PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Oh hi I hear my name has been mentioned....image very almost purchased a felt DA which was well all my house saving but have resisted.... Done feck all training last couple of days due too injury but its getting better... And to be honest I'm not going too make excuses il be coming for you rafimage!

  • Damn it.
    Just lost my post as I hit send at the same time as Jamie.

    Good job really, as I was being rude.

  • Blisters wrote (see)

    Damn it.
    Just lost my post as I hit send at the same time as Jamie.

    Good job really, as I was being rude.


  • Good luck to the racers this week end, Don't be shit and there should be a special prize for the old boys who don't get overtaken by Jamie.

    I'm having a shit week, struggling to recover from the race at the weekend, shorted or lowered the intensity of all my sessions so far this week. Only slight positive is I'm swimming much more comfortable than I have for a few weeks but shoulder still not fixed. Physio has is working on some residual Neuro issues (long story which
    I will get round to posting at some point) as well as muscle tightness.

    Hopefully I'll be able to make it through a decent ride 4-5hrs and a brick run on Saturday then another easy day Sunday and rest Monday, I'll see what next week brings.

  • Take care with the shoulder ST. I know that pain.

    I might try and get out on the course Sunday.

  • Good luck to anyone racing, Rafiki those wheels look flair. does anyone know the start time for the Henley half? I know I've seen it somewhere but can't find it now

  • I've been away and in hotels and eaten far too much this week. Pre-loading has been taken to a new limit. Waist is fat. I have to remind myself that the aim is to complete not compete.

    Don't be shit? What a crap slogan.

    DYB DYB DYB? (Do your best)

    I think that a more honest Pirate slogan would be "Zero to Hero".

  • Blisters - I like the double negative nature of Don't Be Shit. It was a source of debate on one of the Forum 6 3:30 marathon threads I use to hang out in. I find to much overt positivity can be come across a bit..... not sure what the right word is but too much.

    Took a rest day Friday which is probably the best training decision i've taken for a long time. Saturday morning did 4hr, 68miles on the bike and then 5miles in 40mins as a brick and felt good allw the way, heart rate in the correct zones etc. Followed it up this morning with 1:30hr of walk run (10:1) averaging about 8:20min miles.

    Where are the race reports?

  • I've got one all ready to cut and paste. Please feel free to laugh in all the appropiate places at my performance.

    Yes, I suppose I do understand about the nature of some of the encouraging comments. Condescending, insincere? No. Trite, yes. Today, I was just revelling in YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  

  • I'll write one in a bit image 

  • Cotswold 113, Half Ironman distance triathlon. The course is flatter than my ironing, even the lake.

    As previously mentioned, I was not impressed by the way that Triathlons start in the middle of the night.  630 of us are standing around and I’m feeling like a beginner, trying to remember what I’ve forgotten. No target time, just enjoy the day. I requested to be placed in an appropriate wave of swimmers, so that’s wave 4 of 4. More time for loo breaks. Not easy in a wetsuit.

    OK, at 0630 we are now in the lake and I’ve done a few strokes of swimming. Others call it a warm up, but I’m just trying to settle my goggles and fix the leaks. And they’re off. Not too much bumping and barging. Some, obviously, but no head kicking. After a few hundred metres I am presumably with the remnants and dregs, all of similar pace and diabolical directional ability. I did manage to get a bit of drafting, but then ended up tapping his toes. Hmm, I’ve not got the ability to overtake. The swim was over quite soon in reality, and the final 100m I tried to over-kick the stroke just to get some life into my feet. Looking back I can see barely 12 people behind me in the water. That’s better than predicted. Close to plumb last, but not quite.

  • Out to T1, and all the mental planning and preparation went tits up. I knew that I had to dry off a bit, to avoid getting cold on the bike. The shirt wouldn’t pull on. The socks had a fight. I was putting stuff on and then taking it off again! My T1 time tells the story. I say that I had a tea break.

    Bike time. I am passing people. Lots of people. With a good speed margin, too. Am I really doing more than 20mph? Lots of Yaarrrrrrr to anyone and everyone, especially the List Fairy on the drinks station. After 15 miles I am shocked, my speed had dropped and one bloke on a Bianchi passed me. Obviously I wake up and re-pass him, but he does me and gradually moves ahead. 25 miles in, and finally my fingers have come to life: a bit purple still, but progress. Feet still like ice blocks. The little Hannington Hill is worthy of a Pooh style song, so I sing it one. Interestingly it has grown steeper the second time around. Another piece of road and a carbon disk set up whistles past. Uh? Does not compute. None of those Grandad swamp monsters would be on one of those. Then it twigs. They are on a different race, a 100 mile time trial using some of the same roads. Must not make a nav error. Eventually I’m in the last mile or so, and a second carbon bike passes me, but I pass him on the run down to the timing mat. I must have passed 100 riders or more, and only lost one place. Apparently my average speed was 18.5mph.

    Transition 2. Find my gap. Not as easy as finding my bike the first time. Remove a layer and swap shoes. Socks will do.  T2 time not up to proper triathlete standards, but OK.

