PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Full results are here (race number 365)

    swim- 42:28 (I was expecting 50 mins) swim ranking 528/630
    T1-       6:09 (told you I stopped for coffee and cakes)
    bike-  2:48:43 (My bike says I averaged 18.5mph) ranking 388/630
    T2-        2:48
    run-   1:48:14 run ranking 211/630 (I'm better than that).

    Someone asked if this was a PB. Well, seeing as I've only ever done two triathlons before, and both were pool based sprint tris, technically that would be a correct assumption. My aim was to enjoy the event and to complete, not compete. Clearly I got my race head on during the bike section. I was also really enjoying the forst half of the run, and I truly mean that. I was having FUN, the legs were bouncy and light. Over the course of a couple of miles I was suddenly at mile 20 and dragging my sorry arse to the finish.

  • Nice new name WhizKid

  • That's not the slowest t1 time I've ever seen lol image oh and name changed hopefully not too douchebag image

  • You've just got to live up to it now.


  • image ..... Can't I just live off previous results? image

  • Good times Blisters.

    Definitely shoes on bike. That has been a huge time saver for me this year. Now I just need to crack getting the wetsuit off.

  • Well done blisters and Billywhiz. Great times. 

    Where's rafs report?

  • Ahoy there !  Great reports guys, well done.  I was at Wimbleball today, I'm not very good at reports but you have all inspired me to have a go...

    My preparation week was going ok...I had a nice long swim in open water (1st of year) on Tuesday and made the Friday evening practice at Wimbleball which was much colder.  

    I tried to get an early / good nights sleep, but unfortunately my little boy was up most of the night being sick (bless him).

    Onto race day...I was pretty nervous, but met a few guys heading down to the lake and had a good chat / laugh.  

    The water was cold, and for the first few minutes it was mayhem with bodies all over the place...despie this I managed to settle into a bit of a rhythm until BANG someone kicked my hurt a bit, but the cold kind of numbed it, and I got out in a reasonable 40 minutes....

    The first transition is a a hilly 400 metres away, and the tent was really crowded.  It took me ages (10 minutes !) to get my wetsuit of and out onto the bike.

    The bike course is reputed to be tough, and it soon got a lot harder as the heavens opened and it p!ss3d down with rain for the rest of the event.  This also made the roads really slippy and there were a couple of nasty crashes.

    I completed the bike in 3.25 and given conditions (cold, wet, hilly) was reasonably pleased.

    As I got changed in T2 my hand (and especially my thumb) were really painful....I needed to completely change as was soaking wet.  It took me 7 minutes before I was out onto the run.

    The run is kind of cross country and very hilly.  It was really slippy and muddy underfoot which made it hard to get into any real rhythm.

    I managed to complete the run in about 1.45 giving me a final time of just over 6 hours.  I was initially pleased with my "racing time" and disappointed with my transitions...although having just returned from casualty where they toId be I have torn a tendon in my thumb I am pleased to have completed and feel I have some small mitigation for my inability to get dressed !

    The atmosphere was great, and all the helpers / marshals were superb.  I did see a few pirates and tried to "aargh" but I didn't catch any names.

    Finally having noted Jamie's new name, maybe I should change mine to johnnyslow !

  • Some excellent, and inspiring, reports there. Well done all - and thanks for putting the reports up. 

  • Well, I've just had an email from Planet X saying they've screwed their stock up and can't find the wheels I ordered in the warehouse (even though the website they have been ready for dispatch for a week!). So they've cancelled my order! Rather poor service from PX considering they generally have a good reputation.

    So what can I get instead - or do I wait for PX to sort themselves out?!?!?

  • Whizkid - Good new name. Now you do have to live up to it.

    Rafiki - Shame about the Planet X cock up, I'm looking for some race wheels but probably under £500, its worth just having a look at anything on a deal at CRC, Wiggle, Evans, and the other ones that seems to have good deals on wheels is Merlin and Where is your race report?

    Brooko - Great report

  • Gets better - just received an email form PX syaing the tyres and inner tubes I ordered for the wheels have been shipped, despite my instruction to cancel them!

  • When PX are good, they're very very good. When they're bad, well.....

    For clinchers that deep the only other real choice is Cosmics at twice the price.Sometimes there are deals on 50mm Shimano RS50 for about £500.

    Either hold on or go tubs. I think PX carbon tub wheels are cheap as they're going to announce new wider wheels soon.


  • I'm tempted to wait as I'm not racing again until Sept and I like the alloy rim on the PX. Did have a look at those Tigerfrog wheels, but not too sure .......??

  • Cat - any views on the Shimano RS80 - 50mm ??

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    Cat - any views on the Shimano RS80 - 50mm ??

    I'd probably have bought them if the PX were not cheaper. Didn't like the decals though. What is their weight like? YMMV, etc.

    • 16 front and 20 rear stainless steel butted and bladed straight pull spokes
    • High lateral rigidity is improved with a wide flange spacing
    • Labyrinth double contact sealing - low-friction seals effectively shut out water, mud and dirt without affecting rotational smoothness
    • Polished bearing races reduce friction and provide for smooth rotation
    • Cold forged and machined aluminium hub shell keep the wheel weight to a minimum
    • 700C clincher compatible
    • Supplied with Q/R skewer
    • Weight: Front approx. 770g, Rear approx. 1013g
  • Can't go wrong with a wide flange image

  • sorry to hear about the wheels Raf - they do look very nice....have Planet X said when they will be back in stock ?  I'd be tempted to ask them to give you a discount, or throw something in (maybe the tyres / tubes) free as a goodwill apology and then wait as long as it's not going to be too long

    Unfortunately I don't know very much about wheels, so can't comment on alternatives.

  • raf want too buy some 808's cheap for the pair? the ones i was using on sunday... i now have 2 pairs of zipps image

  • Blimey, you've got people green with wheel envy now.

  • Sadly new bike comes with them, considering keeping both Ian's one is 404 other is 808

  • Back to a normal training week this week and started as normal with 1:15 run including intervals at the beginning and felt fine. But just had a very bizarre and surreal swim. 2 lanes were taken by the England synchroniced swimming youth team as I got to the deep end of the pool on each length i was greeted by submerged and often upside down teenage girls grinning at me from the bottom of the pool. Did mange an hour of drills with out to much shoulder pains so not a bad session even if it was a little odd.

  • Lol makes the swim more fun hey mate! I'm still broken run wise gonna try again tommoro did 35 miles on ze bike though.... 

  • Scuba Trooper - your very own fan club...nice !  

    I had a massage and then tried a swim...managed 1k, but found it tricky with my thumb in a splint. Going to try and get back into things with a cycle tomorrow but feeling a bit jaded.

  • Brooko - hope your hand improves.

  • Thanks mate...amazing how much you need the thumb for ! Think I need to man up and get back into a groove...will be good to see you all at the bike recce.

  • Someone give me a kick. How many weeks is it now? I reckon I've got post race blues after Sunday's HIM.

    I might even start to look for a half hearted training plan.

  • imageIts about 11 weeks isn't it?? Loads of time!!

    Well, ordered some Shimano RS80 C50's from Merlin in the end, which should be delivered today!! So will have them for Sat's ride. Did receive an email this morning form someone high up at PX offering me the hand built version of the wheels I ordered for the same price as the factory ones - better late than never!

    And in other news, I throw away an old mountain bike last week whilst clearing out my shed, then someone nicked my 'pub bike' last night (an old Carerra) - so that's 2 bikes out in a week - got to be justification to buy a new one????

  • Of course Rafi. A CX perhaps? 

    Whizkid take the week off running. You'll thank me. 

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