cotswold 113 next week (16th), and once round will be minimum, twice would be nice (same day). I see no point in flogging around the course when I could cycle around here for similar effect.

    Have a great day and wear some slap, the sun will be out.

  • Some impressive training guys - well done.  

    I've had a fun week breaking loads of kit...first I discovered my back tyre was down to the webbing while out on a ride (managed to make it to bike shop without puncture which was miracle)...then snapped my swim goggles while in the pool (and had to wander down to the reception to get a new pair so I could complete my session).  Finally my headphones packed up while out on a run !

    At least the sun has been shining !  Have great weekends, hopefully see you all soon on the next bike recce.

  • bin the headphones, listen for traffic.

  • Blisters wrote (see)

    bin the headphones, listen for traffic.


  • 81 miler for me today - my furthest ever ride image. Actually felt OK bar a little neck discomfort. Was pretty slow at just over 15mph average but it was bloody windy and I left my race wheels on. Made for some interesting moments in the handling department! Rounds out a 13.5 hour training week for me - another record image

    To top it all off my shoulder appears to be getting better and I am off for a week in Spain on Thursday. A nice easy week in the sun with a couple of short swim/run sessions thrown in. imageimage

  • nice training Badger, am very jealous of a week in the sun image


    it's recovery week for me this week image  and boy am i looking forward to it image

  • Badger - Nice ride and good week, Enjoy the week away image.

    Fraggle - My rest week was last week, they do feel good, although they make me feel more tired.

    Did my First Oly Distance race today at Grafham water. 2:33:34 in total. Swim 1500m 31:45 given my shoulder issues of late and general swimming crapness pretty happy with that. T1 3:50 quicker than last race but family shouting (encouragement and sarcastic comments) probably didn't help. Bike 1:11:24, 40k rolling course with a bit of wind, happy with that, 21mph i think. T2 1:24 not sure what happened there, was a bit of a run in. Run 45:10 again rolling and gravel tracks in places. I probably had a bit more to give at the end of the run so could have worked a bit harder on the bike or run but I'm happy to be under pacing at the moment rather than going all out to early and crashing. Used HRM for first time in any sort of race and racing seems to add 5-10bpm for a give pace anyone else have that?

    If anyone wants more of a race report the ask me on the bike recceimage

  • I love racing as a Pirate always get comments from spectators most don't understand what it means but think it looks cool particularly kids. But also comments from other competitors and today a marshal "oh a pirate, there's always one at every race" today it was me.image

  • Well done ST! That's a brilliant result fella especially with your injury! It was bleeding windy today hey!?! I don't usually use heart rate in races as its pretty useless for me and spikes because of adrenaline etc, its ok in longer but in oly distance it's usually at 170+ most the time image.... Obviously a power meter would be ideal... But I don't have like 2 grand to drop in a power meter ....

    UB - great work on your week mate that's some good riding and effort there! Keep it up mate!

    like I've said before I've picked up a calf injury that's different to any injury ve had before... It's like a dull ache almost a cramp been stretching and roller ing and taking it easy on running and cycling, only did 60 miles instead of a ton today... Apart from that training is going too plan and Windsor tri this week with Raf and some other image!

  • That is a solid result there Scuba - well done. Not sure I'd bother with heart rate at Oly or below - it's balls to the wall all the way! image I'm thinking of not bothering during CH too now. I don't think I need it - I seem to be able to pace myself OK without it. 

    Jamie have you seen anyone about your calf? Might be worth a PT visit? 

  • No not seen anyone haven't had it long.... Will see how it goes this week it WILL be fine... image

  • Jamie, don't fck it up. We are relying on you to lead out the convoy.
    Scuba, That was a powerful swim, a very good bike and a solid run. Transitions are a funny activity. The sprint tri's I've done were slick, but I have this feeling that the HIM and IM transitions will be a bit wobbly legged.

  • Yep wobbly legs is par for the course not too bad at HIM but after 2.4 miles of swimming I look like a drunk hooker for about 30 seconds image

  • Morning challengers. No training for me this weekend, down with a stinking cold. image

    Welcome Pete D, glad you found your way over here. I'm doing the half too. I was planning the full but I'm chasing cut-offs a bit too close for comfort.

    ST - brilliant result there. 

    Look after that calf jamie, I want to be cheering you accross that finsh line, not having you on the bench. 

    In my new spirit of confidence I've upped the Nottingham swim the day before Outlaw to 3k rather than 1.5k.  I did 2.1k at Enduroman so no point dropping down a distance. image

    Edit - ST I can also agree that racing in Pirate kit is just the best. Arrrgghhhh...image


  • ST - good race mate. On the HR thing - I was told that for the first couple of hours on the IM bike, I could expect my HR to be a 10bpm higher due to adrelin etc ( and cute Spanish girls applying suntan cream in T1 image) - which i think it was. It eventually settled down.

  • I'm beginning to wonder if the Pirate Support Ship has got a navigational issue. This race is being billed as the UK Pirate "Championship", but I seem to get the feeling that the boat has really set sail for Outlaw. I even had one chap at the OW lake see my Pirate shorts and ask if they were the official Outlaw gear.

    What Pirate support can we expect at Henley? I wouldn't want to be disappointed.

  • You may have a point Blisters. Outlaw  always attract a large Pirate presence, because there has been/will be a Pirate feedstation and its seen as a good newbie option. It was also the Championship race last year.

    Henley does not seem to be attracting the same level of support, but this may change once Outlaw is over- lets hope so. I think there's a dozen or so people racing, so support should be OK. Plus it'll be quality racers/supporters, if not quantity!! image

  • I think the other problem with Henley is that it clashes with IM Wales which is another popular Pirate event. I'm not sure if Henley is in fact the championship race or if that was Lanza? 

  • Nope, its definitely Henley - that's when the trophies will be handed out!

  • Great, thanks Raf. image

  • Which means we need to start thinking of a venue for the Monday's party!!

  • I think a picnic with our own grub outside the teddy bear shop would do. image

  • Yup, I'll bring my own sandwiches image

  • That's not very Piratey - no one has mentioned bringing booze!!!

  • I'm still working on my home brew

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