  • Run. 3 laps of the park and local roads. Amazingly I’m straight into running. No jelly legs. I thought I’d cooked them on the bike. The back however, is not in good form. After a couple of miles I stop and curl tight, and this seems to help. The first lap is bouncy and chirpy, and I’m still passing loads. The second lap is still bouncy and chirpy up to a point. That’s the point that wheels started to fall off the wagon. Gels, fluids, you name it, I tried it. JFDI. Tick off the miles. Lap 3, the same 4+ miles. Boy there were long. Being overtaken now. Wishing the miles away. Feet heavy and sore. Mental plans to speed up in the final 3 miles are revised. Revised plan to speed up in the final mile is revised. Even the 400m plan. I manage a 100m push for the line with much YAAAAARRRRRing.

    Instantly I’m given my timing splits. It looks like I blistered the tarmac.

  • Race report - Windsor tri


    pre race : bike racking took part on the Saturday oddly, which is the norm for iron distance etc but apparently for this too, so I managed too get down too Windsor and like the absolute tit that I am I managed too park in the wrong bloody car park, much too rafikis amusement.... Unloading my bike etc we managed too meet up with some other pirates bedders, ex flyer, for the life of me I forgotten the other chaps name! Great bunch though, racked the biked in transtion, bearing in mind I just had my bike helmet and shoes I managed too faff for an incredible 30 mins or so talking too a friend etc, once again rafiki was surprised by the incredible amount of faffing I can actually do... Once bike was all racked wondered around the expo a bit attempting not too purchase a bike, which was not really working out so well.... Anyway did some shit talking with the guys and off home...

    Race day : 

    with good lucks etc out of the way and watching everyone but ex flyer off (he was 10 mins after me, the rest were all before me) the giant washing machine began and Christ it really was.... Swim started badly, goggles filled up almost straight away which is always a fantastic start, then got a good beating from other athletes, I got a few slaps etc in But it really was a big shit fight from the off probably one of the worst swims I've had, not really performance wise but from a getting beating up point of view, I did however steal someone's goggles by mistake.... Not sure how that happened... But yeah whoops! Out of the swim in about 30 mins and then had what felt like a half marathon down too t1..... Swim time 31:55 

    t1 - I faff a lot before hand but I do not faff during racing, into tRichard too run all the too the other end and I can tell you transtion at Windsor is BIG, out of the wetsuit and onto the bike in 1:49

    the bike - now then Ian's you know this is my favourite part of the race... And oh boy what a brilliant bike course, perfect conditions, after slipping bike feet into the bike shoes, I was on a mission too catch the other pirates... Which I pretty much managed... Hammered round the relatively flat course with a average speed of over 24 mph and had one of the fastest splits of the day, with many a yaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh going out too all the pirates on the course and probably giving them a mild heart attack! 42 km bike 1:05 which I was very happy with!

    t2 - attempted my pro dismount which unlike last time I didn't end up in a hedge, in and out of t1 (including running past my racking position lol) in 1:36...


  • The run - been nursing a calf injury this week so I knew I wasengoing too blitz the run, but it went ok for what it was, there was a small hill init but overall wasent too bad at all, average just over 7 m/m with a few sub 7's in there, with Moore abuse being shouted at pirates followed by getting heavily abused by raf at the end I ended up finishing the run with a slightly aching calf in 45 mins which is no fantastic but it could have been a lot worse! So a good day and all the pirates there came in with some great times and smiles all around! Over all good race and good turn out of the yellow guys! Total time 2:26

  • Well done blisters and good report, got the timings? Don't have too say if you don't want too... But it's obviously a pb and sounded like you had a great time!

  • Blisters - are you going to tell us your time or do we have to guess? Sounds like a good race and something learnt about pacing?

    Nice race Jamie, get some ice on the calf. Raf will never let you forget the time you didn't catch him at Windsor.image

  • He did start like 20 mins ahead of me! image

  • great reports guys image

    come on Blisters, don't leave us in suspense!

  • Well done Blisters and Jamie. Great bike leg Jamie, shame about the run; how is the calf?

    ahem *times* ahem, Blistersimage

  • jamie tardi wrote (see)

    He did start like 20 mins ahead of me! image

    And finished 20 minutes ahead of you too!! image

  • But boys and girls .... we have to think of a new forum name for Jamie ..... something to do with WhizKid or something!! suggestions please......image

  • Yeah I do need a actual forum name as I am slacking a bit in that department, calf is currently resting on a chair should be fine for my next race in a month or so image!

  • JamieWhizz? Wizbit (going back a bit there...)

  • Just looked at my result breakdown for today - lost 40 places in T1, made up 390 on the bike image, lost 15 in T2 and made up 140 on the run! Obviously I'm a crap swimmer, but need to work on transitions me thinks image

  • Shoes on bike raf.... Saves loads of time... Even though you were ripping me apart from my amazing colour co ordination.... spurious know everything laid out in logical order etc... Oh and fast dismount on the bike is good too practice (not great for ironman though!)

  • That makes me sound like a massive douche... In before rafiki telling me I am....

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    But boys and girls .... we have to think of a new forum name for Jamie ..... something to do with WhizKid or something!! suggestions please......image


    Rafiki: WhizKid it is. Come on sunshine get that name changed.

  • Sorry folks, I was posting race reports in varying degrees of detail on 3 threads, semi-simultaneously. Clearly this one got the time lag, and I forgot to add the nerdy details before I went out to my hour's swim training session. I need the swim training.

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