PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • Brooko heal up and recover well. Play the long game. Good luck.

  • Brooko. I am lucky enough to only ever have had a migraine once, and blimey that was memorably bad. Meningitis is a nasty virus, like wot Scuba said. It could be a bit of a haul to get back to being a normal person, and that's before returning to super athlete. But get better you will. It won't be against any artificial deadline though. Contact the organisers now, by phone, and talk through your options.

    280 miles in the car for me today, and that was just the commute to/from work. I had to do a full day as well.

  • That is one hell of a commute, how on earth do you get any training in?!?

  • Sorry to hear this Brooko. Puts our minor niggles into perspective! Best of luck with your recovery but be sensible. Triathlon will still be here when you're back to super athlete.

  • Hope your recovery goes well Brooko. That's a nasty virus. image

  • Brooko, Really sorry to hear your news. Take it nice and easy with the getting better and best of luck

  • Thanks guys...feeling a little brighter today (all your kind words helping)...although walking up the stairs leaves me knackered and wondering whether a stair lifthe old be better than some of the bike bling you have all got me considering !

    Blisters, bummer about all the driving mate.

  • bleurgh, got a row of ulcers down one side of my tongue image  stress/run-down related, so making eating & drinking slow and painful at the moment. Tongue feels a bit swollen, and I feel like I'm talking like the Godfather image

  • nowsnow for some happy news.. I went for a run and I didn't die/collapse/crawl on e floor etc, leg a need a bit and the injury just felt a bit more like a twinge, was went exactly gunning it, estimating about 7/45 m/m which is my rough IM mara pace, albeit the run was only 4 miles bout it's a start, on the other side things cycling is going very well, doing about 35 miles a day at the mo and averaged 23.4 mph on my last ride! I have 2 centuries planned this weekend one being a sportive image!

  • Apologies for horrendous grammar iPad loves to do crappy auto correct

  • Fraggle - is it the training or life that is running you down? Take it easy and get yourself fit. Hope your scaring a few people on the phone with your scary voiceimage.

    Blisters - I hope work calms down for you, will you have to commute like that for a while?

    More physio today, shoulder is getting better and not painful to swim but I still notice it and I'm still only doing drills and shorts sets. Did total of about 1500m including WU,drills, set and CD at club swim last night. Bike feels good though and managed a sweaty 1:10 with 8x4min intervals on the turbo this afternoon.

  • Whiz - Take it easy on the leg, little bit at a time. I've said it before your a bike freak, nuff said.image

  • 10k run for me this morning, and a great freshener for the day. A day in HQ office, and a 2 hour drive home. There may even be an opportuninty for a bit of a run toinight. I do however see that my new laptop has got microscoipic font on everything. I can spell, but can't see it.

  • At this rate we'll have a 95% DNS rate! image

  • UltimateBadger wrote (see)

    At this rate we'll have a 95% DNS rate! image

    I will be starting if I have too crawl there.... My last tri of the season, so I don't care if I screw myself for running for a while image

  • Scuba - I reckon it's just the result of a stressful weekend. Just forced myself out for a run which I really didn't want to do, but feel much better for it now image

  • Hi there...have you ever seen this...

    Clearly the guy is nuts, but also an inspiration !

    In circa 10 weeks we'll be having a beer relaxing and all our pains, problems will seem like distant memories.

    Keep up the good work fellas !

    PS maybe the painkillers have made me delusional !

  • ^^^  The Jensie my hero  image


  • Since a few posts earlier we were doing happy news, it's lunchtime now and I've swam 100 lengths and cycled 60 and a bit miles and genuinely feel I could go and do it all again - but I haven't really got the time to do so today.

  • Well done Cheggars, great news.  I'm feeling a lot better today...have been putting my spare time to good use and been considering new bike / bike bling.

  • Do it know you want it.. DO IT NOW!!?!?!

    cheggers brilliant mate well done I've done another 35 miles off swimming shortly =]

  • well  i've cycled up 2 of the toughest climbs on the TdF - both 20km of 10% climb - Howe Hill will be a breeze now!! image

  • Nice not at all jealous ... Sarcasm off now image

  • Raf - what a great way to spend the day...well done.image (this is supposed to be green envy !!)

    Whizz - am considering a cervelo s5...last year frame so have been offered a big price reduction.  My thoughts are; its all your fault with talk of bling a new bikes imageshould be easier than a full on TT bike to get used to, I can add clip on bars for Tri's and then take them off if I want to ride normally.  The spec is Ultegra with FSA chainset, 3T Arx Pro Stem, Team Pro Carbon bars, Fulcrum racing T wheels (googled these and they don't look great so may ask for money off and upgrade them)

    To be honest I don't know too much about bikes, but reviews seem to think it is speedy...would welcome any expertise / advice.

  • I was very very close too buying a s5 it's a beautiful bike and a fantastic frame, in all seriousness if you have the cash do it, I'm on this planet for a good time not a long time... So live a little and get what you want, if your gonna ride it, it's worth the money, if it makes you happy and makes you want too ride more, do it!

  • Whizz - you are a bad (good) be honest I'm not sure I can afford it (expensive wife, 2 x kids, dog, cat, mortgage etc) you say we're not here for long...I think I will ride it loads...I also think it will give me a good push for the last few weeks training and having lost a week (with a wdesk holiday coming) I need all I can get.  It also seems a very good price.

    Thanks for all the encouragement !!

  • Nice bike Brooko; do it*

    Nothing today. Worked all day in Wales, then drove home. I won't TT in the rain, and then had 1.5hrs of concalls. Did ride to Chepstow and back yesterday from my hotel. Some nice lumps!

    *I don't get in to trouble for other people spending their money. New house forces Cat5's dullness.


  • Brooko. You have to realise that buying such a bike means you are a target. You either have the raw talent and speed (like Whiz Kid) or balls the size of planets and an ego to match. Now I don't care which category you're in, but an average bike and a big engine have got to be better than a great bike parked in the hall. Conversely, a great bike and a big there's a thought to behold. Get the bike. But do me a favour, and do it justice.
    Challenge on.

    Now then, who wants to build a big engine?

    (Oh yeah, buy the wife some diamonds too. It'll help)


    There was a promise of a full afternoon of exercise, but it got eaten away, bit by bit.

    Driving home, and I was tiring at the wheel, so stopped for a break. Got home and had a few things to do, but was moving slowly. The idea of 50 miles bike shrank to 30, and when I finally got on the machine it broke.  B'gah. More pratting around and a haul of the machine off to the bike shop through crawling traffic. It needed a good service, and Boss Man attended to me.

    Plan B. Open air swimming at lido, and did 45 minutes, so that will have been a mile and a little bit. So that's something useful done.

  • Well I did nothing yesterday after a long week at work I just needed a rest, there is also another reason for my rest yesterday as I have a monster bike weekend planned, off too ride the entire course for the wiggle Magnificat, then tommoro have a century sportive near pangbourne.... Will post ride data later for thos that might have any interest image

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